Shoeless in England

Dear Readers,

I am frustrated and need your help.  

It is my feet...they are desperate for new shoes.

The thing about shoes is that I just don't get it. I am not one of the anointed, one of the lucky ones that was touched by the shoe fairy. 

Yes, I admit it. I have serious shoe envy. 

I just returned from a day at the shops...another outing, wandering the streets forlornly looking at shoes wishing that at least one pair would scream out....'pick me, pick me'. 

I have friends that are blessed with shoe sense. They know just what they want....can see it all coming together and find the perfect shoes...every time.  My daughters tease me...they say 'there she goes again, with the Nana look'. Can I help it if I want to be comfortable in my shoes? Is there such a thing as cool, trendy shoes for everyday that are comfortable too? They weren't out there today.

Maybe I am asking too much. I want to be able to spend the day pounding the pavement in the city, wear my city clothes, be comfortable and I do not want to wear sneakers/runners. The tourist look is not an option.

I need a personal shoe shopper. Does such a thing exist?? Someone could make a bundle on this one and I will be the first one to sign up.

Am I the only one who is in shoe despair?  Surely, someone can point me in the right direction. 

What is the secret to buying shoes???

Jessica seems to know...

and Kim...

and Eva...

Ok..I know, they are not in my league and their stylists 
probably do it all but a girl can still dream...yes?

Hmmm..these are cute...what do you think?

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