Making friends…extraordinary ones

If you have been following my Tahilla Farm days at Collage of Life you will know that I have a fondness for naming animals. I feel a kinship to some animals and often bestow a name, the first name that comes to mind. We have "Priscilla" the Porcupine and her baby "Pia", two turkeys…"Thelma and Louise" and have recently brought two others into the fold, one I call "Stupid"  and the other one…"Harold".

Let me tell you about "Stupid"…the woodchuck. I call him "Stupid" because that is what I call myself every time I see another plant in my garden chewed to bits. "Stupid" because I had a heart and did not call Mr. Critterman to  trap him and move him onto yonder pastures as I have done with others. "Stupid" because I gave him a second chance and a third chance and he knows it…and he flaunts it as if to say…"You silly woman…don't you know that is what people do in these parts?" "Serves you right and I am going to chew all your lettuce leaves just to prove it." BTW…" If you think you will ever be able to catch me…forget about it!".."Stupid"

I really should have wised up when "Stupids" family went to work on creating a tunnel under our granite steps last summer and managed to create a sinkhole in the process. We trapped several woodchucks and moved them on…except we were never able to catch mother woodchuck. I have to be honest..the use of smoke bombs has crossed my mind. You think crazy thoughts when you start to call yourself and a woodchuck…"Stupid". ;)

But..then another friend came along and gave me faith, 
a hawk who glides effortlessly, weaving in and out of the trees around Tahilla Farm. 
He is truly special and I think he deserves a name he can be proud of.
I call him "Harold".

Because…I think he looks like a "Harold". I thought of "Harry" (Hawk)…but
he really feels like a "Harold" to me. What do you think?

He just has that way about him.

Some might say that when one gets around to naming the animals 
on her property it is time to move on. 
That will come soon enough… 
but in the meantime…I am just going to enjoy them all. 

They are a delight….even "Stupid".

Extraordinary friends in and around our home, Tahilla Farm,  in New Hamphsire.

But then again….
I have a few friends waiting back in Vietnam..
of the more colourful variety… here.

Extraordinary friends waiting for me at our home, Chateau Mango, in Vietnam.

Best wishes to one and all for a wonderful week.
I hope it is filled with extraordinary surprises.

Jeanne xx


  1. Beautiful posting as always.

  2. Thank goodness for your kind heart, Jeanne. I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

  3. I also think Harold looks like a Harold. Hawks are a treat to have around if they get after mic well. Squirrels aren't a treat to see flying by the window. The name Stupid, on the other hand, I'm not so sure. I think with my vocabulary, Mother might often be muttered (when nobody's around).
    Who could resist naming such a fashionable lizard.
    Wonderful post. Thank you

  4. Love this post and I never tire of reading about Tahilla! xoxo

  5. Hi Jeanne, I have had problems with voles, the little mouse-like creatures that come along and use the tunnels that moles build. I give them credit for being opportunists, but while moles eat grubs and worms, voles are vegetarians and eat plant roots. Trying to get rid of digging animals gives me a whole new appreciation for Bill Murray's character in Caddy Shack. I will tell you, the ONLY thing that I have had luck with (and I have tried everything) is castor oil. They raise their eyebrows at the drugstore when I buy 5 bottles, but digging animals hate the stuff and it doesn't hurt them. It just makes them go elsewhere. I mix a small bottle with a few drops of dish detergent (as a surfactant) and water and spay it all around the house and through the beds. I also built a 10ft. high perch for hawks in the garden. They use it, and it works like a dream. xo, N.

  6. Oh what a mess especially the granite steps, but the beautiful hawk makes it all seem better…gorgeous images, as always!

  7. I love your hawk! When hawks are overhead and calling out as they teach their young the tricks of their flying machine, well I just get lost in the view. Now the digging creatures...the hint from "theladyslife" is wonderful! and I am going to use it in the one area where I have some challenges with digging folks. Tahilla Farm stories and photos always bring me so much delight. Kristin

  8. You have an ideal eco-farm with the its study of life cycle and your kindness and generosity make it happen.
    Do you remember the book The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden?

  9. What a wonderful post. We have beautiful hawks here in Texas and I never tire of watching their majesty. A few live here year round; but others migrate here in the winter. They tend to come back to the same place, and for the past two winters we have had an extremely large, regal red-tail residing with us. I look forward to his return this year. If, in fact, he does return, I may just have to name him.

  10. Hello Jeanne

    I love all the names you have chosen and they are all fitting. "Stupid" is a wise one and has you around his little paw. It seems like there is never a dull moment at Tahilla Farm

    Continued joy

    Helen x

  11. HAROLD is perfect!How lucky you are to have these creatures in your LIFE!How fun I just did a POST on my animals too!A bit different then yours but still OUR ANIMALS!!


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