Celebrations and a Giveaway!

A new day, a new dawn and lots of news...in Australia

 You know that feeling 
when you are really really excited 
about something 
but you have to be patient 
and wait but you are really really 
and all you feel like doing 
is running in place 
and hopping up and down...
thinking it will possibly 
come faster if you do?

I have that feeling. 

For FIVE reasons.

#1  A BABY!
Mr. and Mrs. H are going 
to be grandparents! 
Patrick and Cherie are expecting 
which means we will be adding 
another Aussie 
to our expatriate clan in 2018!
I am just busting over this news!
Can you tell? ;)

Patrick and Cherie
Wedding Day
Yarra Valley, Australia

Still loading...
I love this announcement designed by Cherie,
 so clever and original!

My youngest son 
and Uncle To Be, Connor, 
graduated from high school 
last week and that means it is time 
for the next step in his journey.
We are so so proud of him!
USA here we come!

Congratulations Connor!

SIX more Sundays until we return 
to Tahilla Farm and preparation
 for a Christmas family reunion!
Need I say more?

Six more Sundays....Tahilla Farm

#4  YOU!

I am celebrating 'YOU' for 
still reading and writing to me all these years.
My gratitude knows no bounds.

I couldn't think of a better way to thank you
 than with a Glenmore Giveaway!

I recently spent a wonderful day at Glenmore House 
and as I have mentioned before, I am so smitten 
with Mickey Robertson and her beautiful property 
that I just want to share the love.  

I have one signed copy of Mickey's book, 

You can read about Mickey 
and The House and Garden at Glenmore
here and here.

All you need to do is leave a comment below,
 or on my InstagramFacebookTwitter feeds
or you can write to me jeannecollageoflife@gmail.com 
I will add all the names to the comments below
 and select the lucky winner on
 October 15 at 12:00pm Sydney time. 
When there will only be 
FOUR more Sundays to Tahilla Farm!

and the lucky last


I am on a roll...
To keep me from exhausting myself 
while running in place and hopping up and down
I am happy to send a postcard to whoever would like one. 
The theme will be around Australian Art and History.
If I have sent you a postcard before...just mention it, 
I still have my original postcard list! 
If not, you can send me your address

I look forward to writing to you!


Jeanne xx

You can leave a comment...

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