A potful of wishes for 2013

Dear friends...

If I could fill this pot with all the words 
I want to wish you for this new year...
it just wouldn't be big enough.

So I will say..

On this last day of 2012, 
to my Aussie and Kiwi family and friends 
who are a few hours away 
from rolling in the new year, 
to my European friends 
who are in the midst of the day, 
to my American friends and family 
who are in the wee hours of the morning
 and to all of you in between..
from sea to sea, from shore to shore.

I send you my very best wishes 
for the happiest of new years.
May you find creative spontaneity 
in all  the days to come.
May you be surrounded by the people 
you hold dear to your heart.

May joy and laughter fill your life..

and on those days
when you are feeling quiet and reflective,
because we do have days like that..

 May you find beauty around you to lift your spirits.

A graceful touch,

encouraging words,

a whisper of sunshine,

and when you are ready,
may your journey be full of promise.

From Hoi An, Vietnam.. 
I toast my glass
to each and every one of you...
thanking you
for your readership and friendship 
over this past year.
I don't think it can get any better 
than that for me.

Here's to you! 



Jeanne xx

Images taken by me 
while observing life 
these past few days
 in Hoi An, Vietnam

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