January 2, 2010

A tad overindulgent

I am slipping. I fear I may have been a tad over indulgent over the past few weeks. Perhaps having six different flavours of Haggen Daz ice cream to sample on New Years Eve with chocolate brownies that tasted like one big chocolate bar was not one of my better inspirations. I guess I could have done without the chili, chips and wine before hand. Could it be the big box of assorted Lindt balls that I ate over Christmas? Could it be all the other chocolate that my kids love to fill my Christmas stocking with cuz they know that Mom loves chocolate? Could it be my new fascination with pints of beer. I just love this country..pubs and beer. Does it get any better than that? Mr H. said the look of excitement in my eyes when a pint of the local brew was placed in front of me the other night was beyond imagination. I put it down to the irish genes flowing thru me...must be quite a few.
So...the jeans did not go on as expected this morning and I have pulled out the faithful black NZ Untouched World top that falls just below the hips. Zip and voila...now I just have to manage a way to stand all day.
And to all this I say...is it better to have indulged than to not have indulged at all?  YES!

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  1. Oh so much better to have indulged and loved than never to have indulged at all!!! XX

  2. Hi Jeanne - don't wish to worry you or anything but my GG 'casually' mentioned the other day that when she saw us at Heathrow she thought we had both 'put on a little' - I also recall reading at French Essence some time ago a post about the 'Heathrow injection' - I think we all take in a few extra calories in the cold weather by way of eating more hearty food (well it's either that or the beer....the hearty food is my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!!) Love Susie x

  3. I came across this wonderful blog (by looking for other bloggers who love Melody Gardot) and I am astonished by the quality of youe posts! Thank you Jeanne!

  4. YES YES YES !!!
    Always better to indulge ;-)

    As my (Big Daddy in "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof") father-in-law used to say:

    "Live once live right for you're a LONG time dead."

  5. Ohhh~ sooo many goodies between Thanksgiving and New Year's...I fear my all-time favorite jeans are a bit snug now!!! After a while-who's counting??? NOT ME.
    Monday it's off to the gym and back on track...hopefully. Thank you for the nice comment- do come back. Happy New Year...

  6. I much prefer indulging and extra enjoying the stroll afterwards too! Looking forward to taking some photos of London also at the end of the month. It's an energetic and inspirational city.
    Happy New Year

  7. If your last few posts are any indication, you'll walk off those Lindt balls in no time...in such style too!

    Meredith xo.

    p.s. love the new header...a little Narnia-esque.

  8. HI Jeanne
    Thanks for stopping by my way..I am going to enjoy looking back through your posts!!

    This morning I came to the realisation that sitting on my backside for 12 hours a day working has done nothing for the rest of me... time for me to start walking too!! Lets hope I stick to it!!

    Happy New Year to you too!! Julie


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