Breathing life into Chateau Mango...

Taking to the streets around Saigon is like going on one fantastic adventure. In and our of markets, museums and shops...sometimes knowing where you are going and most times not. What surprises me is the depth, colours, designs and life that I see and feel in Vietnamese art and furniture. We are definitely a product of our environment. When living in Australia we collected Australian Aboriginal art, when in New Zealand we collected indigenous Maori art and locally made, crafted furniture...onto England and we were in and out of vintage shops..looking for the quirky and unusual. Our house in Vietnam is starting to take on a museum like appearance, soon it will be similar to the photos below. I can not say there is anything of outstanding value in our home...but the memories in and each and every piece are worth their weight in gold. While in Vietnam we are absorbing everything around us and breathing life into Chateau Mango. Our four children will one day have it between them. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will treasure it all as much as we do.

If you were with me recently, we would have been in and out of these shops, discovering...

The chair above has been spruced up, polished and is now sitting
in our for the others...tomorrow is another day.

How about you?
See anything that catches your eye?
Do you like kicking about shops like this?
Find anything fun recently?
Would love to know!

Many many thanks to all for 
your interest in my trip to Burma/Myanmar.
I have been very fastidious with my photos,
taking care to name every pagoda, temple and artifact.
I must be mad!
I have travel tips and photos to share..
they will be coming along soon.

I received a note today that one of my postcards had arrived.
I am so excited...if you had asked for one please be
sure to let me know when it arrives. I just love it when they do!

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