Creating A Space By The Sea

I am creating a space...

By the sea..painted by my mother, Alma 

I have been thinking about it since winter,
our home in England

and I have just started.

I am filling it with a few of my favourite things.

My new ginger jar and flowers from the garden with
a statue I took from home the day I moved into my first apartment.
(I hope my mother does not read this!)

A painting my mother did for me to remind me of the town by the sea...

My brushes, just in case...

I am still working on it..
I think it will be a constant work in progress.

It wouldn't be the same if I didn't have
a spot to view upon my fantail friends...

or the 
 collection of poppies I bought for the garden...

I have decided that if I can not be by the beach,
I will bring the beach to me...

Do you have a few of your favourite things close at hand?
Would love to know what they are :)

jeanne :)


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