A Writer's Studio..#24

Virgina McKenna on set, 'Born Free' 1966

I am easily distracted so it is no surprise that in the midst of my continued Q&A post on Vietnam that I should start to think about writer's studios. Things like that just happen..

Last summer I wrote about our inspiration for Tahilla Farm  and featured the photo above of Virginia McKenna on the set of the movie, Born Free

I noticed that the photo was for sale on ebay  by way of  Buenos Aires, Argentina and thought...why not? So I bought it and patiently waited for it to arrive in our postbox at Tahilla Farm. Weeks went by and I had nearly given up hope when it arrived. An "original vintage" photograph from 1966 and I love it. 

I packed it away with an idea in mind. I am saving it for the eventual studio in a barn. When the time comes for me to hang my hat in a room of my own, in a barn, it will be framed and hung in a notable spot. At least that is what I told myself at the time. 

My original plans for Tahilla Farm included the renovation of the barn, making way for a writing studio. I have a Pinterest file, Barn Space, in the waiting, for when that day comes.

But...a little thing called 'budget cuts' got in the way. Our ideas for Tahilla Farm grew and grew until the studio that "was to be" had to be put on hold. And that' ok for all is not lost. 

I still have a horse stall and between you and me I think this whole space will work just fine. It is as clean as they come. In fact the previous owner spared no expense for her horse. It is well insulated, has heated, padded floors and is in pristine condition. I'll take it.

Creative spaces come in all shapes and forms. For some it is that hideaway house in the middle of nowhere (I get that), for others it may be a specially designed space just for them and for others it is borrowed space...like a horse stall in a barn.

While I am thinking about my writing space in a horse stall and the eventual hanging of my 1966 photo of Virginia McKenna ...I can't help thinking of all the places that caught my eye over the years. The photos you take because you know that one day, you will go back to them. That day has arrived, on a steamy day in Saigon. With that in mind, I would like to share a few of those spaces and am curious...if you identify with any of them.

If you could, which would you pick?

Would you create "your space" in New Zealand...

On a dock in Blanket Bay, New Zealand?

With a view to the water, through a garden in Waitangi, New Zealand?

Tucked in a cove in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand?

Along a walking trail in Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand?

or do you see "your space" in New Hampshire or Vermont?

In a garden studio in New Hampshire?

In a greenhouse in Vermont?

In the woods in Vermont?

Over a pond in New Hampshire?

 How about you...
did you take a fancy to any of the locations above?

As for me..
When the time is right, 
this is where you will find me,
behind the red barn door...
through the potting room, 
to the horse stall...
at Tahilla Farm. 
And that's just fine by me.
For now.

Signing off from Chateau Mango
with visions of writing studios 
dancing in my head
28 Day Writing Challenge #23
Vietnam Time

Collage of Life
28 Day Writing Challenge
(click on title to read)

Photos above taken by me 
on my travels through New Zealand,
New Hampshire and Vermont.
Photographer of Virginia McKenna unknown.

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