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The Christmas Card: which one?

Is it me or this year just flying by? It's time to jump in and get that Christmas card ordered or in my case, the Christmas postcard. Last year I didn't have my act together (traveling) and the year before you helped me make the decision here. So, I am asking again, because I always value your opinion!

You choose, 1-7, which is your favorite?

While I am at it, seeing that it will be a postcard and many of you know how much I love postcards...

Would you like one?

Comment with your favorite photo number and say YES to a postcard or find me in your usual fashion... Instagram, Facebook, around town..or by email

If you received a postcard from me in the past, just say so, you are still on my list. :)

Thank you kindly!!!

Jeanne xx

One last thing...
My friend Beth sent me this poem for  our Poetry Trail. I love it on so many levels and thought you might too.
On Children
Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longi…

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