Shoeless in England

Dear Readers,

I am frustrated and need your help.  

It is my feet...they are desperate for new shoes.

The thing about shoes is that I just don't get it. I am not one of the anointed, one of the lucky ones that was touched by the shoe fairy. 

Yes, I admit it. I have serious shoe envy. 

I just returned from a day at the shops...another outing, wandering the streets forlornly looking at shoes wishing that at least one pair would scream out....'pick me, pick me'. 

I have friends that are blessed with shoe sense. They know just what they want....can see it all coming together and find the perfect shoes...every time.  My daughters tease me...they say 'there she goes again, with the Nana look'. Can I help it if I want to be comfortable in my shoes? Is there such a thing as cool, trendy shoes for everyday that are comfortable too? They weren't out there today.

Maybe I am asking too much. I want to be able to spend the day pounding the pavement in the city, wear my city clothes, be comfortable and I do not want to wear sneakers/runners. The tourist look is not an option.

I need a personal shoe shopper. Does such a thing exist?? Someone could make a bundle on this one and I will be the first one to sign up.

Am I the only one who is in shoe despair?  Surely, someone can point me in the right direction. 

What is the secret to buying shoes???

Jessica seems to know...

and Kim...

and Eva...

Ok..I know, they are not in my league and their stylists 
probably do it all but a girl can still dream...yes?

Hmmm..these are cute...what do you think?

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PS..there are some great links associated with these images
worth checking out :)


  1. It's true: sometimes shoe-buying doesn't work at all. I've discovered DKode and I love their colourful comfort.

  2. Thanks Mise...I love hot tips! Just had a look and they look like a lot of fun and comfortable too!!

  3. I feel as though I spend the summer in flip-flops! But I need some comfy, grown-up but not granny shoes too!

  4. I have the same shoe issues plus I just never seem have enough pairs. Both the flats and sandals are gorgeous!!! You could not go wrong with either!

  5. I am loving ballet flats at the moment...and those sandals look very cute...I could use those for summer.
    My casual walkers are Clarks.
    For comfort and style ... I have some Sofft and Bjorn shoes.

    I love those images!

  6. Don't laugh - I am wearing Croc full time these days - NOT the Minnie Mouse kind in bright pink (altho I do have those), but two pairs of very nice looking sandals - one flat and one with a low heel. I once walked two miles in the heeled pair with no damage, and spent a whole day in a museum this weekend.

    Not dress up by any means, but attractive enough for most daily wear and all summer parties. I will get depressed with fall comes.

    Obviously I am also shoe-challenged.

  7. Dear Jeanne, what a lovely post, fab pictures, it had me drooling, real shoe porn. I love both the ballerinas and the sandals, I suspect you come home from shopping trips empty handed (bare footed?) because you have impeccable taste and won't settle for just any old shoe! Bx

  8. Oh me too Jeanne, me too! If it's not a ballet flat it's not in my wardrobe - I have every colour in the rainbow and they are gorgeous but I so envy those lucky girls who trot around town in 4" heels looking oh so glamorous AND comfortable. I'd need an ambulance to get me home! Leigh

  9. I rarely do the high heel thing anymore. I love oxfords, all kinds, from leather to linen. Take a look here...
    I always find things I want in that shop!

  10. Dear Jeanne,
    It's so funny beacause, I love buying clothes and boots, but I'm hopeless at buying shoes and handbags.....the very things that us ladies are supposed to love !!!! I think that I can hear a sharp intake of breath from thousands of shoe and handbag loving bloggers out there !!!! haha.
    At the moment I'm wearing ballet pumps. I think that you should buy a pair. You can get some cheap ones at Topshop and Miss Selfridge and then, if they aren't right for you, you haven't wasted much money. I like them because they are comfortable but, still in fashion. What about Birkenstocks ?
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my giveaway post. You have been such a good blogging friend and very loyal and kind. Thanks for all of your support.
    Hope you find some nice shoes soon, Jeanne.I think that, with all the advice you are geting, you will soon be striding around London, looking very 'en vogue'. XXXX

  11. Dear Jeanne, Do you know, they are french balerinas shoes but with a sole. They are very chic and confortable.


  12. You can't go past a little ballet flat number in my opinion. Perfect with almost everything and comfy to boot!

  13. What do you do when you love pretty shoes AND walking? They just don't seem to go hand in hand (pardon the mixed metaphor)!

  14. I like both of those, and they're not nanna at all! I love shoes, but sadly the ones I covet cost as much as a mortgage payment - ouch! I recommend strappy sandals, and you can't go wrong with ballet flats and some killer boots (for winter, of course) Good luck with the search, and thanks for the links. K xx

  15. I would also go down the route of the ballet flats - French Sole perhaps - worth going there and trying the different styles. If you wanted one really special pair of ballet flats or shoes with a heel but not a towering heel you could splash out at Emma Hope ( and I would imagine she is going to have a sale at the beginning of July... She has a few shops in London - one just off Sloane Square. Good luck Jeanne - if I were back in UK I would gladly be your shoe shopper with you!! x

  16. Oh and I forgot to say - LOVE LOVE LOVE the photographs with this post - lucky ladies having those special shoe cupboards! And the ballet flat and sandals pics you posted are gorgeous too...x

  17. Hi Jeanne,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet message. Yes, I am blessed to be living where I do. I lived right on Fairlight Beach when I first moved to Sydney. It was idylic. Re the shoe dilema - I have a beautiful collection of shoes -it's my thing, but here is Oz I rarely get to where the beauties - life is just too casual. Have you considered clogs? - I saw a pair of natural suede ones last week. I am still thinking about them, which means I HAVE to go and buy them. I think they will dress down and up a bit when required. Just a thought - an alternative to sports shoes, which don't work for me as casual footwear. The ballet flats you pictured a v. cute and thong sandals are always a winner.
    I'll shut up now.

  18. Those last ones are my pick for sure!!!! I adore ballet flats...J.Crew always has the perfect ones. Good luck. xoxoxo

  19. I can totally identify - I have the fussiest feet and buying new shoes is always a lottery if they are really going to be comfortable or not. Have you seen the blog 'You Look Fab'? She talks about 8-hour shoes, in other words, shoes she can wear for 8 hours. She has lots of good recommendations and she is one stylish lady. The blog is a great source of info on clothes as well. I wrote a post, quite awhile ago about my favourite shoes. Here is the link, if you want to read it: Good luck with the shoe shopping.

  20. They say one should shop for shoes in the late afternoon as that is the time one can get the right size and choose well. Maybe you should change the time you shop.

    Give it a try and let me know.

    Joy always,

  21. I wear bright white converse shoes with jeans, crops or even summer skirts - they go in wash too to keep them looking fresh. I absolutely love my birkenstocks that now come in so many styles and colours and are good for your feet too and of course then there are wonderful pumps and all these can be bought from Bentalls department store in Kingston, Surrey. Good luck!

  22. I love shoes. I have the opposite problem. Too many shoes are shouting - "pick me, pick me"! I am just sad because now I am a mother I seem to spend my days in trainers and flip flops. I sooo miss my killer heels!

  23. I could be a shoes shopper for you. I have a passion for shoes and I have to be careful when I go shopping not to buy a pair everytime I go .
    I love flip-flops as much a high heeled shoes

  24. Oh Jeanne - it is a conundrum...I think if all else fails then ballet flats are a winner, French Sole ones are wonderful but there are so many options otherwise. Sandals - harder, but these you have picked are lovely. Whilst I do love shoes, I actually don't buy them that often. I just have enduring relationships with the ones I do buy! Lou x

  25. Off the top of my head, they always have nice shoes in the Toast catalogue - and also worth a try for nice shoes on the high street is Jigsaw...

  26. I live in ballet flats. For an everyday shoe there is really nothing as comfortable for me.
    My high heels are reserved for lunch and dinner dates with friends or husband.

  27. I have to say go with the ballet flats for comfort. Before moving to Paris I wore heels all the time, and had a pretty collection. Now I can't seem to navigate these crazy cobblestones here and reluctantly resorted to the dreaded "ballerine". At least I'm not falling on my much! And everyone wears them.
    Bonne chance Jeanne,

  28. I loathe the term 'sensible shoes'. I buy totally impractical shoes that I love. I will still be teetering around the Nursing Home on the Zimmer frame in the same shoes. Yes I'll incur the wrath of the Care Attendants, but I shall snub any suggestion to do otherwise. You only live once.
    Millie ^_^


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