Upon a rickshaw in Hanoi...

Hanoi, Vietnam
One of my favourite things to do when we travel to a new city 
is to take random shots...quickly and hopefully. 
Always hoping that I will come out with something that will capture
 the essence of what I experienced.

No matter where you travel around Vietnam, 
you are sure to be totally absorbed by your surroundings. 
It is hard not to be. It grabs all the sense, takes hold and pulls you in.
Willing or not, you will not forget it. 
My advice..if you travel to Vietnam, take advantage of every opportunity.
Seize the moment!

Most times, people pass like the speed of light...
they will give you a  'toot toot' to let you they are coming through. 
You have to be ready at all times.

See what I mean...it is full on.
I prefer the bicycle as a mode of transportation...so much calmer.

I took most of these photos while being driven on a cycle rickshaw.
You do not have to travel far to find one,
they will most likely find you first.

Then again...there is always...bicylces for two. :)

images~ jeanne
taken quickly and hopefully
in Hanoi, Vietnam


  1. Great post - you have captured the ambiance - stunning photos - I can hear and smell Hanoi - Brava Fx

  2. we all know how much you love bicycles Jeanne! Hanoi must be bicycle heaven :)
    Hope you've managed to make some friends to share the fun with
    love to you

  3. Hello Jeanne

    I love this post - it speaks volumes and you show the rhythm of the City.
    The last picture of the couple on the bicycle has me in awe. How did they ride and balance the shared umbrella?

    Helen xx

  4. Makes me really wish I could visit!

  5. My dad was stationed in China during WWII. He used to tell stories of how the rickshaw operators would deliberately bump their vehicles up and down so change would fall out of the pockets of the riders. Guard your pockets, Jeanne!! xo

  6. I would be flattened in less than a week.

  7. Jeanne,

    Hello! I hope your week is going well. So many things to see in each photo that I had to look at each one more than once. I am completely in awe of taking your tiny children on your moped, the transport of furniture on the side of a motorbike and all of the people wearing masks.

    Have you been able to take a few rides on your bike or it is a little stressful?

    Thanks for sharing your world, xx Elizabeth

  8. Hanoi looks busy, busy - like Naples where the little motorbikes never cease weaving through traffic and pedestrians. Rickshaws look like fun.

  9. Those are great photos. I remember doing exactly the same thing in Bangladesh. I would just click away as we drove anywhere and just hoped I captured something worthwhile. I used to always take my camera with me as I found that the adventure started the minute you stepped out the door. I was interested to see how Vietnam was different from Bangladesh. Thanks for posting.

  10. Full of action pictures and very colourful too. I love all of the photos as it showed the people, the culture, lifestyle and the architecture. Wow, to ride the rickshaw must be so fun!

  11. Astonishing what can be carried on a motorcycle/bicycle isn't it Jeanne! I've seen a family of 5 on a scooter in Bangkok! Ingenious!

  12. I am impressed by what one can carry on a bike! I love how you have captured everyday life with your camera...you have such talent my dear!!

  13. Lovely Jeanne... you are making me so in the mood for an Asian adventure...:)

  14. Coming and going. Coming and going. I guess that's what all of us do, except in different ways...


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