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I woke up this morning and looked at my bedside table and thought...this is it. 
My few days exploring the English Lakes District. 
All wonderful, all magical and so much to take in. 
While I do that I just want to thank the kindred spirits 
who commented on my 'Blog Talk' post. 
I am going to take the time to read and absorb. 
As you can see from the photo above it is something I enjoy doing. 
More to follow, in the meantime, hope you all are having a lovely weekend!
Jeanne :)

PS...the red wallet is my iphone case...never far away!


  1. Lucky you, that's a lot of serene nostalgia you have lined up there! I've really enjoyed the comments on that last post of yours - very enlightening.

  2. The perfect bedside table I think!

  3. Hi Jeanne
    Looks like your having a wonderful time.. and getting away from the madness of life sounds good to me.... Can't wait to see what gorgeous photos you will have in store for us.. I know they'll be sensational ... Enjoy!!! xxx Julie

  4. Hi Jeanne, so glad to hear your having a fabulous time and going by your bedside table you are picking up lots of lovely goodies on the way, like Julie I am looking forward to seeing the photos.

    If you get a chance don't forget to check out Sharrow Bay.

  5. Jeanne hope you are having a wonderful time in the Lake District... have enjoyed reading the previous comments to your last post about blogging etiquette too... very interesting - I am going to ponder and think about that too... x

  6. Well Jeanne, they will take you an hour or so to get through ...haha !! I'm sure that that little collection are just the tip of the iceberg !
    Hope that you really enjoyed the Lakes and I look forward to hearing all about your trip. We are off to Edinburgh on wednesday for 3 gays so, I expect a few books will wing thier way home with us !
    Have a lovely new week. XXXX

  7. Welcome back! Looks like you have some serious reading to catch up on!

    Have fun and best wishes,

  8. Love your little glimpses of your bedside table. You once told us in a post that it was a look at what was happening in your day. Hope you're having a wonderful time!

  9. Goodness! The time just flew by. Looks like you have your work cut out for you with all that lovely reading. I for one am pleased you're checking in ... Just feeling a bit disorientated about dates. I'm sure you only left yesterday!

  10. Dear Jeanne - looks as if you collected quite a bit of reading material on your trip - hope you had a wonderful time enjoying the beauty of the Lake District...you obviously managed to cover quite a bit and it looks as if you got to all 'the' places of interest. Look forward to hearing more about it! Best wishes x

  11. At the risk of sounding "clingy" --come home already... your computer keypad misses you and so do we! :)

  12. Oohwww, this picture feels like heaven to me!! :-)


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