'Wordly' Talents and a Fair Maiden


It was laying there, waiting for me..
 a welcome home present from another land.
It did not take me long to determine from whence it came,
it was from the woman of 'wordly' talent,
a fair maiden from the South...
who dreams of the Scottish Highlands
with her devoted canine companion, Edward.

Many of you will already know
that I speak of Pamela and Edward..
From the House of Edward.

A story unfolds...
In the contents of the package was a book,
of the most delicate kind.
The words are of fairytale magic..
the kind that take you to the land of your dreams.

Last year..
Pamela took me to a wonderful place,
 filled with memories of my father.
You see, my father passed away some years ago.
I have only one item that belonged to him, his watch.
 It took me a long time to come around to wearing it.
I had to pass the threshold of tearful longing
and move onto tender acceptance.

It appears I was not the only one...
for when her words fell before my eyes
via a post on her blog,
one cold winter's eve in England...
I knew she understood.

You can read Pamela's full post...here

Pamela had written about a recent trip to London,
 where she wore her father's watch.
He travelled with her on her wrist and in her heart.
Up Regent Street, passed Hamley's, to the Wallace Collection,
and onto Hampton Court where she sat in the silence
of the Chapel Royal...thinking of her father,
just as I had done on a similar occasion.
Both of us wearing our father's watch.

It was fate, our friendship, and I am delighted.
I like to think our father's had a hand in it.
For in Pamela I have found a wonderful blogging friend.
For those of us who have made friends in serendipitous ways...
you will know what that means. It is a blessing.

I only recommend things I love...
it has to be tried and true and I can tell you
that if you enjoy magical writing...
you will love Pamela and Edward's book.

A must for your Christmas shopping list.
You can order it here.

With special thanks to Edward...

who inspired Pamela to write

Photos above from Pamela's book
with the exception of  the fair maiden and 
my father's watch.


  1. Such beautiful friendships that have come through blogging. There is so much ugliness on the internet ... I am so happy that so many of us have chosen to use it for good.

    Thanks for sharing the new book.



  2. Thank you for introducing me to a wonderful blog.

    1. You will enjoy every post of Pamela's...I am sure of it Mary! :)

  3. What a lovely story about a beautiful friendship! Thanks for sharing!

  4. My partner inherited his father's gold watch, but he can't bring himself to wear it. So it sits, looking rather dignified, on our dressing table. I never met my partner's father but I've heard lovely things about him, and judging by his watch he was an elegant man. Occasionally I'll walk past and touch it and tell him he's raised a wonderful son.
    Love your writing Jeanne, and Pamela's too.
    Here's to fathers, to watches, and the memories we keep, ticking beside our hearts.

    1. Amen to that Janelle...I am so happy to be around such great writing company. So glad your partner has his father's watch...I feel a post coming on from you regarding the partner, father, watch...the elegant man. It would be fabulous! :)

  5. Pamela's book is on my wish list. I love her writing.

  6. Replies
    1. Me too Pamela! I had to reduce the post...it was staring to look like 'War and Peace'. I wanted to say how wonderful it was...the day we met. It links it all together. :)

  7. Edward looks so fetching in his halo Jeanne. I am so pleased that Pamela is doing so well with her book. Her blog is one of my favourites - she writes beautifully. Interesting to read of your father's watch. I have my father's penknife and carry it around in my handbag - and as you say, it is like having them with you.

  8. Jeanne,

    Your post brought tears to my eyes...and made me realize yet again how very lucky I am to have both of my parents alive and well when so many do not. I loved that story of Pamela and her fathers watch and I can picture you doing the same.

    Pamela's blog is a magical place, it is one of the first blogs I read and I get such joy visiting there. Her writing is magical, transporting, full of life, joy and tales of old and so much more.

    Blogging allows us to meet so many great people and to make wonderful friends who we may be lucky enough to meet in "real life".

    Have a wonderful day dear Jeanne!

    1. We truly are in great writing company Elizabeth... :)

  9. Hello Jeanne

    What a beautiful post and story of your father's watch.

    I have my copy of Pamela's book and I sparingly read it, I do not want it to end.
    It is the perfect Christmas gift and speaks to all age groups.

    Have a glorious week.

    Helen xx

    1. I know what you mean Helen...I look over the essay titles, remembering many...looking forward to the ones I missed. :)

  10. What a wonderful real-life story. And right now it is so poignant for me. When I was 14 my Nanna gave me a silver ring. I never took it off. Yesterday I was absent-mindedly playing with it and placed it on my pinkie finger and left it there. Then I lost it. I have looked everywhere i could think of but it seems to be gone and I am so sad. So I understand your story and Pamela's about your fathers' watch.

    1. I hope you find it Loree...things like that happen to me all the time. I usually just wait, they have a funny way of finding the way back to us. :)

  11. I love that you have your father's watch and wear it. And how nice to meet a liked minded lady. I lost my father when I was just 13 and would so have loved to have him with me now, with his grandchildren climbing all over him! I have his wedding ring which was slightly altered and made more 'feminine' for me - a gift on my 18th birthday from my mother.

    Oh and what a fabulous dog Edward is too. We have just become a 'dog' family this past week, and loving it.

    1. Victoria...I remember those early 'dog days' well. I will give you a bit of time before I ask how it is going. :)
      What a wonderful gift from your mother...a treasure. xx

  12. How sweet to be connected to your friend in this way! And how fortunate for you in having had such a wonderful relationship with your father--a continuing one,even though he's gone. Keep on writing to us. We love your adventures and your example of a strong woman!


  13. Such a touching story...and to share it all the more special.

  14. A beautiful gift from a friend which you have enhanced with your words and photos, also a gift.

  15. Oh Jeanne that is a lovely story and such a karmic bond that you and Pamela share.

    I have been wondering where you went to and it turns out you have been here all along, something strange happened to my settings a while back and it's taken me this long to figure it out, shame on me!

  16. Oh that is such a wonderful post Jeanne and how fantastic that you and Pamela have been brought together through your respective fathers. x

  17. How beautiful! I still remember you blogging about meeting Pamela. And now she has a book out! How exciting is that?! I must get my hands on one, she is such a delicious writer. Hope you are well, my friend. I have been so out of touch, I'm truly sorry. Every time I visit you, I get a whiff of a fantastic, adventure filled life... One that I crave to have.

  18. I can't wait to read Pamelas book , and I can so relate to the story of your father's watch.. I have my dad's watch here with me. Happy Holidays to you,
    xo Nancy


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