Monday, March 29, 2010

Iris Apfel: An Eye For Style

I found this and just had to share. 
Iris Apfel is a woman who knows what she likes. I like her. 
She calls herself the Accessory Queen and I can see why. 
Iris has many endearing qualities and a list of accomplishments a mile long. 
Rather than go into a very long post writing about her life, 
I will let her speak for herself. 
Have a look at the movie clip below. 
I think she is wonderful, a style queen with moxie!

A book written about her life is appropriately titled: 
Rare Bird of Fashion

 The Irreverant Iris Apsel
That she is!
PS..Debra @ Lifescapes sent me a fantastic link 
if you are interested in reading more about Iris.

Video clip via


  1. Isn't she FABULOUS! I have read about Iris-but this interview was wondeful and a first. That bracelet on her left arm is something else-it's a weapon-and I love it! I really have to google her and get more! Thank you so much for this! Zingo!

  2. What a fun colorful lady! The older I get, the more I just don't care about what others think about my it my home or fashion. I LOVE the quote at the top of your blog!

  3. Zingo! I love her and I want to be her! She is amazing and her spirit is beautiful!

  4. Fascinating! and those fabrics are so lush!

  5. What a hoot!
    She has taken accessories to a whole new level.
    Above and beyond my comfort zone but good for her, she's so adorable.

  6. I think Iris is awesome!I guess I could be more daring, haha!!

  7. My my what a spirit and how! I admire women like this who strive and do not yield. Those lovely blue stones had me staring on for minutes!

    Thanks Jeanne for this treat of a woman.

    Joy always,

  8. Love, love, love the gorgeous Iris! What an amazing and fabulous life she's lived. Leigh

  9. I bet she has the personality to match her fun lady. She inspires taking risks.

  10. Gotta love her - what a role model!
    But I think someone should tell Elton John that she's stolen his glasses!
    Kerri xx

  11. I love her.. oh to have style like that! Had a great visit here.. new follower! xo

  12. I want to be like her when I finally grow up. Great jewellery she's toting!


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