A Woman and her iPad Newstand...

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover..
so I wonder, should you judge a woman by her Newstand?

By that I mean, her iPad Newstand. 
To be more specific, my iPad Newstand.
I admit, it has grown in length
and I do not often have time to read them all
 but..when the spirit moves..
I can not imagine downtime without them.

I also admit to dragging many of these, in hard copy, 
around the world, from home to home...
America...Australia...New Zealand..England 
and now Vietnam where finding a recent issue 
of any one of the ones noted below
is one of life's mysteries.

My quandary over reading and moving magazines 
has been well documented.

I cherish my hard copies, 
I have stacks in every corner of my home.
I tear, I scan, I file and then I discovered.. 
Where has this feature been all my life?
With the click of the Home and Sleep buttons, simultaneously,
I have a beautiful digital copy...that I can file to my heart's content.
BTW...this works on the iPhone as well.

Now...I purchase, download, view and screenshot.
Life is beautiful... :)

My iPad Newstand...

Note: If you see two editions,
it is because I have the USA and UK editions.
There is a difference. :)

 How about you?
 Do you have your own Newstand?
Have I missed anything?

If you want to know how the iPad Newstand works, read here.

If you want to buy an iPad in the USA, you can start here.

If you want to buy an iPad and live outside the USA, you can start here.

If you would like to see the complete list of magazines
 on offer by Apple, read here.

Did you miss the one about how to Screenshot
You can read how here.

can you judge a woman by her Newstand?
I guess you can. 
Now you know why I call my blog
'Collage of Life'

Crazy is more like it.


With thanks to Simone @ The Bottom of the Ironing Basket
for passing this one along..made my day! The pleasure
of age...


  1. I love your Newstand Jeanne. I use Zinio and just a few hard copies now and I can see many similarities in our collections.
    It always makes an interesting discussion when I try explaining to my husband that I must have NZ House and Garden as well as AU version and then similar ones from Canada, US and UK. He cannot believe they have anything different to offer.
    Sometimes I even have to go buy a hard copy anyway - it is a passion, a vice, an addiction and I am okay with that.

  2. Oh Lord.
    Something new, brilliant and tempting.
    If only it came with extra hours in the day!

    1. or the wee hours of the night..perfect for night owls..:). xx

  3. Am I naughty when I agree to your self-definition?

  4. You are a well read (and fascinating) woman, Jeanne.


    1. Very kind of you to say Glenda...takes one to know one. :) xx

  5. so blessed to live in S CA where I can get the ones I love at the newsstand.(or at Barnes & Nobles at The Grove) xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  6. There is not enough time in the world for me to read everything I want to read ..... whether hard copy, digital, or whatever. So I have to be very selective, know when to say "I just don't have time for that," and what's more, my purse will not allow it. I decided several years ago that I did not have to own everything I read. My library knows my face very well, and sooner or later I run across books, magazines, and such at estate sales, some of which are very obscure and some quite valuable. It's amazing how many I eventually find that have been on my search list for a long time. I do try to keep up with important current events by way of a wide selection of news sources so I won't be in the dark about things going on in the world, and particularly those which have the potential of affecting my life on a personal basis. I will continue to enjoy Collage of Life bringing much pleasure into my every day life. :-)

  7. Haven't gone to reading magazines on my "device" yet, but then don't read many magazines at all.

    But, if we are talking BOOKS? well, then it's a different story. While i still love real paper books, i almost never leave the house without either my Kindle or my tablet with a handful of books ready to go - often more than one being read at the same time. It's a huge time saver and allows me to make the most of down time - like this afternoon while I got a pedicure. And, since i discovered that i can have electronic books from the local library ... oh, wow!

    1. Books are coming Webb...and electronic books from the local library? Brilliant!! :)

  8. Newstand and the ability to have online subscriptions is such a boon for the expat abroad. I used to have to sit around and wait for international subscriptions that showed up long after everyone else back "home" was talking about them. And the expense! I love having the images online and digital already, but the truth is, nothing replaces the hardcopy, and I am shipping my shelter magazines (House Beautiful since 1992) on with me to Doha!

    1. Jacqueline...don't even get me started on the expense of buying magazines abroad..up to $20.00 for one that you can get for $4.00 in the USA. I know! Love that you have House Beautiful from 1992...reminds me of some of the back issues I have of Victoria magazine... Doha? A new move? Must come along to read and find out. :)

  9. oh dear. I have a lot of reading to do on this post in order to find out what a IPad newstand even is. Why do I always feel like the very last person on earth to learn something? Sigh. Truthfully, I still resist reading any book without real pages. I like to call myself a hopeless traditionalist but now Michael no longer answers any of my twitter questions he just smiles and shakes his head. By the way, I love Simone's quote. One of the true benefits of aging, I refer to it as the Rhett Butler attitude. 'Frankly my dear I don't give a d***'
    It's so liberating.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

    1. Liberating is right Leslie...and aren't our children fortuante that we can keep them entertained with our attempts to navigate their technological world..Rhett Butler had it so right! :) xx

  10. The more the better....there is SO much great info out there! I love your quote at the end! xoxo

  11. Hi Jeanne.
    It's amazing how one finger can hold the world.
    But then I have to peel the layers one by one.
    Time has to select the space and find the depth.
    Have a nice week.

    1. So well said Edgar...just as I would have expected. Thank you... :)

  12. Hi Jeanne - Well - today I've learn't something - I am going to look for my ipad!!... I have found that I don't seem to use it enough - as I have an iphone and a Mac - and I find typing on the ipad a bit tricky - but this new usage has me very impressed! Hopefully, I will soon have a News stand of my own! Jennyxx

    1. I approached my iPad in the same way Jenny and then discovered the Newstand. Bingo! If you want to stay on top of design ideas around the globe, and do not have access to the hard copies, this is a great way to stay in touch...expecially when one is renovating a new home..like the two of us! :)

  13. Screenshot! Thanks for the tip. I have way too many hardcopies piled around my home and need to get into Newstand.
    Your post may be the push I need. Thanks :)

  14. Jeanne, I much like you LOVE magazines. I have resisted the newsstand versions, simply because I like the tactile feeling of turning the pages, folding down the corners, getting them from he mailbox etc. now however I can see the benifit of subscribing to some of my favorites from overseas.

    Thank you for sharing!


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