Questions I ask myself...wild ones

Photo taken by Mrs. H...her first "tag-along" trip to Papua New Guinea

Could I be a wild woman warrior...again?
Feeling a touch of "wild woman warrior" coming my way. You know that feeling, when you decide to step things up, get it together and get on with it? My little pity party is coming to an end. I am realising that my children will survive without me, that tagging along with Mr. H for every trip might not be the best plan and actually...there is something to be said for taking  "time out" for a bit of self reflection. For me, this has involved watching nearly ALL the movies nominated for Best Picture and then some, reading a winter journal, a book on mindfulness and a garden party.  I could show you what my office looks like (paper tsunami) but I won't.  I am transitioning into organisation mode.  I have torn out page after page from the decorating magazines I have been dragging around from country to country. It is possible that our architect may never speak to me again...but all and's been a productive pity party. Did I mention I am home alone? (Mr. H is in Chile) One week down, one to go. Can't wait to see what comes next...I will think about that tomorrow.

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Did you hear, Blogger may be coming to an end?

WHAT?! You might say (as I did), could this be true? The rumour passed my way a few weeks ago. I have searched in vain via Ms. Google but she has not answered my question. Someone asked if I had backed up my posts, just in case their was a slip of the blogosphere and "POOF"...Blogger disappeared. WHAT?! We are talking 709 posts to be exact and not one is in any form other than what appears on Blogger.  I sit in a quandary over this one, where does one begin?  I will think about it tomorrow.


How will Mr. H adjust to the quiet life of a gentleman farmer in New Hampshire?
Speaking of blogs, my last post stirred up some interesting questions. One in particular got right to the heart of the matter. Judy asked...

After traveling the world for a good part of his life, how easy do you think it will be for Mr. H to settle down to the potentially somewhat quiet life of a gentleman farmer in New Hampshire? When a former colleague of mine retired from a career which had included, among other things, many years of living in the hubbub of Shanghai, he wanted nothing more than a quiet cabin in the wilds of North Georgia. Alas, it happened not to be what his wife wanted at all. Due to my retirement, I've lost communications with him, but I hope they came to a happy settlement and now enjoy the best of both city and country. :-)

I held my breath while reading Judy's comment, I shifted in my chair, I sighed. I read the comment to Mr. H, he smiled.. "You mean gentleman farmer vs. surfer dude".  This made me LAUGH out loud for he is NOT a surfer dude! Country gentleman vs. tropical gentleman is more like it. One step at a time my friends. I will think about it tomorrow.


Enough said on that...
Are you interested in a movie or two that are light and utterly charming? 
My fab friend, the divine Ms. Z from Sydney, suggested I watch English Vinglish, she promised I would love it and she was right. I only wish we could have watched it together. I was very sympathetic to the main character in this one, trying to speak and understand a foreign language in a foreign country. I totally got it...this movie is a lot of fun, a must watch.

View trailer here

From the creators of Love Actually, Notting Hill and Four Wedding and a Funeral...comes About Time. And it is about time...literally. After watching the The Dallas Buyers Club (superb) I decided I needed a lighter flick..this movie did the trick. Simply charming..

View trailer here

Ever wake up at 3:00am smiling and humming a tune? 
Listener beware...and that is all I am going to say on the matter!
Pharrell Williams sings Happy!

Performance at the Goroka Show in the Eastern Highlands Province
of Papua New Guinea, a sing-sing. 

I am about YOU?

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