Mr. and Mrs. Hong Kong

A view to Hong Kong

Did you ever have that feeling..just when you think that things couldn't get any better..that they don't? My foray into life as the "tag-along wife" has taken a side road..back to Vietnam. Poor Mr. H..I think I cramped his style.

I should mention that travel has been a big part of our married life.  He typically travels 50% or more during the year. Just as I have my routine when he travels, I guess he has his routine too. I wouldn't know..until now. He grumbled several times that his routine was upset..that amongst other things, going to bed at midnight was not part of his routine. What can I say...I am a night owl. Maybe next time we should get a suite?

A few other things could have tipped the balance....

Mr. H: You used up all the towels during the day...
Mrs. H: I needed them for my afternoon bath..did you know there is a TV in the bathroom?

Mr. H: Did the hotel staff come along asking to turn down the room for the evening?
Mrs. H: Not sure, I put the "Do Not Disturb" sign out.

Mr. H: You drank the large bottle of "Fiji" water from the mini bar.
Mrs. H: Was that from the mini bar? I needed it for the tea kettle, for afternoon tea. I could not find the "free" bottles of water.
Mr. H: If you left the "Do Not Disturb" sign off, we would have extra bottles of water.

Mr. H: I have a business dinner tonight, are you ok with room service?
Mrs. H: Absolutely!

Mr. H returns from business dinner two hours later to Mrs. H sitting in front of a white table cloth room service cart, glass of wine in hand while eating her veggie burger and glued to the TV...

Mr. H: You are still eating? What are you watching?
Mrs. H: Shh! I ordered the movie service, I am watching "Gravity", very suspenseful, must focus!

And then it happened, I knew I was done for after this one. We checked into Cathay Pacific for our flight back to Vietnam and I was "bumped" up to Business Class and he remained in Premium Economy. As we parted to our designated sections of the plane ( it was hard for me not to contain my excitement) I could tell my "tag along" days were numbered.

Mrs. H settles into Business Class

Mr. H left Sunday morning for Myanmar. Funny...I do not recall him mentioning he was going to Myanmar...I love Myanmar!

On a side note...this is all tongue-in-cheek for Mr. H. This post idea came from him, around the time that the airline mentioned my status upgrade.  It was when I first learned that my presence might be something of an upheaval.  Mr. H is my blog-o-meter, providing post ideas, critiques and status reports on your comments. After five years of blogging, he knows all your names by fact, once retirement rolls in, do not be surprised if he gets in on the action. He is a very good writer and he loves reading what you have to say just as much as I do. ;)

Coming up for air...Hong Kong

As for Hong Kong, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I played "mall mouse" for three days. It is my analogy to the shopping experience in Honk Kong where shopping is an endless and intricate underground pathway system from one section of the city to another. Every once in a while I surfaced above ground..but more on that later.

From Mrs. H in Saigon
along the Saigon River

and Mr. H in Myanmar
along the street of Yangon
we wish you a wonderful week! 

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