A Love Affair

First off, I want to thank you all for your kind birthday wishes for Patrick.
You made my day and Patrick was equally as thrilled...the comments lifted us both right up.
It was very thoughtful of you and we send our sincere thanks :)


My question today is...
do you think it is possible to have a love affair with a bike???

Some of you may remember my deliberations over purchasing a new bike a while back.
I was very fortunate to receive great feedback from readers and the decision was made in no time.

A Pashley it was and a Pashley it is. 

Finally, after weeks of waiting......it's here!
and...I love it!

Can you tell??

the Buckingham Black colour..

the leather seat which I am assured will soften up in no time...

the groovy wheels...

the front basket and rear attachment for a pannier...

the clean lines...

the little night lite...

Best of all... 
the bell, 
which goes..
in a very English sort of way.

At this point my son peddles way ahead of me 
as I burst out into laughter...
ding, ding, ding...
comes the crazy lady down the street.

Ok, some may say that this is a bit tragic...it is a bike after all.
But what a bike!




  1. Yes, it absolutely possible to have a love affair with a bike!

    Your new bike looks wonderful!

    Ding... Ding....

    From: Another crazy lady who loves her bike.

  2. Bonjour Jeanne,
    Enjoy your shiny black Pashley! I can just imagine you ringing your bell riding along with your embarrased son!
    Happy trails,

  3. As transport goes Jeanne...that looks like one sexy machine!

  4. I understand completely! Your new love is handsome and has quite the physique. I think I need to take a photo of my new interest as well.
    I remember you showed us the best helmets! I'm still looking for one I really like- in the meantime, I'm wearing my scooter helmet...a little over-the-top for a bike!!! Have fun Jeanne!

  5. You're so funny! Of course you can have bike love. Enjoy it to the fullest, crazy lady!

  6. Jeanne, your bike is quite beautiful, and I'm sure you look very elegant on it, no matter what your children say about the bell!

    A belated Happy Birthday to your son, I'm afraid I missed the post while away.

  7. Oh my! What a beautiful bike Jeanne! I don't think I ever imagined myself saying (typing) that! Your new bike certainly is very nice! xx

  8. I would love a bike like that. I can just imagine myself on a sunny summers day cycling along country lanes with my basket full of the wild fruit I'd collect from the hedgerows.........doesn't matter that I haven't been on a bike for years and would probably fall off at the first bend!

  9. I would love a bike like that. I can just imagine myself on a sunny summers day cycling along country lanes with my basket full of the wild fruit I'd collect from the hedgerows.........doesn't matter that I haven't been on a bike for years and would probably fall off at the first bend!

  10. I love bikes with a front basket. Yours is charming.

  11. Oh, yes, it's possible! That's two great rides you've gotten, plus the new chair - a good year for you and "wheels"!

  12. That is a beautiful bike, I can see why you're so taken with it. And yes, there is something delightfully and quintessentially English about this wonderful post. Here's to us Brits :D

  13. Dear Jeanne,
    Your bike is the Rolls Royce of bikes and it shows !The quality just screams out. I think that you must look wonderful, peddling on your Pashley.
    Bike love is the best....they don't talk back !!!! haha
    Enjoy the wind in your hair.... ding, dong ! XXXX

  14. That's a magnificent bicycle. It channels a cross between the Sound of Music and Brideshead Revisited.

  15. oh, definitely possible! understandable in fact in the case of your lovely bike - it's perfect! so glad the sun is shining for you at the moment, enjoy!

  16. Oh, it's such a handsome bike! With a basket! And a bell! How perfectly wonderful.

    I always loved having a basket on my bike when I was little, even though my dog refused to get in it. Too big, really. In later years, I loved the scene in Dancing at Lughnasa when Meryl Streep rides her bike through town.

  17. That bike is super dreamy! And to ride a bike around England well that makes me kind of drool. enjoy!

  18. What a, dare I say, handsome bike! Clean lines and strong, yet smart, and sensitive! Seems like it will be a true blue friend for a long time to come!

  19. I have a very cheap knock off of that bike with a similar basket but sadly no bell or light.
    I still love it and feel the same glee when I ride down a street.
    Yours is much much better and will last so much longer.
    Lucky you!

  20. Wow Jeanne- what a smashing bike! Jealous!!
    Sometimes when my mum sees someone terribly overdressed for an occasion she says "oooh- where's SHE going with no bell on her bike?!" (must be an Irish saying)
    Well, anyway, that won't be you now!

    Drive carefully!


  21. When I moved here, my husband bought me a bike. I love it as well. Such a lovely post you gave us!! Thank you!!

  22. It`s funny, I was preparing a report about "retrovelos" before I left for my short trip to my cousin (but couldn`t make it on time). Retrovelos are new bikes made in this specially "old charming" style. I am glad we`ve still got manufacturer here in Germany. I love these kind of bikes more than the new sportsmanlike ones. For me: they got more charm! I also liked the typical Dutch bikes when we made holidays in the Netherlands.
    I Like your "love affair", because it`s so good looking :) Beate

  23. Yes!! from me to :) I can love affair with that bike! For sure :) Have fun my dear.. XXX

  24. i love this post! yes, love your bicycle...
    i was just at brimfield and purchased a vintage bicycle... rode it for 5 days...(bottom hurt a bit) but i have a renewed love of riding... so freeing and fun!

    and the bell... is great.
    xx pam

  25. Your new bike is so lovely! Now I get why you'd like the Orla Kiely panniers and helmet. They would just top off this lovely little number ever so well! xx

  26. I was going to say no, but then I saw the pictures and well..now I'm not sure! That certainly casts a lot of other bikes into the long shade! You could totally freewheel through a glamourous Agatha Christie production scene on that..

  27. Jeanne, there is nothing tragic about a passion. Enjoy your bike, she is gorgeous xx

  28. oh Jeanne I am sick with envy - I have an unrequited love affair with this bike. Please make the most of her and rrrring away to your hearts content!
    Love your blog

  29. I love your bike.... i my bike is very jealous at the moment! I can see you going down the lane with summer flowers in the basket. :)


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