Have you met Beate?

One of the things I enjoy about blogging 
is all the talented and clever people I meet.
If you are reading this post, I put you in that category.
You may have a blog, you may not, but you are interested,
and my guess is that a creative spirit lives within you. 
One that is already out and doing it's thing 
or one that is waiting..for the day 
when you are ready to make it happen.
I would like to introduce you to Beate.
She is a continuous source of inspiration to me.
She is one of those blogger's that I have
come to know recently and I am so glad 
she stopped in and said hello.

Beate has a blog, 
'Be a guest in your own bed'

Beate loves yarn and working with her hands

She loves the sensuality of colour 

and things that are handmade with love.

She loves cats...

and introducing her readers to other creative artists.

Beate shares an appreciation for Anthropologie

and sentimental movies.

Yummy things happen at Beate's...her post's want to make you create
sumptuous delights.

You will find wonderful ideas for the holidays at Beate's too.

If you enjoy daily walks you will find that Beate does too.
I can tell that this is one of her favourite times of day.

I think you will agree, that blogging allows us 
stretch out and make friends with people around the world.
It is one of my favourite aspects about blogging.
You can visit Beate at Sunday in Bed.
She is German and lives in Bavaria, Germany.
Look for the translator
widget at the top of her page. 
You can also visit her shop, Garnwerkstatt,
where she sells her wonderful creations.
If you are looking to feel inspired..
go along and say hello to Beate.
Tell her Jeanne sent you :)

When I started blogging I quickly realised that to have a friend 
you have to be a friend. I love reading other people's blogs and leaving comments.
I may err on the lengthy side and sometimes I wonder if this is a good thing. I am sure
if I left them short and simple I would get thru more blogs but it never feels right to me.
If I haven't been by lately, I will be soon. I enjoy introducing friends too and look forward
to doing more over the upcoming months. xx

all images and sources 
can be found at Sunday in Bed


  1. I've never come across her blog before, so thank you for the intro. It is wonderful how one blog leads to another, isn't it?
    And Jeanne, I love your comments - they always make me smile!

  2. Oh, Jeanne, thanks so much for introducing us to Beate! I'm off to become her latest follower. The Germanophile in me adores finding wonderful German blogs. Danke schoen! J x

  3. Dear Jeanne,
    your sweet posting about my little virtual world makes me smile from one ear to the other!Can you feel my big hug? :))
    I really appreciate that and I`m looking forward reading your thoughtful stories which you`re sharing with all of us every day!
    (..oh my...I hope my english is in right grammar...)Thank you for being such a heart-warming blog friend! Beate :) XX

  4. Stephanie...you are so right, it is wonderful how one blog leads to another and thanks so much for your lovely comment :)

    Jane..I know you will enjoy getting to know Beate :))

    Beate...you are so very welcome. We are all so lucky when we make friends along the way. You are always an inspiration, thank you!

  5. Beate sounds like a lovely lady and I adore meeting new friends! Thanks so much. And your comments are always so kind and sweet...not to worry!!


  6. Jeanne, upon your recomendation I have peeked in at Sunday In Bed and loved everything I saw. A very talented blogger and person she is! xoxo

  7. That looks like a wonderful blog. Thank you for letting us know. I am on my way! I love your blog so much!

  8. Thanks very much for sending us the link to Beate!

    Hope your weekend is relaxing and all kinds of wonderful :)

    K xx

  9. What an amazing post, Jeanne. So happy to meet Beate. I totally agree with you on the www blogland way of making friends whom we would never have known previously. It's like magic. And, now I look forward to knowing you better. xx's

  10. Thank you so much for the introduction Jeanne... So love this blogging world! x

  11. Beautiful post and beautiful blog. I love being introduced to other good ones too!

  12. I'll have to check her out-love to meet new people-Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving~~

  13. What a pleasure to "meet" you. You have a grand way with words and I'm going to enjoy reading your posts. I'm popping over to "meet" Beate...she sounds really cool too.

  14. I just love creative, artisitc people! Amazing pictures that are just...breathtakingly beautiful! Beate will be fun to get to "know"....thanks for a greAT POST...as usual!!!

  15. Went there, dropped your name, signed up...how perfect is that.
    If you are so inclined Jeanne, this Thursday, this Thanksgiving, drop into the Churchill Room at the Hyatt in Portman Square and have a drink for us...good times...

  16. I still find it amazing that you can chat with people from all over the world in this crazy blogland...can't wait to check out Sunday in bed - thanks for sharing!!

  17. A lovely tribute and a wonderful gesture towards a fellow blogger. He personality sure looks interesting and vibrant and that is so reflected in her blog. I should run to her place now.

    Hope you have been well and that the winter is keeping you cozy and warm!

    Joy always,

  18. Jeanne,

    this so beautiful and genuine. I love the way you talk about Beate and the world of blogging. I've just started (since September) and I already can feel so many good people around me.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com


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