Helping Mother

'Helping Mother'
Painted by
Jessie Wilcox Smith (1853-1919)

 This little girl looks just like my Miss Claire (child #3) did at the same age. 
All curls and as cute as a button. 
She is just shy of 17 and still as cute as a button and as of yesterday is officially on 'summer vacation'. 
Vacation is great but can be exhausting for Mom. 
I haven't told her yet but Mom has a few things on her list for Miss Claire to accomplish this summer.
'The List'
-Learn how to cook a complete meal by herself.
- Learn how properly stack and run the dishwasher.
-Learn how to sort and run the laundry machine and dryer.
-Learn how to properly iron clothes.
-Learn how to mend her own clothes.
-Learn how to get her doona (duvet) into her doona cover.
-Learn to take the initiative to do all of the above without being asked!
Of course, with all this comes self satisfaction for her.
Oh yes, she also has to learn how to drive a car :)

Am I being a taskmaster???
Should I calm the Virgo in me?

Did I mention that I own this too?
PS...Thank you to everyone who commented on my 
'Shoeless in England' post. All I can say is wow!
So many fantastic suggestions. I am going to write a post on your suggestions.
Stay tuned....

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