Sharing the LOVE: Around the World

'Odalisque in Red Jacket'
by Henri Matisse, 1927

I have decided to jump right in and tell you about something new on the blog. I am going to create a series of posts entitled 'Sharing the LOVE'. Within these posts I will be sharing the love for..well...everything. Call it a few of my favourite's that I think you will like too. The timing is right with the holidays just around the corner and I always say there is no time like the present.

Shall we get started?


I think the very first movie that ever moved me to tears in both emotion and beauty was the 1965 movie, Doctor Zhivago. Who can forget the love between Yuri Zhivago (Omar Sharif) and Lara Guishar (Julie Christie)...and the snow and more snow at the caretakers cottage on the Varykino estate....and the bus scene in Moscow..sigh.

Varykino Estate in Doctor Zhivago via

and then there was the hat and the coat 
and Julie Christie of course...
who I admire as much today as I did back then. 

But let's get back to the hat.. 
the fur hat to be exact. 
You can see it below and in motion here.

Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago.. via

Fast forward fifty years, from 1965 to 2015 and we have a faux fur hat which I am loving as much as the one that Julie Christie wore all those years ago. Ok..maybe I love Julie's slightly more for nostalgia's sake but I would not say no to Ralph Lauren (faux) Shearling Trapper Hat...all $1500.00 of it.

Ralph Lauren Fall 2015 Campaign
Photographed by Jimmy Nelson 

It's LOVE...
I am also thinking this hat would go the distance, 
through the years, in the city and country, 
for women of all ages.
I think I could even grow 
to love 'hat hair' with this hat. 

The bigger the better...I just LOVE it
and I think Julie would too.

Ralph Lauren Fall 2015 Shearling Trapper hat

If you are sharing the love for the hat
but not the price (like me)...
you can try a few of the following sites.
You just might find one to LOVE. 


My wrap...from Catherine Robinson Cashmere

I discovered Catherine Robinson and her beautiful cashmere products a few years ago, just about the time we moved from England to Vietnam. As you can imagine, cashmere in the tropics isn't exactly the perfect fit..until now. There's a nip in the air at Tahilla Farm and in 14 days I will be feeling it. 

On a recent trip to London, Mr. H managed to work in another surprise and purchased the wrap above for my birthday. Seems the constant stream of emails I sent his way with links to Catherine's website worked. 

It's a beauty, the color is soft navy and the size (286cm x 11cm, 105in  x 39 in) allows you to wrap and wrap again and so much more. The good news is that Catherine ships via Royal Mail, all around the world. If you are feeling the LOVE, see the details below.

Check out Catherine's beautiful
If you are interested in the soft navy wrap above, check it out here. more thing!
 There is some serious LOVE going on for 
Catherine's new CASHMERE ROBE in Grey Pearl.
Hint.. Hint...Mr. H.

Catherine Robinson Cashmere Robe


I should probably stop here...but I won't because the Italian leather bags designed by Sabine Spanjer and Kika Vliegenthart in Brooklyn, New York...are bags to LOVE.  Together, they created, KikaNY, making traditional European artisanal bags (totes, backpacks and weekenders) and small leather goods with a twist. I came across KikiNY in the New York Times, you can read the story behind the brand here

The 48 Hour Bag by KikaNY

Tough decision...

Need I say more...
it's LOVE

Shearling hats, cashmere wraps and Italian Leather bags, 
you might wonder what more this is to LOVE. 

But I do not want to get ahead of myself
and have you overdose on LOVE. 
I will share one more today, 
one that I posted on my Vietnam Blog,
Expat Diary: Viet Nam
where I am sharing the LOVE for
100% buffalo horn jewellery 
made by Pauline Portheine of Aziet Saigon.

Sharing the LOVE...on Expat Diary: Viet Namhere

How did we do? 
We travelled to Russia with Lara and Yuri, 
London to visit Catherine, 
Brooklyn to meet Kika and Sabine
and Vietnam to meet Pauline.

I LOVE introducing people.
I hope you find something here that you like,
if not, stay tuned, maybe next time!

Best wishes for a wonderful week!

Jeanne xx


  1. Thanks for sharing these!! I could definitely bundle up in the cashmere robe or wrap on this chilly New England morning!!! Have a fabulous week, Jeanne!!

    1. You are very welcome Sandy...and thank you! Stay warm! :)

  2. Wow! I can tell this is going to be a fabulous bit of love you will be sending us! Can't believe I already have one of these items. Well, not exactly, but I did acquire recently an almost identical navy blue shawl (mine is a finely woven cotton knit) of same size made by none other than Lily Pulitzer. I love it and can't wait to try it out now that our weather is cooling down. Might be a fine item for Paris. :-) So, as they say, maybe one out of three "ain't bad," but I can assure you that were I to win the lottery, Ralph Lauren would definitely be my main man!

    1. The perfect item for Paris Judy...I see another trip in your future..and Ralph. ;)

  3. Fantastic loves! Thank you
    The hat is the gorgeous of warm this frosty New England morning! I remember in the 1960s when the dome style faux and real fur hats were all the rage.

    1. Jump ahead ten years into the 70's Maywyn...and you would have found me parading around in a raccoon fur coat. I thought I was the 'cats meow' as my dad used to say. I can not imagine it now..but you are right, they were all the rage.

  4. I LOVE That NAVY blue!I own the GREY and the CAMEL but my heart POUNDED when I saw the BLUE!Photo P L E A S E with you wrapped up in it!I made a purchase yesterday from CATHERINE!!
    MISTER H.........if YOU are READING she really needs the cashmere SOCKS TOO!!!!!!!!!!OMG, I got a pair last winter and absolutely lived in bed reading on a cold morning.........YOU NEED THEM!Just TRUST ME..........your CONTESSA would NOT steer YOU wrong!!!!
    LOVE THE HAT have NEVER seen that CLASSIC movie!!Can you believe that!The HORN Jewels is an ABSOLUTE YES!

    1. Consider me officially on ' sock alert' Elizabeth, you SOLD me! I promise to send a photo when I get myself wrapped up in the soft navy cashmere this winter. I remember the photo of you wearing your grey wrap when you did the French Broacante Tour with Sharon. That's when I decided I needed to have one! You looked TRES CHIC! ;)

  5. The jewellery is beautiful and very original. I really like it. It's still a bit too warm for cashmere here. Hoping it will cool down soon. I am sure you are super excited to be going back to Tahilla Farm soon. It;s turning into a beautiful home.

    1. Thank you Loree...I think your feeling for cashmere in a warm climate is the same as mine. Even with the AC turned down to the lowest temps...I still couldn't go there. But I will travel 9,000 miles to feel it again.. ;)

  6. Ha! I am chuckling here in NH! Just last Saturday, my daughter and I and her friend were in the Boston Ralph Lauren store, and my daughter tried on that very hat! Looked fabulous on her! But it's just a wee bit(!) out of our budget. ;-)

    1. Too funny Kate...and I agree, it is a tough one on the budget. If she is looking for an alternative, I have a few sites listed. ;)

  7. Jeanne...thank you so much for mentioning my cashmere, you are lovely...I am thrilled you love your soft navy wrap...I'd love a photo of you all wrapped up in cashmere :) Your blog is so beautiful I'm so happy to be a little part of it today, thank you.
    Much love xx

    1. You are very welcome absolute pleasure! I promise to send a photo to you and Elizabeth..La Contessa. xx

  8. All of this is just gorgeous...but I am so happy that you mentioned Catherine's cashmeres. I don't have one but I do think she is just a wonderful human being. Like you!

    1. Only to happy to share the love Heather...and thank you, very kind of you to say. :) xx

  9. Jeanne, these are wonderful products to share! I love the hat, but totally agree on the price. I will have to check out the other sources as I may need this hat for my 3 week birthday trip to Scotland next year. This year I am off to Buenos Aries and it will be summer so I do not think I will need this.

    As for the cashmere...I love cashmere and collect sweaters and scarfs. Lst year my mom gave me this exact robe and I LOVE it!

    I hope that you are ready for your adventure! I am so excited for you, it is going to be exciting and perhaps a little nerve racking but also so wonderful to see the fruits of your labor come together for a fabulous family holiday!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful finds and favorite things.!

    Have a wonderful weekend, xo Elizabeth

  10. Yes. The LOVE of meeting people and their accessories. Oh, the cashmere wrap and coat, Matisse may envy.

    A big leather bag, not for a day carry.

    Someone says, regrets are for economy, not for extravagance. And winter, heavy winter, is coming.

  11. Yes. The LOVE of meeting people and their accessories. Oh, the cashmere wrap and coat, Matisse may envy.

    That’s a big leather bag, not for a day carry.

    Someone says, regrets are for economy, not for extravagance. And winter, heavy winter, is coming.


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