Celebrations and a Giveaway!

A new day, a new dawn and lots of news...in Australia

 You know that feeling 
when you are really really excited 
about something 
but you have to be patient 
and wait but you are really really 
and all you feel like doing 
is running in place 
and hopping up and down...
thinking it will possibly 
come faster if you do?

I have that feeling. 

For FIVE reasons.

#1  A BABY!
Mr. and Mrs. H are going 
to be grandparents! 
Patrick and Cherie are expecting 
which means we will be adding 
another Aussie 
to our expatriate clan in 2018!
I am just busting over this news!
Can you tell? ;)

Patrick and Cherie
Wedding Day
Yarra Valley, Australia

Still loading...
I love this announcement designed by Cherie,
 so clever and original!

My youngest son 
and Uncle To Be, Connor, 
graduated from high school 
last week and that means it is time 
for the next step in his journey.
We are so so proud of him!
USA here we come!

Congratulations Connor!

SIX more Sundays until we return 
to Tahilla Farm and preparation
 for a Christmas family reunion!
Need I say more?

Six more Sundays....Tahilla Farm

#4  YOU!

I am celebrating 'YOU' for 
still reading and writing to me all these years.
My gratitude knows no bounds.

I couldn't think of a better way to thank you
 than with a Glenmore Giveaway!

I recently spent a wonderful day at Glenmore House 
and as I have mentioned before, I am so smitten 
with Mickey Robertson and her beautiful property 
that I just want to share the love.  

I have one signed copy of Mickey's book, 

You can read about Mickey 
and The House and Garden at Glenmore
here and here.

All you need to do is leave a comment below,
 or on my InstagramFacebookTwitter feeds
or you can write to me jeannecollageoflife@gmail.com 
I will add all the names to the comments below
 and select the lucky winner on
 October 15 at 12:00pm Sydney time. 
When there will only be 
FOUR more Sundays to Tahilla Farm!

and the lucky last


I am on a roll...
To keep me from exhausting myself 
while running in place and hopping up and down
I am happy to send a postcard to whoever would like one. 
The theme will be around Australian Art and History.
If I have sent you a postcard before...just mention it, 
I still have my original postcard list! 
If not, you can send me your address

I look forward to writing to you!


Jeanne xx

You can leave a comment...


  1. Huge congratulations to you Jeanne and Mr.H on the wonderful news of impending grand parental excitement....it’s hard to describe the moment you become one, your whole world suddenly becomes different because of the arrival of this little baby. The lead up is beyond exciting but nothing like the day they are born.
    I gathered from your posts that you truly loved your day at Glenmore, I knew you would for so many reasons. Mickey is one industrious and innovative lady, and I was lucky enough to hear her talk at her book launch last year, and have really enjoyed reading and rereading her beautiful book.
    You are very generous giving your readers the opportunity to have their own.
    It’s impossible not to feel your excitement through your words, and I know how important your Tahlilla Christmas will be in celebrating the end of another busy year in the life of Mrs.H. Enjoy all the excitement that comes with each passing day.❤️ Sue

    1. Thanks Sue, I am so excited for this next phase of our life and even more so after your comment! I did enjoy my day at Glenmore...and have signed up for another. When you are on to a good thing you just have to go with it! You Aussie ladies, just the best!! xxx

  2. I have seen things pop up from time to time about Glenmore House and here it is again...can't believe it is in my neighbourhood!

    1. I highly recommed attending one of her events Kathie. I went along for the Belinda Jeffery cooking class and had a blast. I have signed up for another in November. A very special place and woman... :)

  3. Wonderfully exciting news for you all, Jeanne. Congratulations.

  4. Congratulations on the coming arrival! Tahilla Farm looks wonderful! Don't think i've seen that "big picture" photo before and it really puts it all into perspective. You have done so much work and now it's turned into the perfect place for reunions ... and grandbabies. Know you will enjoy the holiday season there. And, welcome back to the States - soon!

  5. Yes for the postcard :Joanne Cloutier, Québec
    It is a pleasure to follow you and to know you. Congratulations again !

  6. Congratulations on so many levels. Above all, a new baby. Such exciting news ... and a new dimension to life. It's so very exciting, and fun to see your child's ultimate creation.

    And a Merry Christmas at Tahilla 🎄🎄🎄

  7. Congratulations to the new parents and grandparents!
    Grand Baby on the way is wonderful news.

    Congratulations Connor!
    Exciting time of life. Its great the way freshman are welcomed at college, like a fun autumn in only a few days.

  8. OMG Jeanne, I think all this great news in today's post makes me as excited as you must be! Your wonderful first grandchild news - and that little child is not only going to have the best parents, but the best grandparents too!!!! We are also 'expecting' with our second great-grandson due in Dec. so our sweet Colin will have a brother, always a nice thing.

    Connor looks so grown up now - congratulations to him on graduating and I wish him a wonderful time here in the US. Has he already chosen his uni/college? If he happens to come to our area we would love to meet him and of course would be here to assist in any way should he need it.

    Knowing you will be back at Tahilla for the Holidays is also exciting - please, please share the decorating of your beautiful farm - and I wonder if it will be a 'white Christmas' up there in NH this year. Did you happen to see the feature story in this month's Traditional Home (USA) magazine on Joe Valentine's Juniper Hill? It's so fabulous with the lovely photos taken by him in the Autumn garden - I've been in touch and heard back from him. I'm always grateful that you told me about him and his amazing house and garden in NH.

    I've just read about Mickey's book and it looks splendid. I also read some of her blog and will continue to follow her there as I like her writing very much. Her garden and home look beautiful.
    Anyone would I'm certain be honored to have a copy of her book.

    I should be on your magical postcard list - I loved being a recipient previously when you were in Saigon. Anything coming from Australia would definitely bring an ah-hah moment - I still hope so much to go back again some day as it is a very special country/continent which I will always hold close.

    OK dear, lovely to share your happy moments - you are busy beyond belief - but I know once back at Tahilla you will be able to breathe again hopefully!
    Thinking of you - take care of yourself, and safe travels.
    Mary -

    WHAT will YOU call yourself.......or let BEBE decide?!!
    YOU are on a ROLL MRS. H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU are burning calories and making IT ALL COME FASTER!!!!!!!!!XO

  10. Congrats all around! What an exciting time for your family. Happy to hear you will soon be returning to Tahilla farm....it'll be perfect for the holidays. Yes to the postcard too...time to hang another one in our guest room. Always love following you around the globe! ;)

  11. Congratulations to all your good news!!! I still have the last post card you sent me! It's a treasure and I would love a post card from you any time!
    Miranda St John aka Gwendolyn ;)

  12. Congratulations on the GRANDBABY!!!! I have two granddaughters and it is fantastic to be GRAN. You sent me a post card from Viet Nam and I would love to have one from Australia. The book looks great, too. I look forward to seeing your journey forward.

  13. Congrats on all your news! They are each special in their own way.

  14. Congratulations on the new grand baby!!! And, all
    The other wonderful things, but a new baby is just the best!

  15. Congratulations.... you have so many wonderful things happening. Being a grandmother is the best. Enjoy every minute and.... there is nothing really wrong with jumping up and down. Have a great weekend. Hugs!

  16. The baby news is wonderful! As a grammy myself I know that our grandchildren are the greatest gift!
    You'll be a fabulous grandparent and hopefully the children will love Tahilla Farm!
    Please throw my name in the mix with the other entrants...
    Thank you!

  17. CONGRATULATIONS to the grandparents and parents.

    Congratulations to the graduate.

    Wonderful Christmas celebration of a family together.

  18. I always love your post cards, but I don't believe I have one from Down Under, soooooo, please float one my way so I can add to my Carte Postales album. Congratulations, Gramma! :-) Congratulations, Connor! and Congratulations, Mr. H!

  19. Again, such exciting news about your impending grandchild.

    And, will the whole brood be together at Christmas? How spectacular!

  20. We are all so happy for you. A baby is always a cause for celebration. Congratulations to the parents-to-be. Of course, I will always say 'yes' to a postcard from you. It is always a pleasure to receive them. Lots of best wishes to Connor as he starts a new chapter in his life. Looking forward to more thoughts and adventures from Tahilla Farm that you will share with us.

  21. Hello Jeanne,

    So delighted to read all your great news. How very exciting. Sending fondest wishes


  22. Wow Jeanne, you have many many reasons to celebrate and much to look forward to. That’s what makes life so full and yours is certainly that!

  23. Congratulations on so many fronts! No wonder you are jumping up and down. A first grandchild, a high school graduate, a new college student, a trip to Tahilla Farm soon (following a wonderful trip to Africa to see Miss Claire). Life is indeed on a roll for you. And we love your sharing it with us....so we can share in the excitement as well.

    Postcards from you are always super special from wherever in the world they may arrive. And you really have time to do this??!!

    Best wishes and looking forward to hearing more developments from Tahilla Farm.

    ARR aka Farm Gal in VA

  24. I feel your excitement on the new baby front. I have just had a rush of births among my former staff members from past management jobs. It's been a lovely time as I have known some of them since they were brand new graduates. I love so much that they still want to reach out and include me in their lives! That said, a new grandbaby is something else! How wonderful!!

    I bought Mickey's book after your last post ans she was gorgeous enough to inscribe it to me. I have read and re-read it. What a treat! Next thing is to take my Mum up there in the new year for a trip. It will be fabulous.

    I am so pleased you mentioned Christmas. I started my planning at the start of October and am feeling very excited about it all. I love Christmas!

    Thankyou for sharing this wonderful heart warming post. What a joy it was to read.



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