Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ready For Summer With DK

I normally dread finding clothes to wear in the spring/summer months. 
Winter/Autumn clothing is definitely my preferred choice. 
After seeing these, I feel inspired. 
White, beige, linen, straw hats, belts, jewelry, shoes..
all natural, all carefree and all with that little extra something. 
Do we think we could work with something from these photos ladies?
What is your pick?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Surprises

I came across these wonderful Easter ideas in 
If you are looking for something new and different for your family 
or ideas for a host and hostess gift have a look at these.

A simple container of farm-fresh eggs 
makes a beautiful gift when adorned 
with a few cuttings from the garden and a velvet ribbon.

An easy arrangement. 
Cut a block of floral foam (soak in water the night before), 
pop it in a basket or container of choice 
and arrange your flowers to suit.
A beautiful ribbon says it all.

Small iced cakes are sure to surprise and delight.
Cut a large deep fruit cake or other dense cake into small squares. 
Cover it with smooth white icing (available from supermarkets).
Cut narrow strips in another colour 
and attach it to the sides with royal icing.
Pop a small bouquet of fresh flowers on top.
Voila...your own creation!

Take your favourite basket, line with a tea towel 
and pop on a large colourful ribbon.
Fill with goodies for the kids..drink, iced cookies, 
crayons, a rabbit toy, Easter creative!

A sweet pancake breakfast theme.
Pancake mix repackaged in a cello bag 
with instructions on an attached tag, 
eggs, home-made jam wrapped in tissue, brioche 
and other delectable treats from your favourite baker. 

A bucket painted white and a box pleated lining 
set the scene for an easy pasta meal. Dried pasta, 
basil pesto, block of parmesan, 
a few sprigs of fresh pesto, bread and sparking water.
The next meal of the day....all ready to go!

A beautiful basked filled with artisan breads and Easter buns.
All great ideas which in turn spark other ideas. 

As for me...
I like gardening themes and herbs for the garden. 
This basket from is perfect!

Happy Creating!

Images 1-7 and ideas from New Zealand House and Garden
Image 8 from Blossom Farm

Monday, March 29, 2010

Iris Apfel: An Eye For Style

I found this and just had to share. 
Iris Apfel is a woman who knows what she likes. I like her. 
She calls herself the Accessory Queen and I can see why. 
Iris has many endearing qualities and a list of accomplishments a mile long. 
Rather than go into a very long post writing about her life, 
I will let her speak for herself. 
Have a look at the movie clip below. 
I think she is wonderful, a style queen with moxie!

A book written about her life is appropriately titled: 
Rare Bird of Fashion

 The Irreverant Iris Apsel
That she is!
PS..Debra @ Lifescapes sent me a fantastic link 
if you are interested in reading more about Iris.

Video clip via

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Movie Night

Movie night tonight...
Under The Tuscan Sun
I cooked an Italian meal so it seemed only natural 
that the movie should follow. 
It is one of those movies that grows on you.
It just makes you feel good!
The soundtrack is great, 
perfect music to cook by. 


Home, you say, when day is done,
Home to comfort and peace and rest;
Home, where the children romp and run-
There is the place that you love the best!
Yet what would the home be like if you
Had all of its endless tasks to do?

Would it be home if she were not there,
Brave and gentle and fond and true?
Could you so fragrant a meal prepare?
Could you numberless duties do?
What were the home that you love so much,
Lacking her presence and gracious touch?

She is the spirit of all that's fair;
She is the home that you think you build;
She is the beauty that you dream of there;
She is the laughter with which it's filled-
She, with her love and her gentle smile,
Is all that maketh the home worth while.

Edgar A. Guest

Text via Edgar A. Guest, The Passing Throng, 
The Reilly and Lee Company, Chicago, 1923
Image via Veranda

Poetic Images

These images seem so 'poetic' to me 
that I am going to let them speak for themselves.
They remind me of lazy hazy days at a beach cottage 
we stay in along the east coast of America.
The photos at the end are some of my favourite moments.

Image 5 Veranda 
all other images via me

Friday, March 26, 2010

Classic Beauty: Angelina Jolie

 Angelina Jolie 
How does she make it look so effortless?
A classic Hollywood beauty.
What do you think?

Images via Google

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Have you met Dash and Crusoe?

Anyone who knows Dash @ French Sampler
knows that she has an endearing dog by the name of Crusoe
who is always by her side. 
This is just one of the many wonderful things you will discover when you 

Dash and I are like minds in that we decided to embark on this wonderful pastime called blogging around the same time. It was not long before this lovely icon started to appear at the end of my posts and I have been intrigued ever since.
Dash is English and lives in South West France
with her half French, half English lover, MG 
and spunky dog, Crusoe. 
Crusoe, proud and true

Crusoe, tired and sleepy
Dash has a very curious mind and we are all so fortunate that she does!
Over the months we have read about Dash's beautiful home 
in the South of France.When you stop by look for her series 
"How I came to be here"
The view is remarkable....
I love the fact that she takes her cup of coffee in the morning 
and wanders out to her garden to take in the early signs of spring...

She lives close to a lovely village...
and delights us with her outings around town...
Dash likes to steal away to Paris...
and we get to go with her.
she has wonderful taste
and we often learn about the most interesting people...
Lucky for me, Dash gets back to England frequently and takes us with her.
My notebook is filling up fast!

To the lovely Dash I must give my thanks 
for bestowing upon me 
'The Sassy Blog Award'.
This is an original creation of her own making.
I will pass this along in a future post 
but for now I want to thank her most kindly!

If you have not met Dash yet, 
be sure to stop in and say hello.

Tell her Jeanne sends her best!

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