A story for every colour....


I can not stop thinking about when you were ten.
Each and every comment to my last post took me down
one path after another. The images in my mind are priceless.
Someone commented what fascinating
readers you all are...I have to agree!

Thank you for sharing..I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Now I wonder...since you have been reminded of your ten year old self
do you still see her in you today?

With that thought...I am going to post 
a snippet from your wonderful comments and link back to the writers.
When you were ten...you were all living around the world..
and you all were living in colour and loving it. 

In France... 
Veronique loved listening to popular French singers, 
belonged to a bicycle club 'Les Fous du Velo' (Bicycle Maniacs)  
and she still loves the colour orange.

In Italy... at the age of ten,  
Sandy discovered the true meaning of wanderlust.
It shaped her persona more than any other year in her life.

In 1952, in the USA, Becky lived with her writer father, 
musician mother and five siblings..
and she loved the colour purple-y blue.

WG  grew up in a small village in rural England. 
She had a new dress every year for Easter Sunday.
She recalls a green and white striped linen one with a white collar. 
With that she wore a straw boater with long green ribbons 
and white shoes. I love that image!

Vicki.. an Aussie girl of ten,
 now living in France, still loves the colour pink.

miss b from England...her crayon of choice...sky blue.

At ten years of age, Val lived in Southern Rhodesia..
she loved pencil crayons, Elvis Presley,
comic books and was crazy about hula hooping.

Loree..still loves the colour red.

Pamela..from the southern states of the USA..
still creates beautiful stories 
around the colour Forest Green.

kkkkaty..loved the colour dark midnight blue. 
She remembers holding a flag for school patrol, 
her dog following her to school, bunk beds and loving geography.

Kittie..another Southerner from USA..loved the colour sky blue (like me).
The ten year old in her self still bubbles up insider her
and makes her want to run among the rain drops.

Mel..is taking a walk down memory lane. I am still on it.

When Elizabeth from the USA was ten she moved
from Michigan to Alaska..loved the colour blue
and spaghetti and hot chocolate too.

At the age of 10, Helen was living in rural Ireland. 
She had a beautiful moss green circular skirt..
where she hid the latest comic books, Judy and Bunty.

Pamela was living in Manila, Philippines
 in the days of President Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda Marcos..
'where they ruled the Philippines like King and Queen'.
She loved the colour sky blue too.

For Penelope in the USA..the colour magenta still rules..55 years on.

For Heather...who now lives in Provence...
cornflower blue was her crayon colour of choice.

HeartWings..loved magenta and 'Gumby' green and 
enjoyed connecting with her inner child
through the post.

Cindy from USA...like me, 
was told not to press to hard on the crayons.
We still wonder what that means...

Leslie in the USA...always had her nose in a book..
Nancy Drew, the Borrowers series, Little Women
and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn...'she remembers
the starry eyed dreams that propelled her into adolescence'.

Bonnie...loved reading, playing jump rope, 
horseback riding..at ten, 
her parents moved her family to a farm in the country.
Her favourite colour was blue.

Pam..growing up on Cape Cod...USA and now living in Paris,
could never pass up a fort, pretending to be Pippi Longstocking, 
riding bikes and playing kickball games.

Francesca emigrated from Tanganyika (now Tanzania) East Africa 
to Australia when she was ten years old. She remembers the things
we take for granted..electricity, flushing loos, school and shops. 
They were all new to her world.

Carole from Canada..was the oldest of five with fond memories of sibling
rumbles over 'who's on who's side'. Together they played 'house, school and office'..
she was always 'Miss Hastings'.

Carolyn from Alabama, USA remembers moving each year to a different state.
California, Tennessee, Colorado..Alabama..all wonderful memories.
The colour she remembers most in the crayon box...white. 

In the spirit of my last post, where so many of you provided glimpses of yourself,
I am doing the same via a photo update. The woman who hates to have her photo taken,
who uses the excuse that she is to busy taking photos of others...is updating her photo.
In real time...brave soul that I am.

My twelve year old son, Connor, assisted. He picked the photo that
best shows the everyday me...always on the verge of laughing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing!
You really and truly are the most fascinating readers!!

Jeanne xx


If you are new to this post...and would like to join in...
feel free to leave a comment...I will happily add your link and
thoughts to this post.


  1. Jeanne - What a lovely photo and how sweet that your son assisted you in selecting it! Thank you for sharing my blog through your beautiful writing. You are a true inspiration! xoxo

  2. Such a treat to see that beautiful face once again!
    Your book is on it's way!!

  3. Jeanne,

    I love this post and the recap of all of ladies who commented on your last post, so many fascinating stories and lives. I am sure that I would have loved being friends with these spunky, adventurous and interesting young girls,and now as adults.

    And Jeanne, your photo, I LOVE IT!!!! I loved it on Facebook and I love it here. You are a beautiful lady and it is nice to see your face out from behind the camera.

    Have a wonderful day Jeanne, Elizabeth

    1. Many thanks Elizabeth...I think you are spot on, spunky, adventurous and interesting..all of them including you! :)

  4. How to be always on the verge of laughing.

    I love the hula hoop picture. I was never good at such things ... hoola hoop, carwheels etc. But my girls have taken up hula hooping for exercise. It makes me smile.

  5. Jeane you look great; love your new image!

    The stories are so fascinating and the blog world really opens our spirits to one another!

    2012 Artists Series

    1. Thank you Karena and yes..I agree, there are many kindred spirits out there in the blogging world. :)

  6. How I loved this, Jeanne. To me, you are the essence of what generosity blogging can bring. I don't know of anyone else quite like you.

    And yes, you are simply as beautiful on the outside as on the in but it is still brave of you to share it! It must be a sign of a 'successful' life (I realize that is a tricky word) when you appear to others as what your heart expresses.
    Gros Bisous from Arles,

    1. Thank you Heather... I am at a loss for words. I think that is a first for me! :)

  7. Dearest Jeanne, what a truly wonderful post. Now I am going to have to visit all the wonderful women you mentioned. And I love that photo of you. It's so nice to see your beautiful, laughing eyes.

    1. Many thanks Loree...enjoy! There are so many interesting writers amongst us. Each and every one has a unique story to tell. :)

  8. Dear Jeanne,
    Hello pleased to meet you.. your son chose a beautiful photo of you..
    This post was so super. The girl in the image reminded me of myself. My mother used to get fed up sometimes.. are you at that hoola hoop again. forgot to add.. yo yo.. i thought i could do anything with it.
    thank you for sharing my comments with your followers.. touching.
    I still feel that some of that 10 year old little girl is still inside of me. I had a wonderful childhood . My home was a very happy home. Life was carefree then.
    happy monday and best wishes.
    val x x

    1. Val...I can feel it in your words and thank you..my son had fun with this little project. :)

  9. Always ready to laugh.....how fun! xo

  10. This is so beautiful and so much fun !!!
    I am so happy to be here with you today.
    Sending love from Texas...

    1. Thank you Marsha...sending you warm wishes from Saigon... :)

  11. this is a wonderful, thought provoking post. it had me thinking for so long! and i have such a terrible memory! ...i grew up on cape cod..the oldest of 4 children. at ten years old i was always outside..making forts, pretending to be pippi longstocking, playing kickball games, riding bikes freely through out the neighborhood. my parents would ring an old rail road bell to call us home to dinner. and i always had a book in my hand. now i'm 44, i live in paris, france with my husband and our 4 children. i still make forts with the couch cushions, pretend to be buzz and woody from toy story and text my older children when dinner is ready..and i still always have a book in my hand.

    thank you for this! i have enjoyed reading all of the comments from your readers!

    1. Pam...growing up on Cape Cod has be one of the best memories of them all...what a wonderful place to live life.. especially as a young girl. :)

  12. Bonjour Jeanne. Lovely to meet you in person, at long last! Vous etes tres jolie, ma chere! :-) My son is 12 years old too, and he happened to take a pretty decent photo of "maman" recently... Thank you for mentioning my blog in this post. And thank you for asking your readers what they remembered about being 10. Most of us did remember pretty clearly, it seems like. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. Thank you Veronique...I am so glad you commented and told us about yourself... :)

    2. looking forward to following along and reading about your exciting life!

    3. And *I* am looking forward to resuming la classe francaise!!! :)

  13. I sure am glad I saw this post and then went back to your previous one! Love seeing your picture! What a beautiful smiling face! Your son did well capturing you! Thanks so much for all of your wonderful insights and interesting blog posts! I truly look forward to them!

    1. Thank you for following Carolyn...both blogs! I always love hearing from you. :)

  14. P.S on your next trip to the u.s me thinks you should take a detour to Northern California...we could have such fun...

    1. P.S... Cindy...I could think of nothing better! I have never been to Northern California..we would have a blast! :)

  15. Hello Jeanne

    Thank you for so kindly linking my blog, I consider this a great honour.

    I love this post and loved the comments. Ten years is a significant age.
    You pose a good question and I still have that ten year old's curiosity and joy of travelling and meeting new people. I now visit art supply stores and collect tubes of paint and brushes. Books have replaced my comics.

    Have a wonderful week

    Helen xx

  16. This is such a wonderful photo - it's just as you write - warm - open - honest - passionate - fun with just a hint of mischief. Missed your last post - as I had a few things on this last week - exams/work/elderly sick neighbour and not enough hours in the day. At 10 my family and I had only recently emigrated from Tanganyika (now Tanzania), East Africa to Mareeba in far North Queensland. It was so exciting - electricity, flushing loos, a real school, shops and a drive-in cinema! It was also the first time I had crayons and how I loved the bright, bold, primary colours as the coloured pencils I had in Africa were very pale and wan by comparison! Needless to say I still love the brights- reds and oranges in particular - evoking my African roots possibly! Great posts. x

    1. Francesca...it must have been exciting, fascinating and a bit scary. I have added you in! :)

  17. You are so gracious Jeanne to include us, your readers to your post. Thank you. You look beautiful and very warm. I feel like I can have a comfortable conversation with you including lots of laughter. It takes courage to post a picture. I know the feeling. Have a fantastic week.

    1. Thank you Pamela...I am sure we would have lots of laughter... :)

  18. Jeanne, now I understand how you cope with all you do so splendidly.. your laughter carries you over every obstacle.. great post/great pic Connor.. I loved reading all the other flash backs as well,.. Gosh.. when I was 10?.. I loved swimming, and sweets, and Monday was my favorite night.. Roast Chicken, just not the veggies please! My best color?.. orange! I choose wallpaper with huge flowers for my teenage years.. but now I'm rambling.. thanks for the opportunity to revisit my yester days..after all, it was just yesterday! xx hugs from Brissy and me

    1. Jean...we most likely woke up in different parts of the world looking at the same wallpaper. I recall big pink and white flowers on my bedroom walls...and my colour choice today... orange. :)

  19. Lovely photograph Jeanne. Your 'near smile' cheered me up no end.

    1. Thank you WG...your comment did the same for me. :)

  20. TEN...........after reading your post today I too can remember new Easter dresses,doNOT press too hard on the crayon,and of course hula hooping!I was always building barns in my side yard and digging to CHINA in the hill beside our house!Fun memories................beautiful post and photo of YOU!

    1. La Contessa...building barns and digging to China...now that would be a drawing to see. Just imagine! :)

  21. It's my first time on your blog and I am lucky to see you as well as interesting posts! Off to read the previous one - I noticed you haven't got any Russian girls here, so let me be the one. :)

  22. Ahhh, to see the lovely face behind the lovely posts! You've always been a bit mysterious in the image behind the camera but I LOVE that picture,too! Thanks for the reveal!!! It's a day brightener :) No wonder Mr. H loves you!!!

    1. Ah Becky, you sweet thing. Mystery revealed...at least for a little while. :)

  23. Hola Jeanne! qué lindo leerte en estos recuerdos y de tus lectores.......La niñez es un tiempo maravilloso, y lo fue para mí también. Y recuerdo pasarme horas dibujando y pintando con una caja enorme de lápices de colores que me había regalado mi padre.
    Hoy sigo disfrutando de todos los colores y de los colores de la vida. Un beso grande, Gloria.

    1. Ah...the joy of 'Translator'... thank you Gloria! I am always happy to hear from you..in any language. :)

      Hi Jeanne! How nice to read these memories and your readers...Childhood is a wonderful time, and it was for me also. And I remember I spend hours drawing and painting with a huge box of crayons that I had given my father.
      Today I still enjoy all the colors and the colors of life. A big kiss, Gloria.

  24. Y me encantó verte es esta foto tomada por tu hijo.....sos una divina!!!!! Bss, Gloria.

    1. And I loved seeing you is this photo taken by your child... you're a God! BSS, Gloria.

      Thank you Gloria!..

  25. Dear Jeanne, I can't imagine why you are camera shy. You are beautiful in this picture. I loved your son's reason for choosing it. I wrote to you a while ago about your address. Not sure you received my email?


  26. Dear Jeanne-
    Such a wonderful post and a really lovely and serene photo of you. Made more so because it was taken by your son.

    Thinking about my ten year old me was hard at first. But your reader posts really helped me remember. The most significant part of being 10, in 1972, was that my mother had already been dead two years. Yep, that left me and four sisters and one scrappy little brother, living in suburban St. Louis, in a lovely, leafy neighborhood, cared for by our loving father. We were a little forlorn and lost bunch, but we had simple fun. Our backyard was our world. Our mother's rose garden still bloomed at one end, and our always occupied swing set was on the other. Our neighbor's dog, Bonnie, barked at us always! I could be found cartwheeling (always cartwheeling), doing handstands and even walking on my hands! We played tetherball until our arms and hands were bright red; we pedalled all around our neighborhood; we flirted with the boys and ran from the lights of cars. My legs were long and skinny, my hair long and platinum, my smile huge and crooked, my eyes large and blue. My mother adored each of us and was the happiest young mom ever. She would have loved me at 10, and hope at 50.

    Thank you for asking. This has been fun.

    Enjoy your day in Saigon!

    Carolyn Reynolds in
    Rolling Hills Estates, CA

  27. Oh Jeanne, I adore this photo of you! You look so elegant and graceful and your warmth comes through in the photo~
    I am playing catch-up this morning after far too long- and now I REALLY want to see Vietnam! (and I LOVE the photo of the lady in pink on the bike in the post after this one! Love love!)


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