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My daughter, Miss Claire, charging ahead
 in The Spittal of Glenshee

The Traveler....
Yesterday I calculated my "air time" since leaving Tahilla Farm three weeks ago. Through Hong Kong, China and Australia I have clocked 55 hours in the air, excluding transit time. Ah...the things we do for the people we love! It's been a whirlwind visit full of laughter, food and family. The very best kind of trip. Times that I cherish dearly.

There is one other thing I have cherished all these years and to be honest, I can't imagine traveling without it!

The Travelwrap Company...
Many years, countries and blogs ago, I discovered what I called and still do... "heaven in a box". It was 2010 and we were just a few months into our time living in England. We traveled to the Highlands of Scotland (photo above) where I discovered amongst other things, the beauty of Scottish cashmere.

When I returned to our home in Surrey, I promptly researched everything I could on Scottish cashmere and discovered Niamh Barker and The Travelwrap Company. Niamh was terrific, answered my questions and guided me in my first travel wrap purchase in the color, Otter. From the first touch, you know you are onto something special. When cashmere is the right weight it is perfect...light enough to gently wrap around your neck without bulk and warm and long enough to keep you snug. Better yet, when you can wear it again and again without pilling....magic! Otter is one of those colors that goes with everything and it traveled with me everywhere, on all modes of transportation.

Notice past tense.

Fast forward a few years, on an excruciatingly long flight to London from Sydney via Bangkok and Dubai..I lost it. Stupidly, because I seem to do things like that, often. Long story...but the short of it is that I left it on the plane in Dubai and cried into my airplane blanket all the way to London. My travel wrap is a critical piece of my travel routine and without it I was lost... in an airplane with a lot of hours and miles to go.

When I landed in London I had to relay to Mr. H what had happened. It was not the first time I had lost something on an airplane and trust me it wasn't the last. We don't speak of my trip to Africa last year...bye, bye Kindle.

Delivered with care...

Mr. H being Mr. H, was a trooper and agreed, Mrs. H without her travel wrap was not a flight he was prepared to endure. With only a few days in London, I contacted Niamh Barker and told her of my dilemma. She remembered me...I sometimes have that effect on people (that can go one of two ways ) and the next day, a fresh, new travel wrap in the color, teal, was delivered to our hotel, The Draycott, in Chelsea. (Thank you Pamela!)  I decided on teal as a memory of London. I am glad I did!

My travel wrap in Teal. 

And here we are....
Niamh and I recently connected again on Instagram, as we all do.  I mentioned I was ready to add to my travel wrap wardrobe and she had some great suggestions. Niamh has expanded her line significantly over the years making it harder and harder to select just one. They are all so beautiful, deep and rich in color and textures. 

I decided it was time to add Otter back into my wardrobe and have my eye on another. With Mother's Day around the corner, I am taking full advantage. I collected all the colors I love and created a collage...nothing like dropping a subtle hint! :)

You can find all of the travel wraps featured below HERE
And all the ways to wear a travel wrap (more than you can imagine!)  HERE

Something special for you!
Niamh has kindly offered a 10% discount to readers of Collage of Life which I am absolutely thrilled to offer. Simply enter JEANNE 10 at checkout through May 12th, 2019 to receive your discount. When you click on The Travelwrap Company you can select the country and currency you prefer.

A travel wrap is the perfect Mother's Day gift (hint, hint to my family). In my mind, it is the ultimate luxury gift and a practical one because it goes with everything. It works by day and night, offering up a different look depending on the occasion. I picked up a brooch in England years ago as a reminder of the Scottish Highlands...I love to combine the two.

Niamh has lots of great suggestions 
on how to wear her wraps, my favorite... 

I have not met Niamh in person but have a feeling if we were to meet we would have fun. We worked out the details of this offer as she was driving back from a family holiday on the bank of Loch Awe. With me in Hong Kong and her in a car driving through the Scottish Highlands...via Instagram...what could be more perfect!

I hope to meet Niamh one day and if I do, I will be sure to fill you in!
More on Niamh Barker HERE

Today, I am packing for my return to Tahilla Farm. In my bag, my teal travel wrap and a silk scarf from my travels in comforts everywhere!

In my bag...teal travel wrap and a traveling scarf.

Sharing The Love
The Travelwrap Company
10% Discount
Enter code JEANNE 10
Offer ends May 12, 2019

 Jeanne xx

PS..this is me, just sharing the love
for products I know well and trust.
Hope you enjoy them too!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful - teal is a perfect color for you.

  2. Hi Jeanne, as you know, I always love when I open up my emails in the morning and I see “Collage of Life” there! Thanks for this post. I’m so interested in Scotland, which is on my travel list. Thanks for letting us know about these gorgeous Scottish cashmere wraps. I’ll take a look at the site ... my sister’s birthday is in a few days and I don’t have a thing for her yet! Happy travels back to Tahilla Farm. Maria (Coca) Bentley

  3. I just ordered a wrap in blue corn and am so excited to have it for an upcoming trip!

  4. I adore teal and cashmere is so nice to touch and wrap up in. Thanks for introducing us to Niamh and her beautiful cashmere. I always enjoy coming here to see what wonderful things you have to share. Safe travels back to Tahilla Farm. I am sure spring is well on its way now and your garden is starting to look very lovely.

  5. I definitely need to treat myself to one of these - or perhaps Santa will bring one in December!
    They look much nicer than the ones I've seen at other cashmere sellers - perhaps a little more expensive but certainly well worth it I'm sure!
    Niamh is a lovely lady - and lives in a very special place.

    Hope you're home safely Jeanne - we leave for the UK this Fri. - lots to do before then of course!
    Mary -

  6. Lovely Scotland ... Thanks for the tip on these gorgeous shawls. I've had a black wool shawl I got in Pakistan in 97 that I carry on every trip and it's finally on it's last leg. Moth holes and all! This would be a fantastic replacement!

    Lovely Blog! Found you on Loree's!


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