Discovering Angkor Wat...Cambodia

We had 24 hours last weekend in Siem Reap, Cambodia,
 give or take a few.

Our objective was to participate in the 
We had a few choices.
I was asked if I was going to run in the 21K marathon?...ah, no.
The 10K marathon?...ah, no...but Mr. H did.
The 3K Family Fun walk?...ah, yes. 
It's a long story, involving a sore foot...but more importantly, 
the race was in aid of children and the disabled in Cambodia...
a very worthy cause. :)

My son and I took a half day tour of Angkor Wat, 
a World Heritage site and the largest Hindu temple complex in the world. 
It was a sight to behold and most definitely requires another visit.

In between your Christmas shopping, 
decorating and I hope a latte break..
here a few shots to hopefully inspire you to visit.

My favourite photo, 
was the moment this Buddhist monk walked into my shot.
Talk about timing...

Photographing Angkor Wat is a challenge. Stone is stone and to make the most of it
you need the right light. I was off by a few hours. Take note...if you are planning to 
visit..I would recommend taking in sunrise over Angkor Wat, 
I hear it is magnificent and perfect lighting for photographs.

We started at 8:00am and finished at noon.
The sun started to cast heavy shadows..which
worked in some shots and not in others.

Photography aside, it is hard not to be in awe of this magnificent structure.
I hope to one day spend time taking a closer look...binoculars preferred.
Siam Reap is only an hours flight from Ho Chi Minh City...
so I am counting on a next time.

I had to laugh when the umbrella worked it's way into my photo. 
There were more tourists than you could possibly imagine...bus loads. 
Another challenge when you are looking for quiet, reflective shots.
I hope to return when the tourists are few...
the rainy season should just about do it for me.
They say it is lush and peaceful...with very few tourists.
Sounds perfect to me.

Yes, I admit, I did add a filter to my camera lens on this one (below) a treat in the
sun but is problematic when you forget to take it off when shooting indoors.

Through the crowds, I zoomed in on this Cambodian beauty. A 200mm zoom lens
was perfect for this location. I use it like binoculars, looking closely and then
snapping images I like.

With a cheeky glint in his eyes
he toppled over backwards into the water, much to the delight
of the tourists milling about.

I hope I peaked a little interest in Angkor Wat. 
If I can answer any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

In the meantime, 
from my home to yours...wishing you all the
best as you prepare for the holiday season.

Race morning...bright and early, sunrise over Angkor Wat.


  1. Beautiful photos Jeanne! My favorite is the many handed statue with the orange umbrella-like structure on top. I love the angle and composition! I'll show these photos to Riley...he's just waking up.

    1. So happy to know that Riley is studying Cambodia and that he will enjoy the photos. Are you planning to travel there soon..or will you hold on for a blogger's tour? :)

  2. Glorious photos Jeanne, oh the detail on the costume, the stone carvings...fabulous Jeanne. And what a wonderful venue for a very worthy cause, hope your foot recovers soon.

    1. Many thanks was definitely a marathon for the memory books! :)

  3. The trip to Ankgor Wat was one which I enjoyed most during our tour in Cambodia and Vietnam. It is magical!

  4. Oh my goodness Jeanne ....... what a completely different and most beautiful life you are leading. I can see that you are embracing every nook and cranny and, that photograph where the Buddhist monk walked into your shot is just amazing. His orange robe is such a contrast to the stones of the Temple as is the one with the beautiful turquoise umbrella/parasol !
    Sorry to have been absent lately ...... I can't seem to get into the commenting with this new computer as I did with my old one ......still getting used to it I guess. I hope to do better in 2013 but, I haven't forgotten you and think of you often. XXXX

    1. Jackie...always so lovely to hear from you. I have been remiss as well with my comments...I blame airwaves in Vietnam and the powers that be. Slowly but surely it all comes together...and it is always wonderful to hear from old friends..Thank you so much for stopping by. I think of you often too..xx

  5. Bonjour Jeanne. The trip I took with you to Ankgor Wat this morning was a very welcome break from the very busy [American] Holiday season. In many homes, halls - and every other section of the house - are being decked; Christmas shopping is underway; cards are being sent to friends and relatives. Ah, the big Christmas extravaganza. How peaceful, and serene the people in your photos look in comparison. That little boy, in particular, with his handsome face. I wonder if he, too, will be spoiled with many presents like the children in our part of the world (I think I know the answer to that.) But you remembered this season this about giving too: Félicitations, for taking part in that fund raiser even though you were not feeling 100%. Take care, Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. Many thanks Veronique for stopping by. I know how busy it all can be..especially in the is like no other when it comes to Christmas. wishes! :)

  6. Jeanne - your photos are truly spectacular! I SO envy your expat lifestyle!! xoxox

    1. Thank you Sandy..but I have a little secret..I so envy yours! We lived in Greenwich, CT for many years and I travel back frequently. We had a wonderful house close to town. In all our years, in all our travels...Christmas has never been as special as it was in our grey house, near the church...where the church bells rang. In the evenings, when it snowed, I would sit by my son's window in the wee hours of the night just to watch the snow gently pass the bell tower of the was magical. :)

  7. Oh Jeanne, the memories you are making!
    Such exquisite photographs that reveal your rapier eye once again.
    Always a treasure to see.

  8. Thank you Pamela..we will have to get you there one day. Imagine the stories you could write...Edward would be so proud. :)

  9. Gorgeous shots Jeanne... when I come... you must add Angkor Wat to our tour...;)
    Wouldn't that be fun!

  10. Oh hooray! How happy I am that you made it to Siem Reap even if only for a short time, for I know that you will have to go back! Remi and I were lucky enough to spend ten days there on assignment for Grands Reportages magazine in France. We were able to visit the conservatories, meet the archeologists, all of it! But the people were always so wonderful everywhere we went, some of the kindest I have met in the world.

    Now, please don't be mad at me, wonderful friend but I must beg to differ! Yes, you can snap a lovely photo of Angkor Wat at sunrise but you will be with a million other tourists, yes, even in the rainy season! Instead, all year 'round, simply do the opposite of what the suggested route is. If you get to the Bayon before sunrise, you will be ALONE save for the Buddhist nun who has been there for decades. Can you imagine the magic of the light carving through those faces? The other amazing experience is to climb up...oh my, I can't remember the name!!...but it is the one that is the highest and that everyone suggests for sunset. Go at sunrise and you will see ALL of Angkor break through the morning mist. Amazing!

    I'd be happy to send you the English version of my article, which is, as usual sleeping on my computer, unseen. There are so many wonderful hotels and restaurants too...Aman, Raffles but I prefer the FCC!
    Gros Bisous,
    PS. You all rock for doing this!! Bravo and I hope the run/walk was a success!

  11. Absolutely breathtaking! You just moved Ankgor Wat much higher on my wish list. Such interesting faces, as well. Hope you will have a lovely holiday, too, altho I suspect Christmas in Vietnam may rank high on the "most different" list.

  12. Gorgeous photos. I loved Angkor Wat when we visited a few years ago and sunrise was magical. The kiddies everywhere were adorable. The place was so unspoilt and I hope it is still like that. It was a trip to remember forever.

  13. Beautiful place and beautiful pictures. I'd love to visit some day. For now, the most adventurous thing I've done is to sign up for a photography class in the new year.:-)

  14. A M A Z I N G - Jeanne such stunning images.
    Ankgor a World Heritage site - the temples are outstanding.
    You will have a lifetime of images from your sojourn in South East Asia.

    Incidentally - how was your your 3km walk - a lovely thing to do with your son!
    Joyeux Noël
    Shane ♥

  15. Beautiful photos Jeanne. I would love to visit one day.

  16. Wow and Wow. My favorite shot, of course, is the one with the monk in a brilliant yellow robe!!!

  17. I love seeing Cambodia through the eyes of your lens. You have such an eye...even a midst the throngs of tourists...absolutely stunning I am going to post on my facebook page for others to see!

  18. You whet my appetite with this post. It will be March before I go, and I can't wait. For a second trip you should join me.

  19. Jeanne, What a wonderful photo visit you gave to us in this post. Angkor Wat is now a place I wish to study and learn more about. Your photo of the monk coming into the picture is stunning. Thank you so much for inviting your readers to come along with you through your words and pictures.

  20. What a wondeful trip and how lucky to be able to 'pop' back again. You took some wonderful photographs and the one with the monk is perfect. What an amazing place.

  21. Hello Jeanne

    What a great cause and how great you participated as a family in the run/walk.

    Your pictures are beautiful and you did manage some excellent ones.

    Have a glorious weekend.

    Helen xx

  22. hi jeanne,
    these photos are stunning. i had a friend running in the same half marathon. small world. someday, i hope to get over to see ankgor wat....thanks for the inspiration. i've got three kids...youngest is not quite 4. what ages would you recommend are okay to take to the ruins?

  23. I love the picture with the intrusive umbrella. The detailed stonework trees are shown so beautifully. I'd love to be able to take this trip some day.

  24. I love the picture with the umbrella. The detailed stonework trees show up wonderfully. Thanks you for sharing your trip, which I would love to take some day.

  25. what wonderful shots Jeanne, I'm sure that a guide is vital for visiting a place like that, so many details could be missed, so many hidden meanings.
    wishing you a wonderful weekend


  26. I second the idea of a blogger's tour!

    Have been wanting to go to this glorious place for years. Like you, I've heard it's beautiful in the rainy season.

    I have a question, if I may? Where did you stay? We've been looking for a lovely hotel and the one we wanted to stay in has now become a Park Hyatt (so the price is liable to double) and is being restored until 2013.

    Lovely post Miss Jeanne. The Buddhist monk was my favourite shot.

  27. buddhist monks have a way of being where they should be at the exact right moment :)


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