March 25, 2014

Seek and You Shall Melbourne, Australia

Dear Friends...

Two weeks ago, I wrote to you about my quest... Searching for Tom and hoping it's a small world. Your response was magic. You sent me in directions I had not considered...I knew I could count on my very clever blogging friends.

Last week,  I wrote with an update of my quest...

I have a feeling that one day, out of the blue, my message will come. 
When it does, I will be sure to report back to you.

March 20, 2014

Invisible magic in the blogging world...

From my home to yours..

"Perhaps our paths crossed randomly, 
but somehow I think not, 
choosing to believe instead that there is invisible magic 
at work in all our lives, 
magic that sets us down on the routes we're meant to walk, 
magic that lends us to one another, 
magic for fuelling every journey 
undertaken in the name of mystery and love 
and faith in the ultimate rightness of things"
Written by Katrina Kenison 
'Magical Journey: An Apprenticeship in Contentment"

I saved this passage from Katrina Kenison's book "Magical Journey", hoping to share it one day..and that day has come. What can I say, the response to my post "Searching for Tom and hoping it is a small world"  has been magical. Readers picked up the thread and continued the search for me, something I never anticipated. From Barbara in San Diego.. to Susie in Melbourne.. to Linda in Perth and Susan in Greece and the many more who left leads on my post, I am deeply touched and most appreciative. Katrina is right, there is an invisible magic at work in all our lives. The blogging world is just one of them.

I just love that about life!

As for the search for Tom...I want to tell you that the deed is done... but not quite yet. I have had some great leads, have sent off letters and now I wait. I shall persevere,  I have a feeling that one day, out of the blue, my message will come. When it does, I will be sure to report back to you.

Speaking of friendships and magic, I would like to leave you with a little dance magic for the weekend. With special thanks to Maude for showing me the way....

Dance Walking Fitness with Ben Aaron

Sending you best wishes for a wonderful weekend,
with hopes that a little magic comes your way!

Jeanne xx

March 11, 2014

Searching for Tom and hoping it's a small world...

The year was 1986.  In a small town church along the coast of Massachusetts, Mr. H and I took our marriage vows, then boarded a plane for our new life together in Sydney, Australia. Marriage, a new country, a new home, a travelling husband...I knew I had just met my greatest challenge.

My goal was to find a job and a friend, a girlfriend, someone I could talk to. It wasn't long before I found a job and met Cathy. I remember the day I met her. I walked into the open plan room that was to be my new work space and was greeted with a big hello, a gorgeous smile and a laugh that was infectious. She took me under her wing and told me everything I needed to know about work and managing life in Sydney. She was my saviour. 

For four years we shopped, we chatted, we lunched, we giggled, we got the Mr's together, we shared recipes, we did all the things we loved to do. When my first son was born, she was there. When she and Rob were married, we were there. When she found out she was pregnant, I was there, celebrating the news with her. 

Cathy and her son Tom

In 1990 Mr H and I were transferred home to Connecticut. We flew out of Sydney in May 1990, the same day that Cathy was giving birth to her first and only son, Tom. We spoke just before the plane departed as I wished her well through labour. She could not have been happier.

March 6, 2014

Poetry in tea and garden..#hongkong

Imagine a fragrance that 
"blends with the flavour of evening rain"
"like music from lofty terraces far away"

I visited  the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware in Hong Kong last week
 and fell in love with 12 delicate cups in wucai enamel
representing the "Flowers of the Month".
Marks and period of Kangxi (1662-1722), Qing dynasty.
I was spellbound.

Under each tea cup is an inscription,
 a poem, representing the flower on the cup.

March 4, 2014

Questions I ask myself...wild ones

Photo taken by Mrs. H...her first "tag-along" trip to Papua New Guinea

Could I be a wild woman warrior...again?
Feeling a touch of "wild woman warrior" coming my way. You know that feeling, when you decide to step things up, get it together and get on with it? My little pity party is coming to an end. I am realising that my children will survive without me, that tagging along with Mr. H for every trip might not be the best plan and actually...there is something to be said for taking  "time out" for a bit of self reflection. For me, this has involved watching nearly ALL the movies nominated for Best Picture and then some, reading a winter journal, a book on mindfulness and a garden party.  I could show you what my office looks like (paper tsunami) but I won't.  I am transitioning into organisation mode.  I have torn out page after page from the decorating magazines I have been dragging around from country to country. It is possible that our architect may never speak to me again...but all and's been a productive pity party. Did I mention I am home alone? (Mr. H is in Chile) One week down, one to go. Can't wait to see what comes next...I will think about that tomorrow.