The beginning...2009

I have been writing at Collage of Life for several years and over
that time I have met the most wonderful people...
in the written word and in person.
The natural way of things, when we connect, 
is to tell a little bit about ourselves.
So here goes...

I am a seasoned expat...otherwise defined as 
a long term traveling spouse and mother.
I have four children, one DIL and a wee grandson
 who call me 'Mom' and 'Mum'.
My traveling partner in this crazy life is Mr. H.

Some of us are American by birth, 
some are Australian by birth.
We call both countries home in addition to 
other countries where we lived and loved..
New Zealand 
Hong Kong

I have had many wonderful encounters 

during my blogging years
and by far the most exceptional 
was the discovery of friendship and a farmhouse,
 Tahilla Farm
in the Monadnock Mountain Region 
of New Hampshire.

Seven years on with many renovations behind us,

we happily call it our "home~home"

A crazy life? Yes!
I write all about it at Collage of Life
and enjoy each and every reader who
has joined us in our adventures.

With that, I say thank you 
from the bottom of my heart
for reading along. 
If you would like to drop me a line, 
I would love to hear from you...

Warm wishes from our corner of the world
 to yours...

Jeanne xx

If you would like to connect, 
you can also find me ...
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  1. Oh Jeanne, I love this about me page. I do so enjoy learning more about YOU. I enjoy everyone of your beautiful blogs, you were what inspired me and showed me that I could write on more than one!

    I look forward to each and every post!

    Come to my blog if you have a free minute, I have tagged you and if you have the time I know I as well as many others would love to know the answers to some of my questions for you.

    Have a great night, Elizabeth

  2. Oh, bravo!
    I could also add that you are as charming in real life as you are on each of your beautiful blogs. Yes you are.

  3. Beautifully written Jeanne, a true reflection of your beautiful and generous self.

  4. This is THE best About Me page I have read! Now we are even more sure that you are beautiful inside and out.

  5. Beautiful About Me Jeanne. I will now have a pop into your other blogs.

  6. Jeanne, I love every one of your movies. So funny you referred to it as your shop around the corner - I immediately knew you also like Meg Ryan movies. I've got You've Got Mail nearly memorized, as my daughter and I have watched it so often. I have two more of my favorite movies to add to your list, since we have so many in common: Notting Hill and Arthur. There are lines in Arthur that I've quoted for years, especially the one where he says that not all drunks are poets -- some are just drunks. SO TRUE!

  7. Superb! Love all your blogs. Whichever way or wherever you go, I'll be there.

  8. Can you please make it all one blog?!!!
    Following on Tumblr and Pinterest as well!!!
    Loved this page and loved getting to know you better! Julienne xxx

  9. It is always a pleasure to read what you write Jeanne and love the difference in all your lovely blogs - they brighten my day - always entertaining and interesting!

  10. Well done, very well written. I don't know how you manage with everything, you are obviously well organised.

  11. Hi Jeanne – fascinating! Brilliant! Well done on writing this. I'm a bit out of breath just reading it – I though I was crazy with three blogs, two websites, two online shops, etc. :) Anyway, I look forward to exploring all your blogs. Thanks again for stopping by.


  12. Hello Jeanne
    Another peep into who you are - thank you for answering some of those questions!
    I just love your way with words and whether you have several blogs or just one - I will read what you write!
    I resonate with who you are.
    I'm not an expat but a born NZer however, a huge part of me is in France with my daughter and granddaughters and their way of life in the french countryside.
    Another part of me is very much in England - I love the 'Country Life' way of life and could easily settle there as you did and become very English!!
    Continue being who you are Jeanne, you do it so well, you're a natural communicator!
    I'm looking forward to the next part of your journey - Vietnam - but are they ready for you?!!

  13. Oh, my gorgeous Fairy Blogmother! This is the page I have been patiently waiting for and it delivered in spades. Bravo. What a task to condense your varied and peripatetic life so well. I must admit, though, I would love you to combine your blogs. I think you could do it brilliantly! J x

  14. I second Jane and Julienne! Your writing is so wonderful, but it's so difficult keeping track of everyone's blogs! If you collated all your blogs into one beautiful site, then we could then read EVERYTHING you wrote, rather than just catching snippets. We don't need to follow the Dewey system here darling. You can have a blog that covers every subject imaginable - from 'antiques' to 'Vietnam'.

    PS - Love your photos - as I always do. The New York ones made me long to go back...

    Janelle xx

  15. Dear Jeanne,
    Beautifully done and now we all know !! I usually look at Collage of Life as it's about you and your family and what you do on a daily basis which I enjoy. Also, I find it hard enough to comment on the blogs that I follow and who leave me comments so, it wouold br a bit difficult to read and comment on all of your blogs !!
    I think that you should follow your heart and do what you will with your blogs. They are yours to do with as you please. I would never deem to tell or advise you on that.
    Even though you will be going to Vietnam, we will still be able to read all about it and how you are settling in. Looking forward to keeping our blogging friendship alive Jeanne. Much love. XXXX

  16. Well..you all are just the most fabulous ladies...I thank you sincerely! I am slowly getting around to writing you all, hang in there, I am coming. :) Thank you!!

  17. dear jeanne...
    so happy to read this and although i thought you were incredible before... i feel more so now... the big move coming... wow... cant wait to follow you in this,.... so happy you shared with all of us... bravo.. xx

  18. I think it is perfect! I think you explained everything beautifully it a most entertaining fashion. You are a woman for all seasons. Bonnie

  19. Lovely page! Thank you for sharing:-)

  20. I've read some absolute shocker About Me's, this is not one of them!
    Millie xx

  21. Just goes to show was fascinating, complex, talented and interesting people middle-aged women are! Whatever method you choose to express yourself in Jeanne...I'm there...a dedicated follower!

  22. This is a lovely 'about me' page. Thank you for sharing a little bit about you with us.

  23. Your 'about me' page is perfect.

  24. You have an absolutely charming blog. Such creativity, joie de vivre, energy! I'm so glad I've found you through my facebook friends. I can't wait to spend time here getting to know you and enjoying such lovely words and pictures.

  25. Jeanne…thank you for your precious email…you cannot imagine how much it meant to me. Now that I'm seeing all of these people that truly love you and your blogs as much as I do…PLEASE tell us more! This is fascinating…and so very real…that's the best part of it all!


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