Thinking Green and White

It is a hot summer's day
and I am thinking green, 
all shades of it..
emerald, sea green, mint, aquamarine, forest, chartreuse, 
moss, sage, viridian, lime, spring green, apple
I am thinking how much I love them with white.
An accent here, an accent there...
Green is life. White is fresh.
Bringing the outdoors in,
winter or summer,
even the slightest hint
and I feel calm again.
Time for tea...iced green tea
join me?


and the perfect way to end a green and white summer's day...

at a beach house...

with a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc!

Green and white :)



  1. Hello Hello! Gorgeous picture - I must admit it's boiling outside but I am slaving inside to make my house resemble something like the order of these! Not quite the point! We were away at the weekend so returned to an undone house! Now I have done my chores, will head outside for some greenery! Lou x

  2. Lovely, and suggesting orderly calmness and comfort. I have a green and white striped winged armchair that I like to look at when everything falls apart. (That's often.)

  3. What a lovely idea, thinking green and white - and I love all those green shades. The sea is sometimes emerald green and turquoise with white "teeth". Beautiful photos.
    I think I'll have a cup of Green Tea now after this warm summer's day!

  4. Fresh and beautiful. My favourite combination too. I covered a small table with a crispy green and white check cloth this evening as well.

  5. These are beautiful pictures Jeanne, especially the first one, spectacular!

  6. Beautiful pictures, beautiful blog! I am adding you to my favorites to read, It's inspiring...I am an "armchair" artist and love all things beautiful. I hope to win a collage of life...we have four new grandchildren in the last 2 years and they are just the best. It will likely include that and more adventures of life. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  7. These lovely pictures make me think I need to redecorate my house! Unfortunately, I had to be satisfied with just cleaning it.

  8. Yes, couldn't agree more, I always come back to these. The green and white combination is one of the reason's I love the film Practical Magic, I know it is a silly film and everyone laughs at me but the design of it is amazing and the green and white keeps coming up.

  9. I've always been a fan of green - especially love mint and apple. Hard to imagine you are having hot today, when I am wearing a fleece in the house - unusual for me.
    Have a lovely week.

  10. Your pictures always transform my current state of mind to a more pleasant and lovely one.

    Thanks Jeanne.

    The first picture looks beautiful and inviting.

    Joy always,

  11. O.K., so I would like to live within all of these images you have shared with us! Especially that kitchen! There is something about these summery, breezy images that is all about summer at a beach house! I'm green with envy!

  12. Good morning, Jeanne! I agree--green and white are always right...a classic combo that's fresh and connected to the earth.
    Love the ending to your story...wish I had some for this evening...

  13. Oh yes, NZ sauvignon there any better??

  14. Lovely postings, Jeanne! I especially love the white kitchen with that deep "farmer's sink" and the garden in the large shell container...Cassandra ♥

  15. lovely combination... it always makes me happy...
    have a wonderful day jeanne... xx pam

  16. What gorgeous images, Jeanne. So so Summer-y!
    Wishing you a lovely merry happy Tuesday! xx

  17. Iced green tea...sounds like the most heavenly of drinks, Jeanne, and such a perfect accompaniment to the glorious sunshine :D

  18. Loving the serenity of green and white. And you picked the perfect photos to share.


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