A woman and her craft: Anna Wright

I love this so much I had to post it.  I happily came across Anna Wright, 
a british artist who has a whimsical collection of work. 
It is a fun contrast to the previous post. 
Just a gaggle of girls having a good time..

'Ladies of Liberty'

'Dress to Impress'

'Ladies who Lunch'

'Friday Night'

'Highland Jiggle'

'The Crew'

'Green Birds'

'Stitch and Bitch'

'Midlife Crisis'

What Anna says....

"Having always had a passion for costume and interiors I love to combine found fabrics, ribbons, feathers and wallpaper with drawing to explore my interest. Colours, pattern and detail come together with appealing forms and use of space to form my pieces.

I also enjoy applying this passion to animal and bird drawings and love to create humorous images. Having been brought up in the countryside, wildlife has always brought me great amusement and intrigue which I like to try and express in my drawings and paintings."

I am sure you will agree, it is a lovely collection of work.  
If you would like to learn more about Anna Wright go to: 
Images via Grandy Art


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I love these!

  2. They are brilliant, Jeanne. I love all of them. They are such fun and beautifully done. XXXX

  3. These are wonderful! I will check out her site for more details.

  4. These are so fun and wonderful!

  5. So cute Jeanne. How do you stumble across interesting things as these?
    Eagle eyes for lovelier things, I reckon.

    How's life Jeanne? Any getaways to romantic places?

    Love always,

  6. These are fantastic! Love the color and black and white combo. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Jeanne
    Well these are delightful!! What clever talent there is out there... and talent with a slice of humour!! terrific.. xx Julie

  8. These are great particularly 'Friday Night'! Love them X


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