Thursday, March 25, 2010

Have you met Dash and Crusoe?

Anyone who knows Dash @ French Sampler
knows that she has an endearing dog by the name of Crusoe
who is always by her side. 
This is just one of the many wonderful things you will discover when you 

Dash and I are like minds in that we decided to embark on this wonderful pastime called blogging around the same time. It was not long before this lovely icon started to appear at the end of my posts and I have been intrigued ever since.
Dash is English and lives in South West France
with her half French, half English lover, MG 
and spunky dog, Crusoe. 
Crusoe, proud and true

Crusoe, tired and sleepy
Dash has a very curious mind and we are all so fortunate that she does!
Over the months we have read about Dash's beautiful home 
in the South of France.When you stop by look for her series 
"How I came to be here"
The view is remarkable....
I love the fact that she takes her cup of coffee in the morning 
and wanders out to her garden to take in the early signs of spring...

She lives close to a lovely village...
and delights us with her outings around town...
Dash likes to steal away to Paris...
and we get to go with her.
she has wonderful taste
and we often learn about the most interesting people...
Lucky for me, Dash gets back to England frequently and takes us with her.
My notebook is filling up fast!

To the lovely Dash I must give my thanks 
for bestowing upon me 
'The Sassy Blog Award'.
This is an original creation of her own making.
I will pass this along in a future post 
but for now I want to thank her most kindly!

If you have not met Dash yet, 
be sure to stop in and say hello.

Tell her Jeanne sends her best!


  1. Oh Jeanne, you are such a darling, I am lost for words.

    Still no bag, but a Christmas card from the UK, posted in early December turned up today, so it goes to show how dire the post is round here.

  2. She is terrific - a great share! I feel lucky to be in such wonderful company!

  3. Ooh, she sounds delightful!
    A new friend!

  4. I like the sound of that Dash! I'm off to explore her blog. If I can't have her life dammit, then that will have to do!

  5. Oh Jeanne, you know the loveliest people! I have become acquainted with Dash recently. She is indeed all that!

  6. I'm off to see Dash now! As for your blog?... I'm lovin' it! Your pictures are fabulous. So glad I stumbled here ;-)

  7. Hi Jeanne
    Dash and her blog are fast becoming favourites with me.. well actually I am sure they already are.. there is always something delectable at Dash's blog ... whether be her trips, art, wonderful photos and especially Crusoe who I know have a fond affection for... Great post.. and well deserved by Dash... xxx Julie

  8. I found you through Casa Bella who recommended visiting your blog. It's beautiful!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing your friend with us. It's always nice to learn of a fabulous blog. Love the name~

  10. I adore dash also! I beleive I found both of you on the same day ;)


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