Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thoughtful Tuesday

I received a message this morning from a fellow blogger, Egmont@ Four Seasons in a Life. It was in response to a post on my other blog In One Place. The topic, 'Choose Happiness', is the ways in which we find joy in life. Egmont refers to the single moments that bring us joy. It reminded me how much joy we obtain from the simplest pleasures in life. With that thought I was inspired to take a walk this morning to one of my favourite spots and there I sat on a bench, alone, taking in the moment as Spring unfolded around me. I just wanted to share this message as I found it a wonderful way to start the day and hope that it inspires you to seek out a joyful moment or two as well. Thank you Egmont for your very thoughtful response. I appreciated all that followed :)

Dear Jeanne,

It is a challenge to be happy as we find our way of life disappearing, but then I confess, I find single moments throughout the day a blessing.
 Listening to the sound of birds at the feeder, or hearing the tapping on a trunk of wood and knowing it is the first time I have heard the woodpecker this year, to watching the a few flowers open up under a cool sunlight, these are the things that bring me happiness when I am alone.
 If we measure the little moments, the few unexpected moments out of the blue from our routine we spend with a child, are priceless.

Warmest regardsd,


  1. Dear Jeanne:

    Thoughtful of you to share this message from Egmont. He is a warm and sensitive soul who is quite mindful of every single aspect of his surroundings. Bless him.

    I enjoy the visits to his blog for every post gives me myriad thoughts on life and its beauty.

    I liked the image that you have posted. The post and the picture make good harmony.

    Joy always,

  2. Dear Jeanne,

    To know that my few words have you experiencing spring unfurled around you while the sound of the ocean waves keeps time, I am delighted in your cherished moments and only wish many more other individual could find their own moment of peace and being one with the spirit Mother Earth.

    Thank you for sharing,

  3. I enjoy those kinds of moments myself - they really do help to make life more beautiful and keep us focused on the positive.

    Thanks so much, Jeanne, for passing along the Happiness Award. I really enjoyed pondering on all the things that make me happy and posting about them.

  4. He is a wise man our Egmont. And I do believe I caught myself grinning alone today at the sheer delight of hearing nothing but the sounds of the birds and the bees as I calligraphed calmly in the spring sunshine. I even did a little jig for joy as I danced inside for some water. Indeed - the little things are too important not to appreciate. It's all the little things that make up that big thing we call life!!

  5. You and Egmont have it right, Jeanne. So often happiness is viewed as only being attainable through the absence of worry and dependent upon circumstance. Some people put themselves under so much pressure trying to rid themselves of any pressure triggers or difficult situations. Since when was our life's goal to feel happy all the time? I find it really scary that so many young people subscribe to this unrealistic theory.

    Happiness, surely, is experienced not through the absence of fear and worry (there will always be something!), but through patience, courage, gratitude, fortitude and resilience regardless of circumstances. And then, sometimes, despite all that we will still feel a little sad....but that's okay too. It makes us human and capable of empathy. Meredy xo.
    p.s. I'll get off my soapbox now.

  6. Endearing, thoughtful and poignant! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    Art by Karena

  7. Jeanne, I so needed to read your post today. And, with Joni on the side, well, I know we are connected in some way.

  8. Thanks Susan...I looked for a photo that I imagine Egmont would take the time to study in detail....just as I would!

    Your most welcome Egmont....it is always nice to read your thoughts...so calming!

    Maurie and Donna...always nice to come across another kindred spirit and agree there is just something about Joni :)

    So right Ange...how easy it is to forget it too!
    Especially us Virgo's!

    Amen to that Meredy, well put!

    Your most welcome Karena...thanks for stopping by!

  9. It is so very easy to become complacent to wonders of every day life. It thrills me to think that these moments are still appreciated. They are the moments that shape our lives and should be treasured.

  10. Dear Jeanne,
    How true this is.... we get a fleeting moment of joy from materialistic things but the things that give us most joy are usually from Mother Nature, our family and friends and a mere moment.
    I actually subscibe to this thought everyday and I'm sure that it makes me a happier person. XXXX

  11. This was beautifully simple, an elegant thought. I read somewhere about the blessing of the Ordinary Moment. The blessing of the Ordinary Moment is that no moment is ordinary, but even the most mundane--tying a child's shoelace, stirring the ingredients for the family dinner, brushing your teeth in the morning and looking at your face in the mirror, these ordinary moments are all special and beautiful. If we view them as blessings then our life is filled with Blessings!


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