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How are you faring this holiday season? Are you feeling the magic yet? I had a super productive day yesterday which is a good thing because these past few days have not been as productive as I had hoped. I finally looked at the calendar and started counting...19 days until Christmas! Seven days before the first of our clan comes home for the holidays. I swigged two cups of coffee and felt the holiday magic. I love a productive day!

Speaking of magic...I most definitely found it in Sharon Santoni's November My Stylish French Box. This is not the first time I have written about Sharon and I am sure it will not be the last. I admire Sharon immensely, in my mind she is the ultimate 'enterprising woman'. We started blogging around the same time...she started My French Country Home and I had a few blogs in the works, back in those early days when we were most prolific in our blog posts. While I packed my bags and moved on to the next expat adventure she went from one ingenious business idea to the next...guest house, tours, books, videos and My Stylish French Box. Oh yes...she is a fabulous writer and her stories are not to be missed. There are many enterprising women in the blogosphere and I am inspired by each and every one of them. They are my inspiration kick...when I need it most!

So onto this wonderful My French Stylish Box 
which recently arrived at my doorstep.

In one word...FABULOUS
make that two words

"This November editions of 
is dedicated to Christmas in Paris. 
The twinkle of shop windows, 
the perfume of a French home 
with a fire crackling, 
and spices on the stove. 
A jeweled bracelet, to catch the light. 
Something for you, something to gift, 
something to lay a table and entertain. 
Each item is chosen for its essential 
Frenchness and designed 
to make you feel special"
Sharon Santoni


I started to feel special 
as soon as I opened the box!

and started swooning at this point...

I took each one out delicately and
appreciated them over and over again..

A luxurious linen Charvet Editions le Table Runner.

An original Jeanne McKay pink amaryllis watercolor print.

Antique portrait ornaments by Merci Louis
now hanging on our Christmas tree.

Antique crystal chandelier tears repurposed 
and reminiscent of the antique
chandeliers found in the brocantes of France.

A glass bead bracelet from a 
design studio in Versailles.

A hand painted Antoinette Poisson le Journal
reminiscent of 18th century
 book binding and decorative papers.

A beautifully fragrant Un Soir à l'Opéra
Nutcracker candle inspired by ballet 
and the magic of a great theater.

Au Bain Marie drink coasters 
to bring the city of lights to our table.


Mariage Frères Esprit de Noel tea
with mild Christmas spices of orange zest and vanilla.

"Christmas in Paris is a truly magical time 
when the store windows are dressed beautifully, 
and the parks and large avenues are filled
 with the tangible excitement and 
sparkle of the holiday."
Sharon Santoni

Officially feeling the  
French sparkle and magic
of the holiday season!

How about you?
Are you there yet?

Special thanks to Sharon and her team 
for bringing the magic of Christmas in Paris 
to our country home in New Hampshire. 
Where a French touch is always welcome!
(hint, hint Mr. H)

Joyeux Noel!

Sending one and all warm holiday wishes
from Tahilla Farm!

Jeanne xx


  1. Love the final photo... was that one of the earlier choices for the card? it would be a good choice.

    Very best wishes to the entire famile for a lovely holiday together!

  2. I love receiving these boxes filled with carefully curated French goodies...I have been thrilled by their contents and feel very pampered when I open the beautifully presented beribboned and wrapped items...I gave one to my DIL and she was delighted.

  3. I AGREE with the PERSON ABOVE!
    YES, I went on one of SHARON's tours and she is SOMETHING!I met her dogs TOO which was so special after all those years of following her BLOG.It was a WONDERFUL TRIP and THE CHATEAU were we all stayed was MAGNIFICENT!
    You asked if I have been PRODUCTIVE...........YES, in a weird sort of way!I am VERY CALM this YEAR.
    I spend my late afternoons wrapping........and I had THE ITALIAN do the shopping for the SONS as they need or want HEAVY TOOLS!UGH..............I did buy them a couple of gifts that will get a GOOD LAUGH!Hopefully, they will indulge me and let me take a PHOTO!Our tree is up with Lights on and I suppose I must decorate this weekend!I do worry about THAT TEA CUP PIGGY AND THE TREE full of RADKO ORNAMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!I even went into the GARDEN this week to plant a few cabbages.............SO< am I READY?NO but it will come together.........maybe if I get OFF THIS COMPUTER and get DRESSED that would be a GOOD START!
    ABOUT those BLOGS you had way back when...........??
    I understand you had a FABULOUS FASHION BLOG????
    For my Christmas will you send me the LINK so I can CRUISE IT..........?
    I only know this BLOG when you moved to CHATEAU MANGO!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS!I have a feeling it will be a VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS for ALL of YOU!

  4. Jeanne I am waaaayy behind in my blog reading but I so enjoy your instagram pics of Tahilla Farm. It looks positively magical! Happy Holidays!

  5. Dear Jeanne
    Thank you so much for posting about the box and taking such lovely pictures of the contents :) I wish you and your family a wonderful christmas at the farm,

    with love

  6. Simply beautiful creations.
    Merry Christmas.

  7. I know this will be a special time for you all to gather in NH - sounds like it will perhaps be a white one there too - but hope it's not freezing rain as showing on the weather map!
    Best wishes for a fabulous Christmas dear Jeanne - may 2018 be a healthy, happy and peaceful year for all.
    Happy Christmas - Mary x


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