A Mother's Love..

My son turns 21 today and we are far apart. 
I sit in England thinking of the past 21 years as he sits in Australia.
I created a special birthday message for him yesterday. 
A movie with 21 years of my favourite photographs.
You can read more about it here 

It's all about him and I hope he likes it!
Since I can not be with him I feel I need to shout it from the rooftops.
The blogosphere will have to do :)

A mother remembers 21 years with a smile on her face 
and a heart filled with love.

21 wonderful years...
Happy Birthday Patrick!!!
more on Patrick here

(his sister, Miss Tine (top and bottom left) is all smiles
with Patrick's girlfriend, Amy, bottom right)


  1. Oh Jeanne - this made me cry! I know it should be a day of celebration - Happy Birthday Patrick! But still - so sentimental. 21 years! WOW. I think there should be a rule that mothers and their children should not be apart of their birthdays...I was apart from Boo this year and it was just no good! Lovely post, as ever, Lou x

  2. Thanks Louise..they grow up so fast!!

  3. Jeanne - your photos made me smile, so I can only imagine how you must feel - tinged with emotion of course because Patrick is so far away today. How special that you created a movie for him. I bet he crys when he watches it! xx

  4. oh this is a lovely tribute he looks like a wonderful person too. It must be very hard to be so far away from him.... xoxo

  5. Happy Birthday to your handsome son. How the years fly by. I bet he loves your little movie.

  6. Happy Birthday Patrick! Oh Jeanne-what a beautiful tribute to your son...and might I add that he is very handsome? Our children are such gifts~ I love the photo of Patrick reading on the sailboat! Now I'm off to read more about this special young man.

  7. Dear Jeanne - Happy birthday to your beautiful boy....you must be a very proud momma! Hard to be so far away (I know it well!!) When I was in Sydney I was invited to the 21st of a friend of my daughter. It was a sad sort of night for me because I knew in all probability I wouldn't be there to organise the same sort of celebration when my GG turns 21 next year....so I'm with you in thought today....Having said that, my observation of my daughter's friends birthdays is that they duly turn up for some little 'do' to keep Mum happy but they can't wait to leave and begin the 'real' party with their friends!!! Happy, happy 21st Patrick - have a wonderful day & you too Jeanne...xxx

  8. Hi Jeanne,

    I know how you feel, just the ideia of being apart from my daughter makes me cringe...and of course I could not see properly the last pictures of your son because I was crying.Happy Birthday to him.

  9. Jeanne, happy birthday to Patrick and congratulations to you for raising such a fine young man. As an ex Army officer myself I can't but applaud his choice of career. And his sense of service. Well done all of you!

  10. I love being a mom. You must have had so much fun creating such a keepsake for your son, while remembering all those great memories.

  11. What a handsome young man you've given the world!!!

  12. Oh Jeanne,
    Many, many happy returns of the day to your dear Patrick. A gorgeous montage of images. Such a cute little boy and even cuter big man !!!! You must be very proud of him. Where do the years go ? Our son was 31 last week. I was a young mother you know !! haha
    I wish Patrick the best day and wish him Happy Birthday from Jackie in the UK !! XXXX

  13. Dear Jeanne,

    Happy 21st Birthday to your son! Congratulations to you and Mr. H for raising a fine young man and may all of you have a wonderful day! xoxo

  14. Awwww. Lovely post. My little girl turns 17 today and I put her on her first plane trip away from home tomorrow. Just a short trip to Florida with the high school science teacher, not Australia, but it seems far away right now. Beautiful photos of a very handsome young man.

  15. oh man, you made me cry!! big time.

    i have two boys and they just steal your heart the moment they arrive don't they. It's my bday tomorrow as it happens, and tonight they were talking about how they wanted to celebrate it. i nearly cried then, so i was a sitting duck for this touching post.

    hope your son has a lovely bday down here in Oz!


  16. 21 Years! Happy Birthday to your dear son! (It's my baby's birthday as well - 10 today! and I am feeling decidedly sentimental for those single digits!) He is a handsome young man, and with you as his mother, I am sure he is wonderful in every way! I hope he liked his birthday surprise.
    best, always,

  17. I remember when Patrick was born. It was so exciting, the first grandson!! Full of energy. And look at him now, full of ambition and promise. Miss seeing Patrick!! So glad he has found a passion in the Australian Military. Lots of fond memories of when the kids where little and you lived in Conneticut. Keep up the good work Patrick!!!

  18. What a wonderful idea, Jeanne. How thoughtful of you to do this for your son. Happy birthday Patrick!

  19. Oh Jeanne, what a gorgeous boy you have! In fact, all of your family is so breathtakingly beautiful. Happy 21st Birthday to him!

  20. What a handsome fella! Happy Birthday Patrick!...Christine

  21. Happy Birthday to your son Patrick, how handsome he is! What a great way to celebrate even when you're apart. I'm sure he is missing you as well.
    Thanks for sharing,

  22. Dearest Jeanne
    Firstly Happy Birthday to your lovely young man!! What a beautiful boy.. and your baby!! Sorry you can't be with him but I know you are in spirit and what a lovely tribute to him to.... Well he is probably not that far away from me right now so I will send him good wishes to the universe!!

    Lovely your pashley.. only slightly jealous!!! haha .. looks fab in black!!! Thanks for you kind comments.. really boosts my spirits!!! xxx Julie

  23. Jeanne, how beautiful and special. A very happy birthday to Patrick. Lise xx


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