Sunday, March 28, 2010

Poetic Images

These images seem so 'poetic' to me 
that I am going to let them speak for themselves.
They remind me of lazy hazy days at a beach cottage 
we stay in along the east coast of America.
The photos at the end are some of my favourite moments.

Image 5 Veranda 
all other images via me


  1. Jeanne~ A few of these remind me of the south shore of MA...where I am headed in two weeks for a little respite~ all alone! Do you come to New England?

  2. Lovely Jeanne, I can smell the fresh air and feel the sea breeze.

  3. Hi Debra...they were taken on the North Shore of MA..along the Annisquam river. One of my favourite spots in the world!!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous images....all of them.
    From the grouping of the pictures on the wall and old books and the ship in the bottle to the boats and the water.
    Have a lovely weekend, Jeanne...even though it's raining !! XXXX

  5. Gorgeous. There is something so inherently soothing about the New England shore isn't there? Meet you at the Cape! (actually, we are thinking of trying Maine for the first time this summer!)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Collage of Life- Such beautiful pitures. My fav is the second with the old books. I know it sounds weird, but I love the smell of old books! The water and picture of the pier is my other favorite! The green countryside -so pretty! I know its along the Annisquam River although it makes me crave a Lobster Roll!

  7. So serene to be looking at those pictures on a Sunday morning...just lovely.

  8. Lovely images. I think I need to check out the place you stay on the East coast. We love the beach life, walking out a cottage onto sand and seeing the ocean. My dream is to live by the coast. For now we make the most of visiting the Florida gulf coast every year for to quiet towns with lots sun, wide beaches with amazing wild life and a sense of freedom and time together. We've been thinking about trying Maine this summer too.

  9. Just lovely. And the images do speak for themselves!


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