The Travelling Chaise and The French House

I set off into London the other day with a list.
A list of stores where I could potentially buy a new sofa.
I had done my research, had a few suggestions and was raring to go.

I had one store in mind when I hopped off the Parsons Green tube stop in London.
I have my A-Z London App. on my always gets me where I need to go.

I got lost and that was ok. 
I always tell my kids the fun doesn't begin until you get lost.
That is when the true adventure begins.

As I wandered the streets, I spotted a bicycle. 

If you follow Collage of Life, you will know
what happens when I spot a bicycle...a photo is usually involved.

It is sort of like the children' story, If You Give a Pig a Pancake,
one thing leads to another and before you know it...

So..I saw the bicycle and thought I would investigate. 

Can you see why? This building had 'investigate' written all over it. 
The French House is hard to have to enter to truly appreciate it.

 Are any of you like me and
feel the thrill when you spot a tumble of this and that?

I had a feeling it could only get better... and it did. :)

The French House hit every note with me. 
I walked through it again and again,
taking in every inch of it and let me tell you...
that says a lot because
this warehouse type store is filled to the brim.

Potential was written over every piece. 
My heart was racing.

And then I spotted it. The chaise longue below. 
No matter that it was torn here and there, that it had
 been patched up to no end. I took one look and 
the chair instantly transported me to every country 
I have ever travelled to over the years. 
I had found my travelling chaise longue.

 I am now the happy owner. The chaise longue is going to be rebuilt for me, 
lovingly restored with this and that and the original fabric 
which happens to be an old carpet. I know...some of you may think 
I have completely lost my senses but you know
when something is right, it is right. Have you ever had that feeling?

There is only one little teensy weensy problem.
I have no where to put it.
My kids would tell you... what I say to them in this situation.
'If there is a will...there is a way'.

Oh yes, when I got home the kids 
asked how I went with my couch search.

I must get onto that... I did manage a photo.
I will save that for another day.

Best wishes for a lovely weekend.
I hope an adventure or two is waiting for you!

Jeanne xx


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The French House


  1. Jeanne,

    I do so wish that we lived near one another...oh the adventures that we would have. I love these sorts of days and I am a chaise lover! I had to have one for YEARS, never mind that I had the same problem as where to put it. So after finding a vintage one, with beautiful down cushions, while my husband was out of town, and lugging it home and up to the second story of the house ( no mean feat I can tell you, the thing weighs a ton); I tore apart my closet and rearranged the space. The closet was I beleive a nursery at one point it is a small room but a large closet, so I added a bookcase, and the chaise and now as they say I have "a room of my own".

    I am sure that being as efficient as you are you will have located the couch and had the chaise rebuilt in time for the new adventure.

    The chaise is fabulous!!! I am so excited that you have a beautiful place to sit and read, on a storried piece of furniture. It reminds me of a photo that you had on your blog sometime ago of a chaise in front of a window I beleive and a post about a reading nook?

    Enjoy your weekend! This is such a wonderful adventure and a find. I must make a not of this place.

    Take care and enjoy, hugs Elizabeth

    Jeanne, make sure to register to wint the photo shoot!

    1. I always say, you are a woman after my own heart. I know that feeling, when you drag furniture around. It is amazing what we can do when we are determined. Yes...I will sign up for the photos shoot... very best wishes.. xx :)

  2. A treasure, for sure. And fun to find it in a french store, with Viet Nam's huge ties to the French in it's history.

    1. I was thinking the same thing Glenda...another reason to purchase. :)

  3. Totally love your chaise longue Jeanne, and if your have trouble knowing where to put it in your house in Vietnam, just ask your husband to get out his plan of the house and position the chair! :)
    Looks like you found a great address

    1. I know he will appreciate your comment Sharon... I don't think I will ever let him live down that drawing! :)

  4. The chaise lounge is fabulous. I can't wait to see it revamped. I am envious! I love that you mentioned "If You Give a Pig a Pancake"; I am often saying my life is like "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie". Happy Weekend, Bonnie

    1. Love that book too Bonnie...and If You Give a Moose a Muffin! :)

  5. My gosh the chaise is lovely! Just what every girl needs. I want to pack my bags and fly over to French House but I have a baby shower to prepare for this weekend! I'll just add the link to my favourites. Sigh.

  6. The Chaise is gorgeous, can't wait to see it when it is restored. How could resist the French House I could spend hours in a place like that.

    Good luck with the sofa search.

  7. Hello Jeanne! What a great find! And I love if you give a pig a pancake ... and a mouse a cookie ... and ... ;)

  8. Jeanne, if we went shopping together, we'd save our husbands a fortune. I adore, absolutely adore, your chaise lounge. Covered in old carpet -- OMG, what a treasure. (Can you see me drooling here?) -- eager to see the re-built chaise. Oh, but you had a fantastic adventure. And, yep, that white sofa does the trick. You've got a great eye!

  9. Heart pounding adventures of this kind are the best. I always say the hunt is half the fun! I think that chaise is the perfect place to curl up and get away!
    It will be fun to see the transformation.
    xo Lisa

  10. Have I really won? I never win anything.:-D So excited!!!

  11. Its gorgeous. The chaise lounge I mean.

  12. Oh that is my kind of place!!!! Love the original covering of the chaise, is it too bad to keep?

    1. Thankfully Jules, I can keep the original least what is left of it. I think that is the best part. :)

  13. Definitely on my GO TO list Jeanne...that is my kind of store. And the chaise...exquisite!

  14. I love this post, love it! Not only because this is precisely the kind of shop I'd love browsing in -- but also because it's the way I like to meander when we're travelling -- that kind of discovery is a thousandfold better than following someone else's travel guide (which doesn't mean I won't add your notes to my next London list.
    I would also choose to keep the original covering -- it will add so much intrigue to whatever room you put it in, its hint of many beckoning stories, of lives lived elsewhere.
    And why I am not surprised you're one of the few who spell chaise longue correctly (and probably pronounce it properly as well).

  15. I totally agree with the others-AWESOME find! I would have went bananas at THE FRENCH HOME-looks like they have a truckload of treasures! LUCKY YOU!

  16. Love it all, the sofa, the chaise and the bicycle:)

  17. A girl after my own heart... We've used a mix of fabrics on several of our newly re-upholstered pieces to great effect. Not everyone understands.

    The sofa you've pictured is a truly handsome choice. Go for it!

  18. I like the sofa pictured too, but the chaise is a true treasure! I know what you mean about finding an amazing place and your heart races...the thrill of the hunt. You'll love your new chaise...please do post pictures of your find!

  19. amazing trip!love France:)and old,magic things..and beautiful bike on the last photo;)
    have a nice spring!

  20. The French House is like an archealogical dig!!! Love to venture into those places!

  21. You made a perfectly sublime choice! That chaise practically speaks!
    Beautiful!! So happy you're leaving the original fabric, too.

  22. I have always wanted a chaise lounge. This one looks so beautiful.

  23. Wow, The French House looks amazing, I am tempted to visit it myself ASAP!!! Although I have no idea where any purchase would go! Your chaise longue is fabulous Jeanne :)

  24. I love these photos. And how I would love to be in London. I'm a new follower and shy blogger from California and I just recently discovered your lovely blog. Although you're miles away, I feel strangely connected by your words. Leslie (aka gwen moss blog)


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