April 30, 2010

Poetry of Home

Friday morning
a file of torn pages
no rhyme or reason
from lots of magazines over the years
memories of New England

A peaceful morning
filling a basket with hydrangeas...

smell of fresh cut grass
rocking chair and ice tea waiting...

A busy mud room
excited voices ready to play....

Nantucket nautical breakfast room
coffee brewing on the stove...

looking out to sea
   listening to music....

made in New England
     relaxing with a good book.....

an artists corner
adding another thought or two...

the end of the day
chamomile tea and Robert Frost...

Can I just say that I am in this peaceful mode because my lovely children have been away for three days on school trips. One to France and the other to Spain. I have been galavanting around London for the past two days without a care in the world. Each morning I passed the dishes, the laundry pile, the beds and pranced out the door to catch the train, as giddy as a school girl. Managed two museum exhibits , lots of breaks in cafes and a dinner in town with Mr. H.  It was a vacation in itself.  I am taking the day to have a 'domestic' and am ready to tackle the mess. Well, sort of, does blogging count as work???
Can't wait to see the kids and hear about their adventures. I saw the images above and thought of the heart of a home and the simple things we do that bring so much joy.
Ok..off to work!

Best wishes for a wonderful, wonderful and fabulous weekend :)


I will do my best here, they are from all over....
Image 1-3 Remodeling Ideas Magazine June/July 2003
Image 4-8 Elle Decor, assorted issues

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April 28, 2010

Leading Lady: Charlotte Rampling

I am fascinated by the many faces of  Charlotte Rampling. I see her in movies every now and again and most recently in a french film, 'Twice Upon a Time' (Desaccord parfait). I was struck by her grace and style. 
Charlotte was born in England and educated in France and England. She lives in Paris and is just as stunning today as she was at the start of her career in 1965. There have been many films with 'Gregory Girl' being her first big break into the industry. She plays bold and meaningful characters. I would say she is illusive and mysterious as well. You get the sense that this is one woman you would not want to 'mess with'. 
In 2002 she returned to her first love, singing and produced 'Comme Une Femme'.  Since then she has been in theatre production's in London and Paris. If my calculations are correct she is 64 years of age and I imagine we will continue to see this lovely leading lady in film and theatre for many years to come. At least, I hope so!
As you can see, there have been many faces to Charlotte Rampling over the years, all beautiful and mysterious. 

Images and references from www.charlotterampling.net

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Collage of Life~one woman's view
In One Place~thinking about a creative life
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April 27, 2010

10th photo: Perfect Moment

 The lovely Julie @ Being Ruby has tagged me to post my 10th photo and this is it...

It was October 2007 and Mr. H and I were on the little island
 of Rangiroa celebrating our 50th birthdays and our 20th wedding anniversary. 
He was close by on a lounge fully engrossed in one of his many books. 
That may be why I entertained myself by taking a picture of my reflection!  
At this point in time, the word 'blog' had not even registered on the radar screen (for me). 
When I started it, I knew this image would have to find it's way in someway.
It was a perfect moment and one I will always remember.
Original post:
'I am posting this just for the fun of it. I was in Rangiroa, French Polynesia.  I had all the essentials with me that day....my camera, my ipod with my favourite song by Nina Simone 'My Baby Just Cares For Me' playing in the background, my journal, books, magazines and and a beautiful sunny day behind me. What do you do at a time like this, when you just don't want to move? You take advantage of the situation. Feet up... camera poised at the glass window in front of me and voila...you have a picture.....it was a moment in time and it was perfect!' 
I did manage to get around to taking photos of things other than myself! 

We went to Rangiroa and Bora Bora French Polynesia on that trip. 

Now....I must pass this on to six others.
The person being tagged must post the 10th photo 
that they personally took and posted on their blog.
Have fun!

PS...if you have already been tagged for your 10th photo,
try your 1st in it's place :)

All images above taken by me
Music track: Amazon

My Baby Just Cares For Me
Album Only

Blogs by Jeanne
Collage of Life~one woman's view
In One Place~thinking about a creative life
Finding My Waydiscovering England
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April 25, 2010

Paris Apartments

My lovely Aussie friend, Alinta, is planning a few weeks holiday in Paris and has asked if I could suggest areas and apartments that she could look into. My first thought was of all the well read, well travelled bloggers I have met these past few months! With all our international connections I thought someone might have a lead or two. I have had a quick glimpse on Google and am quickly approaching apartment envy! A little Parisian Pieds-de-terre. Who wouldn't?  I have a few sites in mind to pass along but wondered if anyone had anything extra special they could recommend?  Many Thanks :) :)

Pledge to Serve- Anzac Day

Remembering all those brave men and women who 
stepped forth so valiantly to protect country and home. 
Past, present and future, how fortunate are we 
that they take the pledge to serve their country.

More than 3000 Australian Defence Force 
members are deployed around the world today.
Our prayers are with them as well.

My son, Patrick, is a third year cadet at the 
Australian Defence Force Academy.
He was one of the many who 
marched in commemoration of Anzac Day.
He hopes to make the Army his career.
I am proud of him for making that choice.

To read the latest news on Anzac Day coverage
from the Australian Government
Department of Defence

April 24, 2010

Signed by Ange

A few weeks ago I spotted this lovely antique crucifix 
on Signed by Ange's Blog and knew that I had to have it. 
I love everything that Ange does 
but this just spoke to me. 

Antique Crucifix with Shell Font
'For the good, the world is good'

If you have not met Ange, be sure to stop by and say hello. She is a wonderfully gifted artist and writer and I am delighted to have her as my blogging friend. She has recently established a website, Signed by Ange which I have to say is fantastic! Trust me, it is worth a visit!

Her package arrived and we were so so excited....it was more than I ever imagined.
She has hand painted the words 'For the good, the world is good' in french at the center of the crucifix.
To add to this she included several keepsakes; a handwritten note with a yellow flower, a collection of sea shells, a mother and child ornament and an invite for a diner a la maison to which I say 'with pleasure'. I also received a scrabble letter 'j' for my name and two french words 'veut/veux' meaning 'want'.

This sweet cross and the trinkets that followed will be favourite keepsakes for many years to come.
 I have a special place in mind for this cross but need to travel to another continent before I can finally say it is 'home'. When I do, Ange will be the first to know!

Thank you Ange!

April 23, 2010

A Walk in our English Garden

I would be delighted if you would join me in a stroll around our garden. 
I wish I could tell you the names of all these plants. 
We are renting this house during our time in England. 
It will someday be a fond memory for us.
In the meantime,
each day is a new discovery for me. 

From our back yard...a view
and a little friend enjoying a sunny spot close by.

I look upon this tree from our kitchen window.
It was just as lovely glistening with snow just a few short months ago.

Early signs of spring and this tree to the right...anyone know what it is??

Heavy in flower...soon to drop.

Our little path to a gazebo...and elegant pink petals.

White flowers at dusk are a favourite.
Along our house is a secret door...when opened it leads to the woods.

This afternoon it treated me to my first sighting of bluebells.

Looking up.....a welcoming sight, 
a plane on it's way to a destination unknown 
with the moon slowly making it's way 
for the night sky.

Thank you for joining me!
Best wishes for a wonderful weekend.