Country Girl

Are you a country girl at heart? 
Country Living magazine put together 
this wonderful feature and I could not resist sharing. 
For those of you who, like me, love your denim and linen....
we can pull it all together with 'painterly colours'. 
In keeping with the lovely Iris Apfel in my earlier post, 
just add bold and distinctive accessories 
for that special touch that is all about you.

Hope the sun is shining wherever you are!

Images via Country Living magazine


  1. Jeanne, You will pleased to hear that the sun is shining here, and these lovely images have reminded me that I need to purchase some wide legged linen trousers a.s.a.p.

  2. Awesome Jeanne.. loved every other pi in this post.. And yeah the Sun is shining here big time... :)

  3. Love these looks... comfortable and yet chic too... just lovely! x

  4. The sun has finally come out, and soon it will be warm enough for my to pull out my light blue sweater and linen pants! Loved your picks. Happy Spring!

  5. I adore this magazine.
    I always want to buy a pig when I read it.
    Or, perhaps a sheep. Or two.

  6. Love that magazine! I love how classic but comfy it looks like! I want a teal door with all those flowers growing around it, beautiful!

  7. Hi Jeanne
    Well I haven't seen that magazine over here for ages... but could be me not looking in the right places...

    i love this casual comfortable style....not to mention the beautiful garden backdrops... I suspect these days i could definitely be a country girl at heart... Have a great weekend.. and Easter...

    Oh by the way.. we are having that perfect Easter weather.... crisp air with warm sun.... the last hurray!!! xxx Julie

  8. Lovely pictures Jeanne, I'm like you, I find it easier to dress for winter but these outfits look really wearable.
    Have a great easter weekend, en famille I'm sure.

  9. Dear Jeanne,
    Country Living is always a good source for clothes, isn't it ? I found a pair of red satin shoes from Brora and they often feature Toast. I think that you are a British countery girl at heart!! Time to get the credit card out, I think !!!!
    Have a wonderful Easter, Jeanne. XXXX


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