Transformational Journeys and The Retirement Project

R. Crusoe & Son travel catalog

Happy New Year...all aboard for the journey?
How good do we feel about our personal goals for 2020? Did you set New Year's resolutions? I skipped it this year. I know in my heart and soul what I need to do and will be guided by its rhythm. How simple is that! I feel inspired by everything and everyone these days, even Winston Churchill, Gertrude Bell and TE Lawrence-Lawrence of Arabia and the dream of traveling to Egypt.

It's the journey, even the unusual ones that can have a life changing impact. My blogging friend, Joan Larsen, who I think of as "Joan of Antarctica", because she loves it so, told me about this unusual travel company R. Crusoe & Son. She said it was one to watch for when the time is right and with Mr. H newly "retired" we may be close to it, even though we are geographically, continents apart. Mr. H has his eye on Rwanda's Mountain Gorillas  and I am thinking Scandinavia and the Baltic Nations aboard the Silver Spirit.  Time will tell...

Third Act Quest- Vermont Retreat

A Transformational Journey...
If you are looking to treat yourself to an inspirational and renewing experience in the woods of Vermont with a small group of women.  I have the perfect trip for you!

Third Act Quest- Vermont Retreat

Third Act Quest- Vermont Retreat

My friend, Diana Place of Third Act Quest, who collaborated with me at the recent Tahilla Gatherings event has created a magical four day retreat, January 20- February 2, 2020, with life visioning workshops and an amazing "bucket-list" of experiences in Woodstock, Vermont.

Two spots left
Diana has two spots left and she would love for you to join this small group of like-minded, supportive women. Bring a friend, join in the fun and get ready for a transformational experience! You can read about the Woodstock Vermont Retreat here. If you would like to sign up for "The 12 Gifts of Your Third Act" a free gift for you, sign up here. Diana will be back at Tahilla Farm later this year with another Tahilla Gatherings Retreat. Stay tuned!

What's new at Tahilla Farm..
We had snow, lots of it and then we didn't. It was a wonderful Christmas filled with great food, laughter, long walks in the woods and well deserved down time. The newly retired Mr. H touched down just before Christmas from Hong Kong with a few bags and a 40' container en route. I just about break out in hives thinking about where the contents of that container is going to go but then I think of my New Year's mantra to follow the rhythm of my heart and soul. I also hear my 20 year old son, Connor, saying to me "Mom, it is what it is". Kids!

The Retirement Project
You know that blog post I wrote last month about retirement being the "unmapped adventure" in our life? Well, I had a few reality checks recently that have slightly altered my perspective. While I still feel there is an unmapped adventure in our future, there is also the reality of this change in life. It's a big one!  I have since nicknamed Mr. H "The Retirement Project". He needs some work...

Once the dust settled on the holidays and the kids departed he looked at me the first morning and asked what our plans for the day were going to include. At 7:00am my only reply was COFFEE.

The next day he looked at me over my cup of coffee and asked what our plans for the next 30 years will be.

The day after that, with several cups of coffee lined up in front of me...he suggested we talk about my performance objectives for 2020.

After I wiped the coffee off the table and myself, I passed him a collection of R. Crusoe & Sons travel catalogs. I think we need an unusual journey, maybe two or three...together or separately. ;)

R. Crusoe & Son travel catalogs

That Mr. H...ah, he keeps me laughing..and I do love to laugh (and travel)!

With journeys in mind, whether they be one 
you are hoping to discover soulfully, within yourself 
or ones you hope to travel distances to experience, 
I wish you safe and beautiful travels!

You do not travel if you are afraid of the unknown. 
You travel for the unknown, that reveals you in yourself.

Ella Maillart

To set you on your way.....

Jeanne xx


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  1. Good evening Jeanne. I have never hear of this travel company, I will have to look into it. I am with you and the trip to Scandinavia, it sounds perfect. As for retirement, my husband has been mentioning that a lot lately, I am not sure that it will be a huge change for us because when he is not traveling we are together 24-7. That said, sometimes it is nice to have some "alone time." When my husband first stated working from home it was a bit like you described. I have no doubt that you will both find a rythm. Good luck with the new container of "finds."

    1. Thank you Elizabeth, happy to report, after a few weeks...I am finding my rhythm again! :))

  2. Dear Jeanne, This made me laugh so much. Yes, you have quite a rollercoaster ahead of you - but we thrive on challenges, right? I speak from experience of the last few years. My husband retired two and a half years ago, and I retired from work a year and a half ago. He would have continued for ever if he could have, and it took a good year for him to agree that he was happier without the stresses of corporate life. The habits of years are not overturned in a moment. I had worked right the way through, even while raising the children and often living an expat life in Europe and in Asia, and was very unsure what my life would be like without the major project of work to shape things round.
    Now, I can report that it's still something of a job in progress. As I write this I can see my husband out of the corner of my eye, swinging an axe around, demolishing some fencing. Hmm, scary...! But a garden project is a healthy project, so good.
    I have lots of interests and have been able to pursue these (especially painting) which has been great. But I have discovered that I must be lazy at heart. Without an external deadline - I'm great at meeting those - I sometimes find it hard to actually DO the stuff I'm dreaming about. And the chores multiply. Who was it who wondered how many books were never written by women because they were busy with the ironing? I need to achieve something concrete every day to be happy and I think that's a hangover from work. It's very hard to just BE.
    Although you will have different interests you will have the advantage of already having established a pattern to your days and an understanding of what you need to keep you content. So, you will be able to keep calm when the frustrated storms of change are raging nearby. It will all be good, but no, it won't be instantly good. Wishing you both all luck and happiness.

    1. Thank you so much much depth in what you have written here, I am taking it all to heart. Especially your advice "to keep calm when the frustrated storms of change are raging"...I think we could easily have a nice long chat on everything you shared! Thank you so so much...xx

  3. Dear Jeanne: I enjoy your posts very much and had to laugh at Mr. H. over coffee. When my husband retired and we moved from a huge city and busy life to an island and small town, after two months my husband said we need a distraction. So we got a dog. A lovely black Labrador and we called her Maxi after my dad. She was a wonderful pet and just what we needed. This was a surprise because neither of us had a dog before. But it worked. We had her for 13 years. I am sure you will figure out this retirement business and travelling and planning will help. Wishing you a long and happy retirement. Denied to so many.

    1. Thank you Erika! Had to smile as we have been talking about another dog for days. It is getting close to feeling right. Almost there. :))

  4. Wishing you and Mr H many happy adventures, both near and far. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts today Jeanne. They helped change my mood for the better.

  5. Hello JEanne, just checking in! I hope that you are figuring out your new normal with Mr. H. Have a wonderful week.


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