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L.L. Bean Man
Once upon a time...a dear friend told my about "this guy" who she called the "L.L. Bean Man" because he never seemed to wear anything else but L.L. Bean attire. He was the good friend of her boyfriend at the time and she thought we might get along. We eventually met one snowy Super Bowl Sunday in Manhattan. That was over 30 years ago and today I am happily married to the L.L. Bean Man.

For those of you unfamiliar with L.L. Bean, it is an American retail company specializing in clothing and outdoor recreation equipment based in Freeport, Maine.  You can read all about it here.

If you live in New England chances are you will have at least one item from L.L. Bean. If you happen be be a member of our family you will have lost count of how many items in our house are from L.L. Bean. This is what happens when you marry the L.L. Bean Man.

Before you know become the L.L. Bean Woman.

Ok...yes, I will qualify this with a simple truth.
In winter, I love TARTAN as much as I love TAHILLA.
Put them together and we have a whole lotta love going on.

This has to be my favourite winter shirt ever. 
I am sure my kids have wondered on more than one occasion 
if I will ever wear anything else. 
This is a seriously comfy shirt...I just love it.

Prince Charles fav

Can one carry the Tartan too far?
I think not!

I can not promise you will win style awards
in the following ensemble but you sure will
be comfy.

If you slip these pajamas on,
you may never want to part with them,
especially on Christmas morning.

Tartan Flannel Pajama Set 
in Royal Stewart


I love the feel of this's incredibly soft
and generous in size.

Tartan Flannel Sherpa-Lined Robe
in Royal Stewart

Pop on these slippers and you are good to go!
I even recommend them for
 a bit of light snow shovelling.

Women's Wicked Good Moccasins
in Chocolate Brown

Excessive? Possibly?
Do I care? No!

Heritage Chamois Flannel Sheet Set
in Macbeth...dreamy

Tartan aside...

Mr. H stocked up on the Extra-Large
Boat and Tote Bag.
It is the perfect size for everything...
travel, grocery shopping,
laundry, storage...
you name it, we use it.

It took six month in the making
and it was worth the wait for a pair of
Women's Bean Boot, 10" Shearling-Lined

We purchased two of these coats for the winter guests...
there is always a traveller from the Southern Hemisphere
who never fully appreciates a New England winter.

Original Field Coat with PrimaLoft Liner



You can stack it here...
 Wood Storage Rack

Carry it with this..
Dura Tough Standing Log Carrier

and store it here.
Waxed Canvas Storage Tote

Bit mad for the tartan yourself?
Check these out!

Personalized Dog Bone Pillow, Plaid

That's a whole lotta L.L. Bean love there!
Have I missed anything?
Do you have a L.L. Bean tried and true?
Would love to know.

Happy Browsing!

Jeanne xx

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Product shots via L.L. Bean


  1. So nice how you are making guests cozy. And that the long ago moniker, "L.L. Bean Man," is coming true.

  2. Great post laughing all the way read. Married 30 years, and you both look in your thirties.

    The L.L.Bean turtlenecks are thee best in the World! I keep one L.L.Bean as others go into the rag bin. I think its 20 +/- years old, and looks nearly new. This year I think a couple more L.L.Bean turtlenecks are a good idea because I have the feeling this winter is either going to be a cold.

  3. I do not think I DO!
    I do LOVE THE TARTAN as I am from SCOTTISH descent.
    THAT will put a SMILE on my FACE.............I ADORE HIM for THAT paint job!You know which ONE!

  4. My stepfather loved L.L.Bean! I always bought him shirts from Bean and his eyes would light up when he saw the collar label. I always teased him and told him I could buy him a pooper scooper from L.L. Bean and he'd love it! Their chamois shirts are wonderful.

  5. Enjoyed your story about meeting & marrying the LL Bean man. I love the rugged, rustic style of the company's products. I love their winter catalogs! (And you got the model!)
    Always visited the outlet store in Conway when traveling from VT to son in college in Portland, ME. He graduated a while ago so our trips are now few & far between. I still have my "seconds" boat totes (with funky rejected monograms) that I use as school book bags & my "seconds" backpack for nearly 20 years now. I wash them once a year and they're good to go.
    The Wicked Good (lined) Slippers are on my wish list for December, just in case anyone asks...

  6. Love their products - just need a country place to really stock up and trudge through the muddy fields etc. haha!

  7. You have several of our family's favorites on there! I would only add the Georgia fatwood firestarter wood. We would buy a bag every fall and use it up by Spring. (These days our fireplace starts with a remote control, LOL)

  8. I LOVE Tartan and could not agree with you more you can NEVER have too much. In fact I have a tartan guest room,

    I have that shirt, and those Pj's now I need the robe!

    I would like to see you in your tartan ensemble!

    Hope that you are having fun in Sydney!

    xx Elizabeth

  9. My husband would ask if there's anywhere else but L.L. Bean when it comes to shopping. Most everything he wears bears that label.

  10. The Pyjama looks really comfortable. I can't wait to wear my flannel and fleece pyjamas if autumn and winter ever decide to make it our way. It was cooler in September than it is now.

  11. You are a loyal fan. The outfits are certainly very nice & comfortable.

  12. Hello Jeanne,

    I love this post and LL Bean. It was a favourite of ours for many years when we had a weekend farm in Ontario. The housecoats, pyjamas, sheets and shirts kept us warm in our old farmhouse.
    I think it was Royal Steward pattern we favoured. It was my late father in laws regiment tartan too.

    Your LL Bean man is a beautiful model. Move over Nacho Figueras and make way for Mr H.

    Helen xx

  13. I am LOVING my black watch plaid lined flannel shirt with hood. Perfect for a chilly house!

  14. Oh Jeanne, loving all of the new photos of you! And excited for this next exciting move to Hong Kong!
    We are 30 minutes to the LL Bean flagship store in Freeport and I live in that same shirt... among their other plaid flannels, in the winter. Just ordered Bean boots for the whole family for Christmas and we love the sheets during colder months. Our house is filled with Bean essentials for Maine winters!
    Enjoy your Christmas holidays in NH- it will be fabulous. When are you back? xxx 🌲❄️⛄️


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