Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Shop Around The Corner

I am not certain if I should call this procrastination or exploration but either way
it has been fun. I created 'My Shop Around The Corner' at Amazon. That is what it will
be called until I come up with a brighter idea. :) It is purely for fun and is filled with all the 
things that inspire me.. books, photography, music...I am hoping a few things will inspire you too!

Jeanne's....Collage of Life Inspiration
My English Life in TV/Cinema
My English Life in Books
Travel Books- France
Travel Books- Adventure
The Brown Paper Book Club
Expat Life
Photography Books
For Gardeners
Have Camera Will Travel
My Music Playlist
Sounds of Christmas

More to come.... :)

You can find it all at the top of this page under 
'My Shop Around The Corner'

PS..if anything, I discovered a definite 'theme' to my interests. :)

image..via me and my mac


  1. What a cute idea...I'm off to have a nose.

  2. Oh, sophisticated set-up...your blog is looking more like a website.

  3. Eager to see your 'sounds of christmas'. love this idea Jeanne.

  4. Ooh, I can see the BYW bug has well and truly bitten, Jeanne! J x

  5. What a great idea Jeanne.....I must go and have a good look.....I really do value your recomendations. XXXX

  6. You ARE truly amazing...going to look!

  7. Thank you ladies...I think there will be a case of like minds here.. I hope you find something of interest. :)

  8. Interesting to say the least. Inspiring and fun to say more. Brilliant!

  9. I was looking at your photos earlier. Enchanting. Your blog is always a joy to visit.

  10. I have been researching the Bloomsbury group lately. It seems to show up often in other things I am reading. Have you read the Uncommon Reader? It is such a delightful quick read. I received it as a gift and have since gifted it often. Interesting and delicious selections. Bonnie

  11. Hello there Jeanne,

    This is such a neat idea, I will check it out. Your images are gorgeous!

    A lovely day to you,
    - Irina


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