Friday, February 5, 2010

Create the Perfect Valentine

We have a few days to create the perfect valentine. I don't know about you but something home made just says so much more to me.  So now is the time to put on the thinking cap and come up with a few ideas. I found a few. Hope these are inspiring to you too!
Home baked cookies...Yum!

Bit of felt and a glue gun or paper and scissors with the kids.

I like this idea, reminds me of the 'Pay It Forward' cards you see in the shops. 
It would be nice to hand them out to the special people in your life.

Scissors, felt and a bit of stuffing. Hand stitch?
Those hearts on the left would make great brooches too.
Maybe a gift for friends?

I can't knit but it is cute!

Fill a small cello bag and tie with beautiful ribbon?

This gave me an idea to create a heart and decorate it using the same concept.

Beautiful paper and bits and pieces for scrapbooks
would be fun.

Now who wouldn't love receiving this one?
Easy to make too!

Well, it's a start!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend
Happy Crafting!

Images as noted above, all others from Google


  1. I'll be making those biscuits for sure. Buying everyone's love with pink icing. It's the way to go.

  2. Jeanne - I love those lollies with the butterfly wings & the book marks - maybe even I could do those?!! Hope you have a lovely weekend - loved all your photos of the church by the way - my LAB is totally enamoured with little English churches - we always stop when we spot one and are usually amazed by what we find....Susie x

  3. Hey Jeanne
    Well for better or worse I don't have anyone to buy for... or receive from.. you know here in Aus it is a couple's thing... but I think your spot on the money with the craft ideas.. I love those little heart tags!! They would be fab for any reason... Have a great weekend.. It's hot and steamy here.. but that is just the weather!! ha ha xx Julie

  4. Hi there my friend,great valentines inspiration definately trying the lollipop flutterby out on my hubby! Sharon xx

  5. Bonjour Jeanne,
    Marvelous Valentine's Day inspiration, those cookies look so good!
    Bonne week-end!

  6. Dear Jeanne,
    You are so organised with your forward planning....some lovely Valentine ideas.
    We are going to The Cirque du Soleil @ the Royal Albert Hall on February 14th with the family and some good friends, and then dinner so we are sorted !! XXXX

  7. Those lollie pop butterflies are fantastic! Even me with my two left thumbs could probably accomplish that without too much trouble. Also....biscuits...sugar icing...feeling the love already. Thanks for sharing such lovely ideas Jeanne. Meredy xo.

  8. Hello Jeanne!

    Thanks so much for your comment1 lovely to meet you.

    I shall be painting a simple heart onto some water coplour paper and if I have time copying a favourite poem to adorn it!

    Have a great weekend,

    Sarah x

  9. Great ideas, Jeanne! (Especially love the little felt hearts with pinked edges.)

    By-the-way, congratulations; you've been awarded 'the Sunshine Award'! You can pick-it-up at my blog here

    Hope you are well, and enjoying the winter.

    tIO x

  10. Jeanne - just a quick reply to your 'Thai at the pub' comment...! We had the best thai food we've had in ages a couple of weeks ago at a place called 'Rumwong' in Guildford....well worth a visit & we shall be going back when next in the vicinity.....Susie x

  11. So sweet and festive. Thanks for all the inviting pictures. :-)

    xo Noel


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