Thursday, January 14, 2010

In Search of the Perfect Winter Coat

You can't miss me in the streets of London these days. For one I think I am the only one wearing a bright red ski coat.  Fortunately, I am easy mark for my teenagers who have lost their Mom yet again in the January sales. The trusted Aussie Akubra is my snow/rain hat of choice. In fact, it is still wet from this mornings excursion. My two possum hats from New Zealand have been a dream come true for these long outings around the city and thru the woods. My kids laugh but I am warm! My black suede gloves which fit perfectly and my trusty red plaid scarf from somewhere in the Scottish Highlands are tried and true. This is all fine and dandy until I have to dress up to go somewhere. This is where my troubles begin. I need to find a winter coat before the season is over.
My dream winter coat would be one of these....

I would even wear the red lipstick if I had a coat in this colour...dream colour!

A swing coat? Yes, if I keep eating these heavy winter meals...

Donna Karan, love the colour, love the fur, love the belt.

Max Mara, I am sure I had something like this in the 80' it!

Max Mara, yes, black again and a belt...still love it!

Ok, truth be told, I would be quite happy with this Eddie Bauer coat and a high collar. Yes, I is black. I could add all of my assorted accessories and still be warm and happy.  For now Max Mara and Donna Karan will have to stay in my dreams.

Images via Google and the little red ensemble is from  me


  1. Jeanne - have you looked at the coats at 'Toast' .... they are an online company (mainly) - a few retail outlets... - a little bit different, a little retro in feel too...
    worth checking out... THey are also have a sale atm. and are another favourite of mine when I am in UK. Also, just to let you know, sizing is quite generous so if you are between two sizes - go down...
    And I love your bright red jacket!

  2. Thanks Sarah...cashmere and winter are a great source! I have marked the site and will have a good look today!
    Jeanne :)

  3. I'd definitely go for your dream winter coat too, though I'd have to practise that facial expression a bit first.

  4. Dear Jeanne - I love your red ski jacket! Perfect for the current weather...this post made me think -I realise I have collected quite a few coats since moving over here whereas in Sydney I owned only jackets and a 'mac' - I have come to the realisation that you need at least two in the UK - one 'good' classic & a casual 'throw it in the back of the car' - I invested in a cashmere coat made to measure when going through H.K a couple of years ago but it's not so good when you're walking through slush and grit (especially when it's a pale caramel colour). I recently bit the bullet and got a 'country' green jacket (gore-tex with added handwarming pockets) - perfect! Have a look at some labels like Barbour & Musto - they are literally made for the English climate...happy coat shopping...Susie x

  5. Those are some gorgeous coats! I want them all, but would kill for that first one.

  6. Oooo, Jeanne,
    My favourite is the black Max Mara coat.I love that one.
    You know how most women buy shoes and handbags ? Well, I don't. I buy coats and jackets. I have enough to open my own shop !! ..but not enough shoes or handbags !!
    Toast is great. I have quite a few from Toast.
    I'm sure that you will come across one and realise that it's the one for you. XXXX

  7. Nothing wrong with Eddie Jeanne, I still wear a down vest I bought in the U.S. 10 years ago & love it! Red is such a great colour, & I'm sure you look tres fine in it.
    Millie ^_^


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