August 25, 2014

Making friends…extraordinary ones

If you have been following my Tahilla Farm days at Collage of Life you will know that I have a fondness for naming animals. I feel a kinship to some animals and often bestow a name, the first name that comes to mind. We have "Priscilla" the Porcupine and her baby "Pia", two turkeys…"Thelma and Louise" and have recently brought two others into the fold, one I call "Stupid"  and the other one…"Harold".

August 20, 2014

If you live in New England…..and love gardens

Juniper Hill Farm, New Hampshire
Photo: Joe Valentine

If you live in New England
and love gardens...
there is something pretty special 
happening in our corner of the world.
I think you will love it!

 2014 Open Day Program for the 
is finally here.

August 12, 2014

In the woods…the light of being

I caught it the way you do when you reach out to catch the string of a balloon before it escapes your grasp and you give yourself a high five for still being quick enough to catch it.  I caught that corner of my mind that gets clouded with words, ideas and emotions, the corner that you sometimes need to retreat to when life gets topsy turvy…and it all happened in the woods at The MacDowell Colony on Sunday.

August 9, 2014

The other woman..a happy dilemma

A Family Affair!
Our eldest son, Patrick, called us earlier this week from Australia to announce wonderful news. He proposed to his girlfriend, a gorgeous Aussie girl, Cherie, and she said yes! They have been dating for a while and I had a feeling it was only a matter of when. The when is now. We are thrilled for them both and share in the excitement for a 2015 wedding in Canberra, Australia.

My son, Patrick, and his bride-to-be, Cherie 

But..dear readers, well, I have a bit of a dilemma. I wonder if I should tell Cherie about the other woman in his life, the one that he adoringly sent a love letter too at the tender age of seven? That's right…he sent it and I saved a copy, because..some mothers do things like that and I am one of them. When a boy has a dream..well you just have to do what you have to do.  Carrie has now been replaced by there you have it, a match made in heaven! I just hope she knows what she is getting into…as he still loves Star Wars and she may see a Princess Leah costume in her future. AHH... love….I have no doubt that they will have a wonderful and adventurous life together. :)

More news from Tahilla….

I count my days at Tahilla Farm by the number of moons I get to sleep under. I am three moons down with one moon to go before flying back to Vietnam. In fact, on the full moon in September, I will be in transit and Tahilla Farm will officially be under construction. Am I nervous? Yes and No. There is still SO MUCH TO DO…

July full moon and counting...

Mr. H flew back to Vietnam this morning, having to reduce his three week visit into one week. He told me not to stress out too much before flying off. I have been here before. Moving is never easy, whether it is country to country or in this case, house to barn and storage facility…especially when you are tackling it on your own and easily distracted by rainbows.

Rainbow passing over the barn at Tahilla Farm this week.

The house needs to be cleared out, every inch of it, but we won't talk about that now…because if I do, I will start to hyperventilate and I do not like to hyperventilate when I am writing. Always tricky blowing into a bag and typing at the same time. ;)

This Virgo has a plan and I know it will work…I have a month, right? Worst case, I can pull out my Princess Leah costume (if I can still fit into it) whip out my lightsaber and call on the powers that be to help me…or I can retreat to our hammock and think about it tomorrow.


PS..if you wonder where Jeanne has gone 
and who this strange woman is that is writing this post,
I promise she will return one day soon…she is still thinking and wondering...
if she could still get her hair into the braids needed for the Princess Leah costume.
Always a dilemma!

Best wishes for a lovely weekend!

Jeanne xx