November 29, 2010

Taking a Breather

I love the holiday season 
but I have learned 
that you need to pace yourself.
There are times, when you need 
to take yourself out of the picture 
and escape...if only for an hour.

Today I travelled to Italy, 
just me, my latte and a cookbook.
It all happened in our local cafe
and we had a great time.

It was just the ticket to get me going again.

Manilli de Sea
(Silk handkerchief pasta sheets with Pesto)
How yummy does that sound?

I travelled thru Italy, 
found a great recipe for dinner
and was raring to go again. 

Next time you are out and about 
and feeling like
you need a breather,
join me!

You won't regret it :)

November 27, 2010

Christmas Tree Talk

What I want to know is how soon is to soon?
I am pondering trees at the moment and am in a quandry.

In America, 
our  favourite tree was the Fraser Fir.

In Australia and New Zealand, 
we used the plantation pine (Pinus Radiata).

In England, 
the choices are the Norway Spruce (left)
and Nordmann Fir (right).

We are still deciding. 
In the meantime, 
I would love to know...

What country do you live in?
When do you put your Christmas tree up?
Do you have a particular type that you like to buy?
Do you prefer a fresh tree or artificial?
Do you have a preferred height?

What do you think?
Should we go for the 
Norway Spruce or Nordmann Fir?

Decisions, Decisions!

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend 
from this tree pondering blogger :)

Christmas tree harvest at 
Goldsworth Nurseries, Woking, c. 1930
Photograph by Photopress at Fleet Street
Surrey History Centre

Thank you all for your fantastic responses. I have learned so much!
I thought I would add the trees that some of you have mentioned.
I am also adding a wonderful pine scented candle that I use every
works like magic at bringing the Christmas Spirit into our home. 

November 25, 2010

Warm Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving

I am sending Thanksgiving Greetings
to family and friends across the sea today.

It has been many years since we celebrated
a traditional American Thanksgiving.
Our thanks have been shared each November 
in the warm climates of Australia 
and New Zealand since 1999.

But today, on this very cold day, 
in Surrey, England
with forecasts of snow for the weekend
we are at it again.

Our day will be like any other with school 
and work with the exception of two busy beavers,
Miss Christine (D#1) and I who will be home 
whipping up a storm.

Today, thoughts have been given to setting the table. 
Plates, glasses, silver, flowers, candles and 
a few pumpkins and gourds to bring it all together. 
Miss Christine is a very good student.
Mom must be a good teacher :)

A few ideas for the table...

and the menu....
turkey, stuffing, mashed sweet potato, garlic potatoes, gravy and more...

with dessert to follow...pumpkin pie, apple pie and homemade vanilla ice cream.

There is nothing like children, 
with eyeswide open on Thanksgiving Day.
Some of my fondest memories were looks just like this.

For many kids. the preparation is often more fun than the meal.

and when the day is done, the dishes are washed
 and the exhilitation of the afternoon walk 
has passed, we rest. 

Reading, movies,
to each his own, 
it is time to relax

 the busiest time of the year starts the next morning :)

To you and yours...I send my warmest 
wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving!
and to my friends outside of America,
best wishes for a wonderful day :)

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4-7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

November 23, 2010

A Mother's Tale...A Mother's Love

It is exam time in our household. The tension is mounting and Mom (that's me) is trying to stay calm. You would think by my fourth child that I would have this mastered but I never give up being anxious for them. English, Science, Maths, Religious Education, French, Geography, History and Maths and English again...all in three days and he is just 10. He asked me to help me with his Maths homework the other day and I nearly fainted. Crikey, have I really forgotten that much? Then again, I was not a model math student. My standard answer seems to be 'go ask your Father' . It is a worry when I hear the same reply on the other end. Poor little son, not my husband :)

On top of this I have been living in a sea of papers trying to sort out which school to apply to for his High School years. His school ends at 13 years of age and I have discovered that I am behind the eight ball in getting applications into the future school's. I am getting that 'what?, you haven't....???' kind of look from the mothers in the pick up line. The kind that makes you feel like the most useless parent in the world.

I have a list of both Boarding and Day schools. Boarding, yikes! I am sure you can imagine what that is like. My last child, my baby, in Boarding School at 13??  To top it off, I have to totally immerse myself in the English A Level system. Is there no end to the types of High School Certificates in this world?? I had to figure out the HSC in Australia, the NCEA in New Zealand, the IB at an International School in London and now I have to sort thru A Levels. I am thinking there should be a Certificate for parents that manage to understand just one let alone four. I am whinging, but honestly, I am probably just looking for a little sympathy. Am I wrong to be feeling a bit sad that my lucky last is growing up? He turns 11 next week and I will miss his Birthday...the first time ever. I have a good excuse, as I will be in Australia for my eldest son's  University graduation. baby...going on 11. He is tall and lanky and already in size 14 clothes and has a mouth full of teeth that are two years ahead of schedule. I don't think I can hold him back for long. He is ready to grow and I am not. Well, I shouldn't say that, I am growing, just in a different sort of way :)

My lucky last, following Mom and Dad in Scotland.

A mother's tale... a mother's love.

images~ me

November 22, 2010

Have you met Beate?

One of the things I enjoy about blogging 
is all the talented and clever people I meet.
If you are reading this post, I put you in that category.
You may have a blog, you may not, but you are interested,
and my guess is that a creative spirit lives within you. 
One that is already out and doing it's thing 
or one that is waiting..for the day 
when you are ready to make it happen.
I would like to introduce you to Beate.
She is a continuous source of inspiration to me.
She is one of those blogger's that I have
come to know recently and I am so glad 
she stopped in and said hello.

Beate has a blog, 
'Be a guest in your own bed'

Beate loves yarn and working with her hands

She loves the sensuality of colour 

and things that are handmade with love.

She loves cats...

and introducing her readers to other creative artists.

Beate shares an appreciation for Anthropologie

and sentimental movies.

Yummy things happen at Beate's...her post's want to make you create
sumptuous delights.

You will find wonderful ideas for the holidays at Beate's too.

If you enjoy daily walks you will find that Beate does too.
I can tell that this is one of her favourite times of day.

I think you will agree, that blogging allows us 
stretch out and make friends with people around the world.
It is one of my favourite aspects about blogging.
You can visit Beate at Sunday in Bed.
She is German and lives in Bavaria, Germany.
Look for the translator
widget at the top of her page. 
You can also visit her shop, Garnwerkstatt,
where she sells her wonderful creations.
If you are looking to feel inspired..
go along and say hello to Beate.
Tell her Jeanne sent you :)

When I started blogging I quickly realised that to have a friend 
you have to be a friend. I love reading other people's blogs and leaving comments.
I may err on the lengthy side and sometimes I wonder if this is a good thing. I am sure
if I left them short and simple I would get thru more blogs but it never feels right to me.
If I haven't been by lately, I will be soon. I enjoy introducing friends too and look forward
to doing more over the upcoming months. xx

all images and sources 
can be found at Sunday in Bed