Stirring the creative soul...

Henri Matisse
1950's Karolina York Print

On this sunny morning in New Hampshire, 
something to stir your creative soul....
Henri Matisse and thoughts on life
by Helena Bonham Carter 

Helena Bonham Carter

I hope this stirs a 
little creativity in your soul!

Sharing the love...
Thank you all for your well wishes 
for my recovery
I am feeling fighting fit again. 
Have been able to shelve the stretch pants 
and am back into my jeans. Hooray!
My gardening shoes, clippers and sun hat 
are seeing the light of day once again. 
I think Helena has it right, 
it is in the way you feel. 
Life is art.

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Wishing you a wonderfully creative week!

Jeanne xx


  1. You know, everyone has a creativeness in them, it just has to be released. And releasing is difficult for some people. I couldn't live without my creativity spilling out. So happy you are well again. Awful to be sick, I know. Take good care of yourself, and keep giving us lovely images of your life.

  2. I never thought of looking at art the way Helen Bonham Carter does. It makes sense though and I need to remember her words. I always think of myself as not being very creative.

  3. Love that quote! So true!

    Good to hear you are doing well...and just in time for good weather!

  4. Everyone should have access to this quote as it serves as a great reminder that we are all creative. Sometimes folks just don’t give themselves enough credit.

  5. Glad to hear you are feeling better...and in fighting shape. Love the quote...and the art. Art in many forms, is all around us...but we need to consciously seek it...thanks for the reminder! Enjoy your day! ;)

  6. So glad you are well enough to climb into your better testament to good health ☺️

  7. What is it about Spring sunshine to inject in us the enthusiasm to get things accomplished. If you start it; it gets finished. I wholeheartedly agree with Helena Bonham Carter's thoughts on art.

    To creativity and good health Jeanne

  8. I loved the Carter quote; it is something to aspire to in my own attitude. However, I could not help but think this depends so much on a feeling of security, of being safe in one's country, of knowing wise and good people are running things (if I'm not) and I'm afraid, for me, that is lacking in the USA right now.

  9. I hope you are enjoying your reentry into New England!

  10. Missing your updates. Hope all is OK there. xx


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