Tika wanders Tahilla Farm, Summer 2016

People often ask me why we went off in search of a home
in New Hampshire.
I reply that we didn't...it just found us.
Or rather, it found me by way
of my blog. It is not a quick story, in fact
it has now been a four year story
with many chapters still to come.

The story starts

Our Dream House
Mr and Mrs H and wishful thinking
March 2011

Maine to New Hampshire
Down a dirt road
A story.
October 2012

We bought it!
December 2012

Planning a Dream House
Decorating Ideas
March 2013

Porch Love
Decorating Ideas
April 2013

The first visit back to Tahilla
What I learned
April 2013

Children and Imaginary Worlds
in the woods
May 2013

I spy a studio...in a barn
Construction ideas
May 2013

The first clearing
June 2013

June 2013

A New Englander's List
Leaving Vietnam
July 2013

Mother and Son
Life at Tahilla
July 2013

Hushed Whispers
Life at Tahilla Farm
July 2013

July 2013

Mr. H comes to visit
First visit 
August 2013

Bulldozers, Priscilla and Mr. H
Mr. H.. first thoughts
August 2013

A Bear Hunt
First sighting of  a bear cub
August 2013

Gordon Hayward...The Landscape Designer
A country garden in Vermont
October 2013

Swift Corwin.. The Poet Forester
A poet and tree whisperer
October 2013

August 2013

May Sarton and Martha
Deliberating our 150 year old tree, 
October 2013

Mr. and Mrs. H Plan a Renovation
Construction ideas
November 2013

Tahilla Farm and Nancy Meyers 
Construction ideas
November 2013

When Family and Friends Gather...
Construction ideas
November 2013

While you were sleeping in Vietnam
One year anniversary story
December 2013

January, 2014

Winter Scenes Tahilla Farm
January 2014

Signs of Spring

April 2014

Dan Snow..The Stone Whisperer 
Connecting to the past
April 2014

Dan Snow~ March 2014

Making a House a Home
A new vision for Tahilla Farm
April 2014

The Road to Tahilla
and England and Scotland
May 2014

June 2014

A Bear Meet
on the road to Tahilla
June 2014

Tahilla Farm meets Tarzan
Mr. and Mrs. H design ideas
June 2014

Life in the country...
with a hummingbird, under a rainbow
July 2014

Packing up and moving out
Plans in motion…
August 2014

Making Friends at Tahilla Farm
extraordinary ones..
August 2014

 August 2014

Saying farewell to Martha, hello to Henrietta
Trees and hippos.
September 2014

Six weeks into construction
Moving along…in more ways than one
October 2014

October 2014
Adventures in New England
The fist visit...construction and snow
November 2014

Snowy Days at Tahilla Farm
and a writing challenge...
February 2015

February 2015

A Winter Landscape in New England
House rising amidst the snow
February 2015

January 2015

A Writer's Studio
Barn space...
March 2015

Nine Months and Counting
Construction progress...
May 2015
May 2015

KITCHEN TALK...yours and mine
Planning a kitchen
June 2015

Feels like home
Back again...
June 2015

June 2015

Are we there yet?
Nearly there
September 2015

Sheldon Pennoyer and Gordon Hayward
Architect and Garden Designer
August 2015

Three Moves and a..
Moving in 
November 2015 

October 2015

Latest from Tahilla Farm
Getting settled
December 2015

Merry Merry from Tahilla Farm
Family Reunion
December 2015

December 2015


Through the woods
A winter landscape
January 2016

January 2016

Quiet Like the Garden
Planning a garden
February 2016

Garden inspiration, February 2016

The Habit of Light
A poem
March 2016

Decorating Notes
Tahilla Farm
April 2016

New House, Old House 2016

White Whispers
Setting up house
May 2016
From Vietnam to Tahilla Farm May 2016

Tika of Tahilla
Tika arrives
May 2016

Garden takes shape..May 2016

Bless This Mess
A garden takes shape
July 2016 

Garden views... September 2016

Heart to Heart
The comforts of home
September 2016

Porch time, September 2016

Travelling Home
October 2016

The Winter Room- Keeping Room
October 2016

From Vietnam to Tahilla Farm
October 2016

Buddha takes up residence Tahilla Farm
October 2016

Garden Views
July 2017

The story continues...

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