Thursday, January 20, 2011

Que Bella Luna

Full moon rising and I think the same thing every time.
My first thought is that the full moon explains all my irrational 
thoughts and behavior over the past few days. 

My second thought goes to some of my favourite moons shots.

Full Moon over Botswana

Full moon over the Sydney Opera House.
By the light of the shimmering moon...
She who has fear of heights thought the best way
to get over it was to climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
In this photo, I am with a hiking group I belonged to at the time.
I could not have climbed to the top without them.
It was the most spectacular sight!

me, back row, 2nd from left

I feel especially grateful to have met fellow blogger, Julie @ Being Ruby 
because I always think of her on a full moon and wonder 
what treats she will have in store for us next.
She has the most amazing moon shots!

This moon: 
Frangipani Moon

Last but not least, move fan that I am.
I always think of this movie.
An oldie but goodie, with a wonderful
cast...makes me feel good every time I watch it.
Que Bella Luna!

and on a personal note 
because you know how much I love to do that
and it is a full moon...
Major tissue activity for me tonight. 
My daughter, Miss Tine, 
left tonight, after a two month visit 
to start her second year of University in New Zealand.
As I type, her plane is flying it's way 
past the full moon over London to Auckland.
Moon tears...


  1. Great post and lovely photos! And I absolutely adore Julie too! Isn't she the best?

  2. Wonderful photos, especially that one with the elephants!

    And seriously, you have awesome taste in movies! When I go outside and see a big fat full moon I break into the main song of that movie and my husband always interjects with his patented silliness it goes something like this:

    me: When the moon hits your eye like a bigga pizza pie...

    husband: thats a hurts.

    oy, we are a silly pair aren't we!

    Happy full moon!

  3. Speaking of Sydney and the moon...did you see Oprah? I understand she is there. I am "star" struck!
    You are a hiker...that's terrific! I walk and think THAT is!
    Touching about missing your daughter going back to school in New Zealand...remember, you look at the same moon!!

  4. Don't we all know Julie and her beautiful moon shots? You have taken some very professional pictures as well. I like your thinking...about the moon and it's effect on us...might explain my behavior the last few days! ;-D


  5. Oh, Jeanne, I am most impressed. After 11 years in Sydney, we returned not having done the Bridge Climb! J x

  6. I wonder what the full moon looks like through tears on a plane? xo

  7. What a lovely post. Moonstruck, is my favourite movie ever...I love, love it. Being of Croatian descent the kitchen scenes always remind me of my family..I love the grandfather and Nicholas Cage is wonderful. One of my favourite lines from the mother.."Loretta your life is going down the toilet..."

    As for your tissue moment, you have my sympathy, I will be like you in a few weeks, at least your daughter is coming back to beautiful weather.

  8. Awww Jeanne - your baby flying away again? It's too wonder you have been feeling irrational. Must confess one of my 'fears' for when they grow up is how I am going to hold it together when they go. Tell me big sis - will I grow into it? Will it feel normal at the time? At the moment even when they are gone on a play date for the afternoon I miss them.... Lou xx

  9. Gorgeous moon photos... Thinking of you as your daughter makes her way back to this part of the world... Know just how you feel Jeanne. X

  10. You can tell it's full moon by the way honking increases in the City. *honk* *hooonk*. There is a statistic that says, police operations increase around full moon.
    In our familiy no one has ever been so far away from home. Home is where the parents are :-) Is there a special course in New Zealand your daughter attends? You grew up in Australia and moved to England some time ago?
    Now the sun is out, let it dry your tears.

  11. I've shed those moon-tears too Jeanne...sent one daughter to the US to and the second to Canada while we were living in Thailand. The hardest tears I have ever wept.

    I've done the Sydney Bridge climb too, although in the daylight chicken to try it at night!

  12. Oh Jeanne.. you're such a sweetheart!! and I'm running a tad late today getting my post up .... spent too long at the beach this evening watching the moon!!!

    I just love your Botswana shot.. fantastic.. and the colour and mood are so dreaming.. Sydney twilight has been taking on those colours lately... so pretty... hard to tear myself away...

    Sorry you will miss your baby!!! You know a couple of months ago I saw the full moon from the plane flying over Sydney harbour and city.. what a sight!!

    Ok.. thanks once again.. you are so sweet to give me a mention.. ciao xxx Julie

    PS.. I love that movie also.

  13. Thank you all for your comments and I can see I have a few questions that need favourite part of a post:)

    Stephanie...Yes, Julie is just the best...I am loving her Frangipani Moon today.

    Mindfulmixtures....I had to laugh, as I said the same thing over and over again as I made the climb up the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the moon hits your eye like a bigga pizza was the only thing that kept me from looking down!

    Donna...I was in Australia last month around the same time as Oprah. I did not see her but she certainly had a lot of fanfare. I love your comment about Miss Tine looking at the same moon. A lovely thought, thank you :)

    Jane... I always associate 'To the Moon Alice' with Julie, it makes looking at the moon that much sweeter. Glad to hear I am not the only one with moon madness when it is in full bloom!

    Carole...what a lovely thought...looking at the moon through tears on a plane. Thank you :)

    Angela...she was glowing at the prospect of going back to sunshine. I did not mention to her that it was 14C in Christchurch on Monday...shhhhh :)
    Great many funny moments. I love all the kitchen scenes..where life happens!

    Lou...I thought long and hard about your questions. do grow into them moving on. I remember well those feelings of missing them when they were at play dates. This is like one long play just have to wait longer to see them :)

    Sarah...I remember your comments when your daughter went off to school.. It is always nice when someone understands :)

    Paula.. My life is confusing! I grew up in America, lived in Australia, New Zealand and I am currently living in England. I have one son that stayed on in Australia to continue his education. I have a daughter who stayed on in New Zealand to attend University. She is the one I mentioned in this post. I have two children here in England. One hopes to go back to America to attend University and the other is 11 and where he will go to University is anyones guess! I hope this did not confuse you more :)

    Jacqueline...those moon tears!

  14. Beautiful post Jeanne, that Botswana shot took my breath away. Nice to know I'm not the only one who now links Julie to the moon!

  15. Beautiful images! Impressed with your hike! And love Moonstruck - great movie!!

  16. Love your moon shots--especially the one with the elephants-- and I've been following Julie's moon shots for a year now...always looking forward to what she'll do next...

  17. Great post and loved seeing the trailer of Moon Struck again. Gosh I love that movie and some of the lines in it I use almost on a weekly basis.
    Julie is a sweet and talented friend and so glad you brought her talent to all your readers.

  18. I LOVE this post...such wonderful feelings as I soaked in the beautiful moon photos, watched the moonstruck video clip, and felt the moon tears...beautiful.

  19. Oh... I love Julie's work.

    Your words are so lovely and touching, Jeanne. Thinking of both you and your daughter.

  20. Hopped over from Julie's blog, she IS such inspiration, isn't she? Your image of the elephants is stunning, what an amazing moment that must have been.

    Safe journey to your daughter. I'm sure she was watching the moon with you too.

    Peaceful day,
    Julia across the ocean

  21. I came via Julies, after finally posting my pitiful shots of the moon, but the spirit is there!

    Your Botswana shot is spectacular and kudos for you for over coming your fear of heights.

    OPh, and Moonstruck? Yep, I love that movie and the star!

  22. Thanks for this post, it is great


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