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UPDATE! Tahilla Gatherings: Women's Impact Mastermind

UPDATE: We are putting a pause on the upcoming April Tahilla Gathering/Women's Impact Mastermind event to keep everyone safe and healthy from COVID-19. We will be back at a future date. Rebecca is taking the event online so please do contact her here: Women's Impact Mastermind


It's been mighty busy over at Tahilla Farm these days as Mr. and Mrs. H get into their new groove. I sent Mr. H off to run errands this morning so I could get into my "Tahilla Gatherings" space and tell you all about an event I am SUPER excited about.
On April 17, 2020, I will host a one-day event with Rebecca Moore of Women's Impact Mastermindthe start of a three-month program focusing on mastering your business goals. This is a tried and true initiative for me having participated in the same program in 2019.  
I am thrilled to collaborate with Rebecca on this small, private Tahilla Gatherings event.  She will limit participation to ten people to allow for intensive…

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