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Friendship, Fellowship and update on the Book Club Retreat

"I love the thought of "The Gathering",  "Cuairt" in Gaelic means "heartfelt visit full of warmth" Helen Tilston

I promised myself I would not write this blog post until I responded to each and every one of you following my last blog post.  I did it! At least I hope I did! Let me know if I missed you!

Book Club Retreat..
To refresh memories, I was asked by a reader what I thought about an idea to host a Book Club Retreat at Tahilla Farm. I threw out the idea to readers on my last blog post with a list of possible themes and asked you to pick your top five. What a surprise!

So many of you kindly wrote what ranks high on your list as a retreat interest. I am touched beyond words that so many of you feel a kinship with this property and would enjoy the opportunity to share in something special.

I asked for your top five interests (from my list) and got it...and then some.

Walking  Reading Photography Books  A tie between 
A few for …

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