Saturday, June 19, 2010

Creating A Space By The Sea

I am creating a space...

By the sea..painted by my mother, Alma 

I have been thinking about it since winter,
our home in England

and I have just started.

I am filling it with a few of my favourite things.

My new ginger jar and flowers from the garden with
a statue I took from home the day I moved into my first apartment.
(I hope my mother does not read this!)

A painting my mother did for me to remind me of the town by the sea...

My brushes, just in case...

I am still working on it..
I think it will be a constant work in progress.

It wouldn't be the same if I didn't have
a spot to view upon my fantail friends...

or the 
 collection of poppies I bought for the garden...

I have decided that if I can not be by the beach,
I will bring the beach to me...

Do you have a few of your favourite things close at hand?
Would love to know what they are :)

jeanne :)



  1. Beautiful Jeanne
    I love that little painting.. how sweet and what wonderful memories it must evoke... all these pieces spell relaxation and romance to me..

    Well I am very happy to tell you I will have my own little space again soon.. and more room to create an office/artistic space.. woo hoo... thanks for your lovely words of support during my 'panic' haha.. i was extremely lucky!!! xxx Julie

  2. What lovely things to have around you. I do love how you make your dreams come to life. That is the sweetest painting that your Mother did for you~ and did I know that you paint??? Can you tell us more about that? Would love to see what you do. I'm thinking of a long walk on the beach this weekend- wish you could join me.

  3. I am so so happy to hear that you found a space Julie...every woman needs her own space:)
    Staying in same area?

  4. Deb...the painting thing is one of those that sits in silence. You know what it is like...the spirit has to move you. Someday it will again, I am sure of it. In the camera is my friend:)

    How I would love that walk along a beach with you! It feels like an autumn day today, one I would consider perfect for a long walk along the beach.

    Be sure to go for the walk and tell me all about it...take pictures too!

  5. How lovely your things look - especially the bird bath with the birds around the edge..beautiful - did you get it from Chelsea? As long as I have my gorgeous candles around me and some good books I am happy... x

  6. You're so right about needing the inspiration to paint - sometimes it deserts you, other times you're bombarded with ideas. But at least you're thinking about it, mulling it'll be back to the brushes soon I suspect. Just make sure you share your work with us! K xx

  7. Good Morning,

    You know your blog brings that kind of peacefull feeling when you read it..I love it...I need that, maybe because I know my day will be a bit chaotic...the painting is very inspiring...I am by the the sea but my days are more about taking toys,towels,food, and floats to the sea.

  8. I love your Mom's painting! What beautiful things to have around you and inspire you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I adore that sweet little painting your mother did. That is such a dreamy space you are creating. I'm all about surrounding myself with meaningful treasures. Everything in our home has a story behind it - just the way I like it.

  10. Hi Sarah..

    The birdbath is from Australia! I found it in a flower show in New Zealand and purchased it to remind me of all the fantail birds that lived in our garden. It was made by Willie at

    I ran into WIllie at the Chelsea Fower Show and we had a good laugh about the travels of this bird bath. He makes beautiful big birdbaths with cockatoos and kookaburras. I am saving those for when we move back to Australia :)

  11. As always...thank you Grace and Stephanie for your kind words...very encouraging!!

  12. Kerri...thanks, fingers crossed!

    Fer..thanks so much, very kind of you to say :)

  13. Ummmmm, your mum isn't going to be very pleased with you, Jeanne !!!! haha.
    I often catch my daughter walking out of the door with something of mine ! Our son doesn't do that though.Must be more of a girl thing !!
    What a lovely little painting of the seaside. Will you be doing much painting ? I would love to see some of your work.
    I do have personal favourite things around me but, some of my favourite things are giveaways from fellow bloggers. Whenever I look at them, I think of the friend that sent it to me. Such a lovely part of blogging, I think.
    Have a lovely weekend, Jeanne. XXXX

  14. sweet jeanne
    i am sooo with you... who cares if we live by the sea? create your world the way you want to live...with what you love... buy what you love... these are words i live by...

    the precious painting your mother did... made me tear up... it is one of the true treasures in life..

    i look forward to seeing your work... i love your creative work environment...

    have a wonderful weekend... xoxo

  15. What a lovely painting from your mother...and that sculpture is simlpy beautiful.

    Creating " a space by the sea" is a wonderful idea...decorated with pieces that you love.

    I think women need a place to gather out thoughts, be quiet for awhile and recharge...
    I see that you have brushes...I hope that you will find some inspiration to play on the canvas!

  16. This is such a wonderfully beautiful post, Jeanne...I loved the photographs and your descriptions are marvellous. In fact, I'm also in the process of furnishing my own space, where I intend to spend my time reading and writing, surrounded by my most treasured books and trinkets I have collected whilst away :)

  17. I recently discovered a new hand cream, created by someone on etsy. Homeade. It smell exactly like the sea. Exactly. I put it on my hands just before I turn out the light. I dream of the sea.

  18. That's the best way to look at that glass. As half full. Bring the sea to you. That's exactly what I'm doing!

  19. I loved all of your favorites.

    I never go anywhere without a few of my favorites. A hotel, a friend's home, a tent . . . always want a little of home with me. For me that is a candle, a few favorite books, and a picture of my family.

    Thanks for these beautiful photos.

    Your thoughtful comments on my blog, mean a lot. Thanks.

  20. What a lovely was fun to see what's dear to another's heart and then look around at what's dearest at home. I guess, for me, the most precious things are the utilitarian yet beautiful (white ironstone) dishes I use every day. Some are useful as art on shelves.

  21. Forced to use our basement shower while construction continues on upper floors of our home, it occurs to me that the space felt like being on a boat. I'm feeling nautical-by-the-sea-decorating of downstairs coming on! Thanks for the lovely ideas!

  22. That little painting your mother made for you is so lovely. I can't wait to see a photo of it. I am sure it will be beautiful, if filled with the exquisite things you picked out.


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