A Walk in our English Garden

I would be delighted if you would join me in a stroll around our garden. 
I wish I could tell you the names of all these plants. 
We are renting this house during our time in England. 
It will someday be a fond memory for us.
In the meantime,
each day is a new discovery for me. 

From our back yard...a view
and a little friend enjoying a sunny spot close by.

I look upon this tree from our kitchen window.
It was just as lovely glistening with snow just a few short months ago.

Early signs of spring and this tree to the right...anyone know what it is??

Heavy in flower...soon to drop.

Our little path to a gazebo...and elegant pink petals.

White flowers at dusk are a favourite.
Along our house is a secret door...when opened it leads to the woods.

This afternoon it treated me to my first sighting of bluebells.

Looking up.....a welcoming sight, 
a plane on it's way to a destination unknown 
with the moon slowly making it's way 
for the night sky.

Thank you for joining me!
Best wishes for a wonderful weekend.




  1. Well you sure found a gorgeous yard with your rental. I am in love with that path! Its rainy here today! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Gorgeous photos Jeanne! I love your garden... lucky girl! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Bonjour Jeanne,
    Lovely garden, how lucky you are. And glad to ready your Mr. Home is finally home safe and sound!
    Enjoy your weekend together!

  4. May I please join you at that wonderful outdoor dining spot-a little wine and just a bit of dark chocolate. It's really lovely Jeanne- thank you for the gorgeous tour.

  5. What a stunning garden you've managed to find. The flowers and you photographing of them are wonderful. Makes my poor little townhouse courtyard hang its head in shame. Note to self: plant bulbs!! Hope you have a lovely weekend Jeanne

  6. Hi Jeanne - just replied to your comment on my Sotheby's post over on the post. These are lovely photos - what a lovely rental home you have! The pink flowers look like magnolia blossom - I think the tree on the right is some kind of weeping willow but I am no expert. The daffodils are lovely, so diverse, and the tulip too. I can't believe you have bluebells, ours aren't near flowering yet. Love the plane shot - we had a hot air balloon over our town last Sunday!

  7. Oh Jeanne, what a lovely place. Enjoy the weekend, darling.

  8. You have a beautiful garden, thank you for the tour! How lovely to have an outdoor space that one can relax in and enjoy. We have almost an acre and it sits patiently waiting for us--mostly empty except for a few trees. Exciting to have a blank slate, but almost daunting as well!

  9. Hi Jeanne, it looks delightful and very well kept! I quite like seeing planes the sky again - the quietness from the time where there were none was nice, but slightly surreal. The world must travel...

    Great weather we are having hey? LB x

  10. Wonderful photos Jeanne. The name of the tree (to the right) is a magnolia. One of my favourite. We planted white with our new garden's landscape. I can't wait to get to London. I am looking at next year when HSC is over. XXX

  11. Hi Jeanne, So glad that you are enjoying your garden.

    The tree does look like some kind of willow, I can't make out the leaves, they look a bit spiky, is it an evergreen? if it is it could be the conifer, Tsuga (Hemlock).

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  12. What a beautiful garden Jeanne! Tank you for sharing it with us! xx

  13. Dear Jeanne,
    I thoroughly enjoyed my stroll around your garden. Such a lovely garden too. As everyone before me has said, the pink flower is Magnolia but, I can't make out what the weeping tree is. I love the garden table and chairs as well.
    I think that, from Mimi @ Bonjour Romance said, my husband has gone to your house. I wondered where he was !! haha.
    It's great to see the planes flying again. Our daughter is due home next friday so I hope that she has a good journey home.
    Enjoy the beautiful weather that we are going to have this weekend. XXXX

  14. YOur garden reminds me a little of my own.. One that once there you never need to leave. So pleased that Mr H is home. Nothing better than sharing a garden with the one you love is there. Raising my glass to you Jeanne - Great champagne, great garden ... great life!

  15. A beautiful English Country garden. We share a similar view, and right now it is so blissful just to wander around looking at what is popping up everywhere...

  16. Is there anything lovelier than an Englsh garden? So enjoyed this little wander around with you! Hope you had a lovely weekend. Leigh


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