Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome Home

Are you a collector?
When on a walk either by the seashore or in the woods...
Do you find yourself always looking for that one special object?
What do you do with these little treasures?
I put mine in a basket at my doorstep
They welcome me home...

Do you have one special object you like to look for?
Is it your secret or a family affair?

Image 1 Claire Murray
Image 2 Paris Parfait
Image 5 and 6 All About You


  1. Ohh beautiful images - makes me want to hoard all the driftwood, shells, pebbles, sticks, feathers that the children have ever picked up and brought home. Where is that sea wave-worn piece of glass we once found?

  2. I was going to say that if you've managed to unpack to that extent already I was coming over for lessons!! I love my treasures and, inspite of desperately trying to unclutter, it's the little 'finds' that show up all around the house. Plus - I have two old fishing baskets that I 'found' one at each main door - full of nature finds. Wonderful life we have...

  3. LouBoo...our collection started that way, with all the kids bits and pieces and then I started adding my own.
    I try and make it point to bring home something from a walk I have particularly enjoyed. Last Sunday it was a perfectly shaped pine cone found along the way....

  4. Beautiful feathers and beach glass are two of my favourites to collect...your displays are lovely. I especially like the white montage with the shells, songe and pearls...dreamy.

  5. I don't pick them all up but I may be known to photograph them! :)

  6. How inspiring! This gives me even more inspiration for decorating our Florida home - How I love those pearls displayed in the shell! Lovely! I am a seaglass aficionado - My best specimens are from the shores of St. Andrews, Scotland...

  7. So funny that you mentioned this. I was just holding my little half moon shaped rock that I picked up in St. James Park the last time I was in London. Rock and seashells from much loved places are the things I tend to bring home. There is something magical about turning one over and over in my hand, remembering where it once lay.

  8. I adore the found objects of nature. I have been collecting seaglass since I was a young girl. Last summer I went sea-glassing with a dear friend for four days in Maryland... it was the best trip. You have some very special things here-and they do welcome us, don't they?

  9. Wonderful blog!!
    Thanks for following - it led me to your blog.

  10. I collect stones, leaves, things from nature; old documents, white buttons, white shells, white marbles, small wooden spoons, seed pods, brass bells, old spools of thread....oh the list is long! Thanks for the great images.

  11. Dear Jeanne,

    I guess most artists cannot help but be collectors. Sadly my spouse does not share my pleasure so I end up being a secretive collector.

    I love how you have displayed your treasures and I also like the painting.

    Thank you for sharing.

  12. Thanks for following - it led me to your wonderful Blog.
    I'm a collector also...I collect far too many things, but I love it to pick up things from the street. Stones, feathers, washers, bottle caps and similar things, but I am especially drawn to rusty and grungy stuff. I'm always looking at the ground wherever I go, hoping to see something interesting to incorporate in my art work :-)
    Gaby xo

  13. Lovely photos and interesting post because it made me pause and think. I make holiday collages in deep frames from each of our family holidays and besides maps, tickets and postcards I always put in a 3D object representative of the place where we stayed. In that case we tend to collect for the holiday collage and choose what will work later (a small pile of white pebbles from the beach at Durdle Door, a pine cone from the Minnesota holiday).

    We also collect things on our walks and they usually get left by the back door (big sticks are the most popular amongst the kids), but stones that sit along the kitchen window sill are the most common. 'Welcoming; you home is a lovely way to look at these collections!!

  14. A response to my post on Facebook from a dear person i my life...

    "Thank-you you would say " Aaww shucks"... You know me well..I am always collecting bits of nature..shells, rocks ,pine cones, branches,flowers, they remind me of how very lucky we all are to have been given this most beautiful gift of all..nature..Love comes first, but then 2nd to me is nature...( and that too is love..from above) xoxoxo"

  15. I am thrilled to see so many avid collectors out there and the variety of items that we collect. It is just wonderful!!

  16. Hi Jeanne, I am always picking things up. At the coast I am a real beachcomber, shells, driftwood, sea smooth coloured glass, I love putting finds from the beach in glass jars. I have a huge collection of pine cones and when I am abroad I always like to take home an interesting stone or pebble, my garden is full of foreign minerals! When I was in Australia I discovered fire tree pods, which I adore, what is the correct name of the tree? Maybe you or an Antipodean friend can tell me, I would love to know.

    Still no bag, once again fingers crossed, it will arrive at lunchtime, I hope it does, I am dying to do a post about it.

  17. Dear Jeanne:

    I think everything we collect has a bit of us in them.

    I used to collect many things before but have outgrown that trait. Maybe when I move into my own place, I shall start again.

    I loved the pictures.

    Curiously I feel like coming over to your home and seeing it. Must be breath-taking for sure!

    Joy always,

  18. I forgot mention in the post that I secretly stashed my New Zealand collection in a packing box. I could not bare to part with it. It is the first thing I looked for when we unpacked and it went right to the front door! Have collection...will travel :)

  19. Jeanne, could you pop over to mine when you have a mo, I have something for you.

  20. Dear Jeanne,
    I collect anything and everything !! I think that I really need to stop though.
    Our house is late Victorian and, the Victorians and Edwardians had a habit of throwing out things that they didn't want, into the garden and, I have found so many little bits and pieces whilst gardening.I have found little mourning vases, clay pipes, porcelain figures, and pieces of china, ink wells and old glass lemonade bottles. They also used to have areas to dump all of their unwanted and broken things and often, houses were built on these dumps so, many things are unearthed from time to time. I love to think who it was who threw these things out and what they were like.
    I love your collections, Jeanne. They also hold memories of where you were when you picked them up. XXXX

  21. I'm on a perpetual search for treasure when walking in the woods behind our house. And I store it too, in glass jars and wicker baskets.
    Such beautiful images! Thanks for sharing, Jeanne. Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

  22. I can understand the wish to collect nice items, but... I have recently had to clean up my mother's flat (which used to be may parents' flat over some decades) as she moved out. I came to the clear conclusion that it's not a good idea to collect too much! :-)

  23. I am for sure a collector-- big time collector. Love all your collections here. I just posted on my blog and have a picture of your bookbag and a link to one of your blogs there.
    Thank you for sending me the book bag-- love it.

  24. Dear Jeanne
    I seem to collect more than I realise... some years ago I threw out a whole bunch of bits and pieces and I still miss them... I'm apt to pick up rocks and stones that take my fancy... and really any lit odd thing that speaks to me.. I have a little plastic belly dancer and a toy solider that I found in some second hand furniture.. gave the furniture away long ago.. but still have the plastic toys.. just something about protectors!! Have a great weekend.. xxx Julie

  25. What a fabulous idea! I love the thought of a basket or bowl of collected and loved things welcoming me home. I'll try this! You have a beautiful blog. So happy I came to visit you today!


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