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Finding life's a woodpile


There has been a whole lot of thinking and talking going on in the woods around Tahilla Farm. Mr. H has been joining me lately, in fact Mr. H has developed an infinite appreciation for the woods these days. So much so, that much of it is taking up space inside our garage. As the snow melts, firewood is presenting itself in all shapes and sizes. I pray for a snowstorm!

I applaud his efforts and try not to throw a critical eye at what he has dragged in there "to dry". I overheard him at a dinner party the other night, talking with the "guys" about where to buy a chainsaw. I get the jitters at the mere mention of a chainsaw for even in the most experienced hands they can be life threatening. He told me not to worry, he said he is only considering an electric one....last I checked, gas or electric, they both do the same thing!

I came across this comic in a recent issue of The New Yorker magazine. I sent it off to our kids and Mr. H. He crossed out "the la…

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