Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Have you met Stephanie?

If you haven't met Stephanie 
then I must say you are in for a wonderful treat. 
Stephanie is the woman behind La Dolca Vita.  
She is great fun and always a delight to visit. 

When visiting, you are always sure to see her beautiful photography

Stephanie is one busy woman and always seems to be on the go.

and while on the run, she is thinking of the next place she would like to visit.
Oh, the places we have been!

When Stephanie mentioned that she liked to read...she really meant it!

so it was no surprise when she one day 
declared her devotion to her Kindle

Did I mention that she loves to bake?
I could go on and on but think it is best to let you discover the rest....
But first, I must thank Stephanie 
for two awards that she recently bestowed upon me

and for that I am most grateful!
So please, be sure to stop by and say hello to Stephanie.
Tell her Jeanne sent you :)

But wait, there is more...
Have you met Dash??

Stay tuned for the next installment of 
'Have You Met?'


  1. Aww! You are the absolute best! This was such a nice surprise. I am so very happy we met in blogland and connected. You are one special lady!

  2. That's a great post Jeanne. You've made her mouthwateringly tempting to visit!!

  3. Well Jeanne.. I haven't met Stephanie so I will be off to visit after here.. thanks for the introduction.. Stephanie and her blog sound wonderful.... Now I have met Dash.. and she is one of my favourite bloggers.. just love her blog so there will be no surprises there

    Congratulations on both your awards.. well deserved... xx Julie

  4. And I've met Stephanie too. Through you! Another beautiful woman leading an amazing life.


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