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Transformational Journeys and The Retirement Project

Happy New Year...all aboard for the journey?
How good do we feel about our personal goals for 2020? Did you set New Year's resolutions? I skipped it this year. I know in my heart and soul what I need to do and will be guided by its rhythm. How simple is that! I feel inspired by everything and everyone these days, even Winston Churchill, Gertrude Bell and TE Lawrence-Lawrence of Arabia and the dream of traveling to Egypt.

It's the journey, even the unusual ones that can have a life changing impact. My blogging friend, who I think of as "Joan of Antarctica", because she loves it so, told me about this unusual travel companyR. Crusoe & Son. She said it was one to watch for when the time is right and with Mr. H newly "retired" we may be close to it, even though we are geographically, continents apart. Mr. H has his eye onRwanda's Mountain Gorillas and I am thinking Scandinavia and the Baltic Nations aboard the Silver Spirit.Time will tell...

A Transforma…

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